3 Expensive But Common LTA Fines in Singapore to Avoid

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Nothing ruins your day faster than receiving a traffic fine. Whether you knowingly or unknowingly violated one of the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) sacred road violations – it doesn’t matter. That’s because either way, you’d still be fined when caught.

If you’ve dealt with an LTA enforcement officer before, you know that no amount of lying, pleading ignorance or begging will get you off the hook. Once you’ve been busted, there’s no escaping the ticket.

So if you want to avoid the financial pain of a road violation ticket, be mindful of the following 3 LTA road violations:


1. Ignoring bus lane timings

Fine: $130. If you refuse, maximum fine of $1,000 or 3 months of imprisonment

There’s nothing worse than dealing with stop-and-go traffic in the morning when you’re rushing to get to work on time. It’s always the same story – every lane is packed with drivers trying to out-kiasu each other to get ahead.

It’s tempting to use the near-empty bus lanes to get to work faster. You might even have used the bus lane numerous times without getting caught – but your luck won’t last forever. You’ll get caught eventually, either through bus lane cameras in buses themselves or by an LTA enforcement officer.

So, assuming you’re not driving a bus, emergency vehicle, police vehicle or riding a bicycle, just don’t drive, stop, pick up and drop off passengers in the bus lane during the below hours.

Bus lane hours in Singapore

Days Normal bus lanes Full-day bus lanes
Mondays to Fridays 7.30am to 9.30am
5pm – 8pm
7.30am to 11pm
Saturdays None 7.30am to 11pm
Sundays & Public Holidays None None

Normal bus lanes have one solid yellow line. Full-day bus lanes have a solid yellow line and another solid red line next to it. The only time you can enter the bus lane during operation hours is when the lane is dotted, which allows you to filter into the lane and make a turn.


2. Illegal parking (public roads)

Fine: Maximum fine up to $300 (depending on vehicle category) and 3-4 demerit points on your license

“Summon aunty lai liao!” is a common refrain at the neighbourhood kopitiam where Singaporeans like to park their car along the street for a quick bite or to tabao food.

It’s a gamble, because in Singapore, the only true place where you won’t get fined is in a parking lot. The rules seem to blur in areas where there aren’t many parking spaces, like in Katong. Still, try to find parking lots marked out on the road and walk to your destination, because otherwise you’re going to end up getting slapped with a fine.

If it has been a long time since you took your basic theory test, make sure you don’t park on roads with unbroken white or yellow lines. When you see a double yellow zig-zag line, don’t even stop!

See the below table for the different offences and related fines and demerit points.

LTA parking fines

Illegal parking offences First-time offender Repeat offender
Failing to comply with the “No Stopping” or “No Waiting” sign $70 $110
Failing to stop a vehicle parallel with and close to the edge of the left-hand side of the road $70 $110
Stopping a vehicle in a manner such that it causes unnecessary obstruction to other road users $70 $110
Stopping a vehicle without facing the direction in which the traffic moves $70 $110
Stopping a vehicle on the right side of a two-way road $70 $110
Parking a vehicle on a road which has an unbroken white line or unbroken double white lines $70 $110
Parking a vehicle on a road with an unbroken yellow line or unbroken double yellow lines $70 $110
Parking a vehicle on the grass verge of a road $70 $110
Parking a vehicle within 3m of a fire hydrant, 6m of a road or street junction, or 9m of a bus stop $70 $110
Parking a vehicle on a slip road, filter lane, fly-over or underpass $70 $110
Parking a vehicle on a ramp leading to a fly-over or an underpass $70 $110
Parking a vehicle on the footway of a road $70 $110
Stopping a vehicle on a road in a position that is likely to cause danger or undue inconvenience to other road users $300 $450

Heavy vehicles may incur higher fines.

The above offences will only get you a fine, but there are other more serious illegal parking offences that can cause you to incur demerit points.

LTA fines with demerit points

Illegal parking offences First-time offender Repeat offender Demerit points
Parking a vehicle within a pedestrian crossing $120 $180 3
Parking a vehicle on a road with a single yellow zig-zag line, or on the adjacent footpath $120 $180 3
Stopping a vehicle on a road with double yellow zig-zag lines, or on the adjacent footpath $120 $180 3
Parking abreast to another vehicle, causing unnecessary obstruction $120 $180 3
Stopping a vehicle in a zebra-controlled area $120 $180 3
Stopping a vehicle on a carriageway, shoulder or verge of an expressway $130 $200 4

There are plenty more illegal parking (public roads) violations than the ones above. See the full list of illegal parking offences at onemotoring.sg. Once again, heavy vehicles may incur higher fines.

Note: LTA defines “parking” as anything other than stopping briefly to pick up/drop off passengers, goods, or luggage.


3. Illegal parking (coupon or season parking places)

Fine: Varies according to violation and vehicle class ($25-$400)

Yes, you’re not safe from being fined, even at a parking lot. Of course, in this instance, I’m talking about coupon or season parking lots.

Here are some of the violations you may not know about that’ll get you ticketed for illegal parking in a coupon or season parking lot. You may be surprised to know that you can get fined for washing or repairing your car in a parking lot.

Nature of offence Motorcycle Car
Parking other than in a parking lot. $25 $50
Using a parking place for unauthorised purpose. $80 $80
Failure to pay parking charge at the payment station prior to leaving a parking place. $25 $50
Parking in a parking place not designated for the use thereof. $25 $50
Drawing/ driving/ pushing/ parking a motor vehicle in a disorderly manner without regard for the safety of other vehicles and persons. $25 $50
Pushing/ removing motor vehicle without the permission of owner or driver. $25 $50
Parking against traffic flow $25 $50
Failure to obey signs exhibited in the parking place. $25 $50
Parking beyond the boundaries of the parking lot thereby causing obstruction. $25 $50
Entering a parking place other than through the access provided for that purpose. $25 $50
Leaving a parking place other than through the exit provided for that purpose. $25 $50
Repairing/ allowing repairs to a motor vehicle in a parking place. $80 $80
Using a motor vehicle within a parking place for sale or promoting the sale of goods of any kind. $80 $80
Cause / allow vehicle to be washed in a parking place. $80 $80
Failure to obey lawful directions given by Parking Wardens. $25 $50
Parking in a season parking place without a valid season parking. $25 $50
Unauthorised parking in reserved parking lot or parking without displaying an authorised label. $25/ $200 $50/ $200
Displaying any authorisation that has been altered or erased or contain any other irregularity therein indicating that it has been tampered with. $300 $300
Failure to produce the authorisation on demand by the Superintendent for inspection and/ or retention. $300 $300

Of course, these are not all. Plus, heavy vehicles incur higher fines.

If you’re parking in one of those older carparks that require a parking coupon, you can be fined $30, or $40 for heavy vehicles, for not putting a parking coupon, or selecting the wrong carpark or vehicle on your coupon. Exceeding the time of the parking coupon will cause you to be fined anywhere from $6 to $20.

There are others LTA parking fines too. To see the full list, go to HDB’s penalty page.


Check LTA fines and appeal

To check your LTA fines, you can go to OnePay Hub at onemotoring.sg.

If you had a legitimate reason for flouting the rules like that time when you had to park by the roadside because your wife was going into labour, you can appeal to LTA to waive your fine. Appeal LTA fines at onemotoring.sg’s Appeal e-Guide service.

Have you had to “pay” for any of the traffic violations above? Share your experience with us in the comments below!