The Best Places for Some Good, Cheap KTV Fun in Singapore

best cheap karaoke places singapore

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I couldn’t speak Chinese until I was introduced to KTV. Then all of a sudden, I could read traditional Chinese characters and talk about couples holding hands and never-ending love. Unfortunately, singing at one of the big KTV chains on a Friday night can easily set you back close to $40. Too bad I didn’t have the following list of some of Singapore’s cheapest KTVs.

1. Ten Dollar Club


Don’t be fooled by KTVs that advertise bargain basement prices that are only valid on Mondays during the hours of 11am to 2pm. Ten Dollar Club is one of the few places offering consistently low prices, even during peak hours.

How much? Every day of the week, Ten Dollar Club lets you sing for at least 3 hours (5 hours during off peak hours) for $10 ++ per person so long as you spend at least $40++ per room. From 2 to 7pm, you only need to spend $30++ per room. You’re also entitled to a free flow of non-alcoholic drinks—as any KTV crooner knows, if the objective of the session is not to get everybody hammered, everyone in the room will order honey lemon.

Where? There are outlets at Chinatown, Balestier and Downtown East, so you won’t have to travel hours just to save a few dollars.

2. Teo Heng


If you and your friends want to go to KTV and someone asks which is the cheapest, there’s a high chance someone will mention Teo Heng.

Teo Heng charges by the room instead of per head, and the highest number of people you can fit into each room is 4, 6 or 10, so you pay less if you can fill each room to maximum capacity.

How much? On Fridays and weekends, a 4/6/10 person room costs $8/$10/$12 per hour before 7pm and $14/$16/$18 per hour after 7pm.

There’s also a special promotion from Mondays to Thursdays that gets you a block of 3 hours in a 4/6/10 person room for $18/20/22 before 7pm and $35/40/45 after 7pm.

If you can get 10 people in one room, that works out to a 3 hour session at an insanely cheap price of $2.20 per person before 7pm and $4.50 after 7pm.

Where? Teo Heng has outlets are at Woodlands, Katong, NTU Alumni Club near Buona Vista and Sembawang. There is also one at Rendezvous Grand Hotel at Bras Basah which is slightly more expensive during peak hours.

3. Harmony KTV


Harmony KTV has only one chain and not that many people know about it, which probably explains why their off-peak prices are so low. If you open a bottle of whiskey or brandy, the room is free.

How much? Each person pays just $10 nett—that’s right, no GST or service charge—to sing for as long as they want. Drink prices are also pretty darn low, with a jug of Tiger Beer going for $16.

And guess what, although the website says the above prices are valid from 12 to 9pm every day, they usually apply after 9pm as well.

Where? Sultan Plaza, near Arab Street

4. Tang Music Box 


This place wins a prize for being the least seedy-looking KTV joint in Singapore. One of Singapore’s newest KTV joints, Tang Music Box dispenses with the shadowy vibe you usually expect from KTV parlours. With themed rooms, a mini-supermarket where you can select snacks for your session and toilets that aren’t puke-filled, this is a winner.

How much? On Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays, cover charge is $10 per person, except during peak hours from 7pm to 1am when it is $15. You need to spend a minimum of $40/$90/$180 per 3/6/10-person room.

On Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and public holidays, cover charge falls to $5, except during peak hours when it’s $12, but the minimum spending per room stays the same.

Where do you go for your KTV fix? Let us know in the comments!

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Ten Dollar Club, Teo Heng Ktv Studio Facebook Page, Harmony KTV Facebook Page, Tang Music Box Facebook Page

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