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Motorcycle License Singapore: A Beginner's Guide To Motorcycles and Bikes in Singapore (2022)
Motorcycle License Singapore: A Beginner’s Guide to COE, Electric Motorcycles, and Helmets
Sick of squeezing onto the MRT every morning, but not about to take out a car loan? Well, riding a motorcycle solves both of those problems. Not only will you have...
15 August 2022
traffic fines in singapore
LTA Fine List – Guide to LTA, URA, HDB, TP, ERP Traffic Fines
Whether you own a car, use car sharing, or ride a motorcycle, traffic wardens are your worst enemy and roadblocks send shivers down your spine – after all, there’s nothing worse...
15 August 2022
free parking singapore
Free Parking Singapore: Jewel, Wisma, Orchard, Sentosa, MBS (2022)
If I had to nominate one cliché that rings all-too-true in Singapore, it would be “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. Every year, more and more of our favourite...
11 August 2022
stashaway review
StashAway Review — StashAway vs Syfe vs Endowus, Fees, Portfolios
You might have heard of a little robo advisor called StashAway. OK, it’s not so little — this startup has been around since 2016 and has dominated the robo advisor...
10 August 2022
teeth whitening singapore
Fitness & Beauty
Teeth Whitening Singapore Price Guide – Home Kits vs Salons vs Dentists
Plastic surgery and beauty-enhancing procedures have always been taboo in Singapore, but there is a strange exception: somehow, it’s socially acceptable to spend tons of money fixing your teeth to...
8 August 2022
dbs multiplier account review
Savings Accounts
DBS Multiplier Account Review — Should You Switch Savings Account in 2022?
Remember the ads for the DBS Multiplier account? You know, the one with bunnies multiplying? That’s supposed to suggest how fast your money can grow in this high interest savings...
4 August 2022
Graphic illustration of hand holding a bill amounting to $5,242 to represent credit score and debt.
Credit Cards
6 Reasons Why Your Credit Score Is Bad – Credit Cards & Home Loans (2022)
Most of us will never think about our credit score until… our credit card application or home loan gets rejected.  “Credit score? Does Singapore have credit score system?” Yes, we...
4 August 2022
best annual travel insurance singapore
Travel Insurance
11 Best Annual Travel Insurance from $270 You Can Buy Online (2022)
“Annual travel insurance? Isn’t that for frequent flyers, like those investment bankers and C-level executives?” you ask. Actually, I’d argue that it’s something that’s very worthwhile for many regular Singaporeans to buy....
2 August 2022
hpv vaccine singapore 2018
HPV Vaccine Singapore: How much does Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gardasil 9 cost?
Wouldn’t you sit up and pay attention if we told you that you could get vaccinated against cancer? Well, you can, at least for cervical cancer. It’s as easy as getting...
1 August 2022
Cheapest Travel Insurance Promotion: Promo Codes for NTUC, FWD, Sompo travel insurance
Travel Insurance
Cheapest Travel Insurance Promotion: Promo Codes for NTUC, FWD, Sompo travel insurance
I have a love-hate relationship with travel insurance – it’s the umbrella I know I should bring out, yet am always tempted to leave at home. Whether or not you should get travel insurance is...
28 July 2022
senior travel insurance 2018
Travel Insurance
Senior Travel Insurance for Elderly with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions (2022)
Finally planning to take your parents or grandparents on holiday this year? You’ve probably got a good handle on the travel itinerary, but you might not have thought about yet...
28 July 2022
travel insurance claims
How to Claim Travel Insurance? A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide (2022)
Nobody ever wants to make travel insurance claims unless they really, really have to. Why? Because it’s troublesome, lah. It’ll always be a hassle to fill up forms and rustle...
28 July 2022
What To Look Out For When Buying Travel Insurance in Singapore
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance Singapore Guide (2022): Which travel insurance to buy?
Travel is indeed a favourite Singaporean pastime. A national sport, if you would. Buying travel insurance for your trip however, is not often thought about as much. As the year end...
