UL2272 Certified E-Scooters in Singapore – The Complete Price List (2019)

UL2272 Certified E-Scooters in Singapore – The Complete Price List (2019)

Writing about electric scooters in Singapore can be a tiny bit depressing – those ”best e-scooters” listicles that you worked so hard on get outdated almost right away, thanks to changing LTA regulations.

Previously, it was enough if your electric scooter met LTA’s speed (25 km/h), weight (20 kg) and width (70cm) limits.

But with LTA’s latest regulations, which rolled out in Jan 2019, there’s one more limitation on e-scooters in Singapore: UL2272 certification. UL2272 is an international fire safety standard, similar to the Singapore Safety Mark.

From 1 Jul 2020, only UL2272 certified electric scooters will be allowed in Singapore. This means that all non-certified scooters will turn into scrap metal in less than a year.

Luckily, e-scooter manufacturers and retailers have been pretty quick to respond. At last count, there are 15 electric scooter models that are UL2272 certified and LTA compliant.

Here’s a complete list, with the best prices I found online.

Price list of UL2272 certified electric scooters in Singapore

UL2272 certified e-scooter Price
Mobot Scooty F1K $349
ScootPro ULRZ-2K $399
Kernel Ultra Light Series IV $399
CarboAero 6.0 $399
Xiaomi Mijia M365 $499
Kernel Swift $499
Passion DashStep RND M1 $499
Ninebot by Segway ES2 $568
Ji-Move M1 $599
Ji-Move T2 $619
Ji-Move M1x $699
Dyu UL2272 $699
Tomoloo L1-1 $699
GoTrax GXL V2 $799
Mobot L1-1 $899

Mobot Scooter – Scooty F1K ($349)

ul2272 certified electric scooter
Image credit: Mobot

Probably the cheapest UL2272 certified e-scooter you can buy is the Mobot Scooty F1K. It’s an ultra lightweight wisp of a thing designed for very smooth, short rides. (And I mean short – the battery lasts only 8 to 10km.)

ScootPro Scooter – ULRZ-2K ($399)

best electric scooter singapore
Image credit: ScootPro USA on Qoo10

Another lightweight e-scooter for last mile commutes, the ScootPro ULRZ-2K punches above its weight class in terms of specs, and it’s still under $400! See the full review of ScootPro here.

Kernel Scooter – Ultra Light Series IV ($399)

ul2272 certified electric scooter
Image credit: Kernel Scooter

Here is e-scooter shop Kernel Scooter’s “house brand” UL2272 ultralight scooter, which also comes in at just under $00. Specs are similar to that of the Mobot Scooty, i.e., meant for light commuting only.

CarboAero 6.0 ($399)

ul2272 certified electric scooter
Image credit: Home & Baby Lazada store

Another entrant in the rather crowded “MRT-friendly e-scooter” category is the CarboAero 6.0 e-scooter. Not much is known about it and there are no reviews. If you’ve tried it, let us know how you find it!

Xiaomi Scooter – Mijia M365 ($499)

ul2272 certified electric scooter
Image credit: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mijia M365 is one of the most popular electric scooter models around. Probably needs no introduction, but if you want a more in-depth look at how it compares against the competition, check out our review of the Xiaomi e-scooter here.

Kernel Swift / Passion DashStep RND M1 ($499)

best electric scooter singapore
Image credits: Kernel Scooter

Same price and looks as the Xiaomi electric scooter – only (believe it or not) technically even better. The Kernel Swift / RND M1 scooter boasts bigger and better (a) tyres and (b) motor than the Xiaomi. Read our comparison of e-scooters here.

Ninebot by Segway ES2 Scooter ($568)

segway scooter singapore
Image credit: Ninebot by Segway

Probably the first and most well-known UL2272 certified e-scooter. Specs-wise, the Ninebot by Segway e-scooter is a near-dupe of the Xiaomi Mijia M365, so there’s no reason to pay much more. Its market price has fallen quite a bit in the past year and you can snag one for just $5xx.

Ji-Move  ($599 to $699)

best electric scooter singapore
Image credit: Mixcart on Qoo10

Relative unknown Ji-Move specialises in child-friendly, seated electric scooters. All 3 models are affordably priced and have surprisingly impressive specs too. Read our review of Ji-Move to find out more.

Dyu UL2272 ($699)

dyu seated scooter
Image credit: Mobot

Yes! Finally, the much-loved Dyu e-scooter will be released with UL2272 certification in June, in a seemingly exclusive preorder with Mobot. Take a look at Mobot specs and how it compares with the Ji-Move scooters in our review.

Tomoloo L1-1 ($699)

best electric scooter singapore
Image credit: Passion Gadgets

If you can get past the name, the Tomoloo L1-1 (guys, it’s spelled “Tomorrow”…) looks like a pretty sweet upgrade over the Xiaomi Mijia M365. The white version is also gorgeous and distinctive. Please don’t leave this unattended at the MRT station, okay? See our review of Tomoloo here.

GoTrax Scooter – GXL V2 ($799)

ul2272 certified electric scooter
Image credit: Mobot

A Xiaomi-alike from American (I think) brand GoTrax, apparently brought in exclusively by Mobot. Seems to be marked up rather heavily; the same model retails for under US$300 in the US.

Mobot Scooter – L1-1 ($899)

ul2272 certified electric scooter
Image credit: Mobot

Top of the line (it’s pushing the $1,000 mark!) e-scooter from Mobot for those with money to burn. It looks almost identical to the cheaper Tomoloo L1-1, though…

Are any of these UL2272 scooters worth buying? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Header image credit: Tim Evanson