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3 Money-Related Questions Nosy Relatives Like To Ask During CNY
3 Money-Related Questions Nosy Relatives Like To Ask During CNY
For those who are stuck visiting relatives they barely know, Chinese New Year is probably the most hated holiday in Singapore. And many times, the ones responsible are our nosy...
7 January 2020
CNY Ang Bao rates Singapore
CNY Ang Bao Rates in Singapore (2020) – Everything You Need to Know
Young Singaporean parents or newlyweds giving out Chinese New Year (CNY) ang baos for the first time often have no clue about the market rates and red packet traditions.
6 January 2020
petrol credit card shell petrol discounts
Credit Cards
Best Credit Card for Shell Petrol Discounts in Singapore (2020)
In Singapore, a yellow seashell does not mean a day at the beach, but rather signals that your gas-guzzling car is out of petrol and it’s time to fill up...
2 January 2020
esso petrol station
Credit Cards
Best Petrol Credit Card for Esso Petrol Discounts in Singapore (2020)
With Esso having the most branches in Singapore, finding a good card to make the most of our Esso visits is important. Luckily, there are quite a few Esso credit...
2 January 2020
RenoSG costs
Renovation Loans
Renovation Singapore Costs (2020) – How Much Should You Budget?
The most expensive thing you can buy in Singapore is probably your home. Given that kind of investment, we can appreciate why you’d want to make your home as good...
12 December 2019
countdown 2019 singapore sentosa marina bay star island
Ring In 2020 With These Five 2019 Countdown Parties In Singapore
It’s time to say good riddance to 2019, and hope for a fresh start in 2020. But first, there’s the question of where you’re going to be chugging champagne as...
11 December 2019
cheap dentists singapore 2019
Cheap Dentists & Dental Clinics in Singapore – 10 Affordable Dental Clinics for Regular Check-ups
We’ve all had it hammered into our heads that we should see the dentist once every 6 months for regular checkups. But if we all followed that advice down to...
10 December 2019
best money changer singapore 2018
Best Money Changers in Singapore (2020) – 13 Places to Go for Good Exchange Rates
Given how “travel” seems to be everyone’s #1 pastime, Singaporeans should be really savvy when it comes to finding money changers in Singapore who offer the best exchange rates, right? Yet there...
9 December 2019
Apps for Travelling in China: Wechat pay Baidu maps english
Baidu Maps, WeChat Pay, DiDi ChuXing & Other Essential Apps in China
Singaporeans rely so much on technology for everything. From shopping online, to ordering from food delivery apps and booking a GrabCar to get to places. However, many of the apps we...
6 December 2019
singtel telco sim only postpaid
Singtel Phone Plans Review 2019: GOMO Singtel VS 2-Year Combo VS XO
Singtel has always been known to be one of the most secure and reliable networks in Singapore. Faced with tough competition from mobile virtual network operators (MNVOs), Singtel has introduced...
4 December 2019
business class airlines singapore
Best Business Class To Redeem Miles For: SQ, Emirates or Qatar?
If you own an air mile credit card, your ultimate goal would be to take First Class to some place nice, like Paris. But Business Class is nice too, with...
4 December 2019
citibank maxigain savings account
Savings Accounts
Citibank MaxiGain Just Revised Their Interest Rates (Dec 2019) — How Does It Compare Now?
Among stash type savings accounts in Singapore, the Citibank MaxiGain savings account used to have one of the highest interest rates, but from 2 Dec 2019, this is no longer...
3 December 2019
chilli crab singapore
Best Chilli Crab Singapore: Complete Price Guide to Famous Crab Restaurants
Without doubt, Singapore’s famous chilli crab dish is a quintessential local dish that has earned a name for itself overseas. The juxtapose of flavours in its spicy, sweet and salty...
3 December 2019
wechat pay alipay singapore
WeChat Pay & AliPay: Workarounds for Singaporeans to Set Up China Payment Apps
We’re all familiar with using contactless payment gateways to pay for goods and services in Singapore, anything from PayWave to GrabPay.  However, you might have noticed a growing presence of...
29 November 2019
m1 phone plans review
M1 Phone Plans Review 2019: SIM Only Plans & Plans With Device
M1 has consolidated their phone plans into two main ones to compete in a market swarming with mobile virtual network operators (MNVOs) that are offering lower-than-ever plan prices.  The new...
28 November 2019
starhub phone plan
Starhub giga! Now Has a $10 (5GB) Plan: Starhub SIM Only & 2-Year Postpaid Plans
Starhub offers many options when it comes to phone plans and add-ons. They just launched a very attractive plan for low-usage users that only cost $10 and offers 5GB of...
27 November 2019
kids' activities school holidays singapore
10 Best Kids’ Activities for School Holidays in Singapore For Every Budget
Parents, brace yourself. School holidays in Singapore are upon us. Instead of getting occupied with school homework and term activities, your energetic and easily bored kids now stay at home. That...
20 November 2019
hpv vaccine singapore 2018
HPV Vaccine Singapore – Cost Guide to Getting Vaccinated Against Cervical Cancer
Wouldn’t you sit up and pay attention if we told you that you could get vaccinated against cancer? Well, you can, at least for cervical cancer. It’s as easy as getting...
12 November 2019
affordable cooking class singapore
9 Affordable Cooking Classes in Singapore (Mostly SkillsFuture Claimable!)
There’s just something about homemade meals that shout “comfort” and “love”. Of course, if you’re not a good home cook, they can also scream “burnt edges” or “food poisoning”. But...
8 November 2019
car servicing singapore
7 Ways to Lower Car Maintenance Costs From Petrol, Accessories to Insurance
Car prices in Singapore are no small sum, but aside to the upfront costs, there are also regular car maintenance and servicing costs that you have to factor in when you own...
5 November 2019
cheap aircon servicing singapore 2018
Best Aircon Servicing in Singapore 2019 – Price of Repairs & Servicing From 8 Reputable Companies
For some of us, air conditioning isn’t a luxury, it’s a mercy. But aircon units can be pretty high maintenance, especially if you use them frequently. Unfortunately, regular air con servicing is just...
1 November 2019
old money cash the singapore mint value
Are The Singapore Mint Limited Edition Money & Old Notes Worth More?
Ever received these brand new and also inconveniently large SG50 commemorative money notes issued by The Singapore Mint in your angbaos and wonder to yourself, “Can I really use this...
30 October 2019
driving license school fees singapore
Getting a Driving License at a Singapore Driving Centre – Costs & Driving School Reviews
If you can afford to cab everywhere, or have no shame about asking for a lift from family, friends and colleagues, you probably never need to drive a car in...
23 October 2019
off in lieu leave mom hr singapore
What is Off-in-Lieu Leave and Are You Entitled to it?
Have you ever had to work on weekends? Or ever went on a work trip that stretched over a weekend? Or maybe you are just working overtime a lot? If...
22 October 2019
Best Fibre Broadband Singapore
Best Fibre Broadband Singapore 2019: Singtel vs Starhub vs M1 vs Others
It used to be that unless you were a hardcore gamer, there was no reason to get a fibre broadband plan. However, considering that most of our lives are conducted online...
22 October 2019