26 July 2022
ocbc travel insurance review
Travel Insurance
OCBC Travel Insurance Review 2022: Promotion, Complimentary Insurance, Covid-19
OCBC travel insurance is a top choice for Singaporeans who are risk-averse and prefer to insure themselves with longstanding brands – it is provided by Great Eastern, the insurance arm...
22 July 2022
uob travel insurance singapore review
Travel Insurance
UOB Travel Insurance Review 2022: Promo, Covid-19, Complimentary Insurance
UOB travel insurance is something of a hidden gem. When you buy travel insurance, the usual names that come to mind are NTUC, MSIG, FWD and so on. But in my opinion,...
20 July 2022
DBS Travel Insurance Review: Covid-19, Promo Code, Complimentary Insurance
Travel Insurance
DBS Travel Insurance Review: Covid-19, Promo Code, Complimentary Insurance
It should surprise no one that DBS TravellerShield Plus, DBS’ travel insurance (or POSB’s travel insurance) is one of the most popular travel insurance brands in Singapore, since it’s so convenient...
15 July 2022
GST Voucher 2022: Cash Payout, Date, Eligibility & More
The GST Voucher is something that many Singaporeans look out for every year. But many don’t know how much they’ll get from the government, and when the GST Voucher payout...
13 July 2022
medishield life
Health Insurance
MediShield Life vs Integrated Shield Plan: 3 Things You Didn’t Know
Did you know that if you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, you are covered by MediShield Life? In addition, did you know that two-thirds of Singaporeans and Permanent...
13 July 2022
NTUC Travel Insurance Review
Travel Insurance
NTUC Travel Insurance Review: Covid Coverage, Promo Code, Premiums
You’ve probably bought NTUC travel insurance at least once in your life. Since NTUC is the household name of household names, it’s no surprise that NTUC Income is one of...
6 July 2022
FWD Travel Insurance Review
Travel Insurance
FWD Travel Insurance Singapore Review: Promo Code, Covid-19, Claims
As a typical cheapo sinkie, I must confess to buying FWD travel insurance purely because it’s one of the cheapest travel insurance providers in Singapore. Obviously it’s cheap because FWD...
5 July 2022
citibank travel insurance review
Travel Insurance
Citibank Travel Insurance Singapore Review: Free Travel Insurance, Promotion, Covid-19
Citibank travel insurance is one of the most popular travel insurance options in Singapore, perhaps because you can get complimentary Citibank travel insurance if you charge your travel fare to...
2 July 2022
ohm energy review singapore
Ohm Energy Review — Comparison of Ohm Singapore Electricity Plans
Editor’s Note: Ohm Energy exited Singapore’s Open Electricity Market (OEM) in October 2021. All Ohm Energy customers were transferred to Singapore Power (SP). SP’s Q3 2022 electricity tariff is $0.3017/kWh....
1 July 2022
iSwitch Singapore Electricity Review
iSwitch Review — Comparison & Review of iSwitch Electricity Plans in Singapore
Editor’s Note: iSwitch ceased operations in November 2021. All iSwitch customer accounts were transferred to Singapore Power (SP). SP’s Q3 2022 electricity tariff is $0.3017/kWh. Check out the latest electricity retailers’ price plans...
1 July 2022
sp group electricity retailer
Open Electricity Market (OEM) Singapore – What Is It & How Does It Work?
Before the Open Electricity Market (OEM) in Singapore launched in November 2018, electricity supply was never something Singaporeans had to give much thought to. Singapore Power (SP Group) was the only electricity...
1 July 2022
best electricity singapore
BEST Electricity Retailer Singapore – Price Plans Review (Exited Singapore)
Editor’s Note: BEST Electricity exited Singapore’s Open Electricity Market (OEM) in October 2021. Singapore Power (SP). SP’s Q3 2022 electricity tariff is $0.3017/kWh. Check out the latest electricity retailers’ price plans here. We’re completely done...
1 July 2022