Tuas Power Electricity Plan Review: All Promotions, Referral Codes, Prices

tuas power supply review singapore

Now that the Open Electricity Market (OEM) has been rolled out, all households in Singapore can switch away from SP Group and choose their preferred electricity retailer. There are currently 9 electricity retailers in the market, including Tuas Power Supply.

Founded in 1995, Tuas Power has always been a big name in the industry. As one of the leading power generation companies in Singapore, they actually generate and retail their own energy. Compared to electricity retailers that have to buy from power plants and then sell to consumers, it’s one less middleman in the way.

That may be reassuring to some, but the truth is that most of us are more concerned about the dollars and cents. Is Tuas Power Supply any good compared to fellow electricity heavyweights such as Geneco, Keppel Electric, and Sembcorp Power?

Let’s compare Tuas Power’s electricity price plans to find out.


      1. Tuas Power Electricity Plans: Review
      2. Tuas Power Fees
      3. Tuas Power: PowerFIX 12, 18, and 24 months
      4. Tuas Power Discount off tariff
      5. Does Tuas Power have green electricity plans?
      6. Tuas Power: Referral code
      7. Tuas Power Promotion

1. Tuas Power Electricity Plans: Review

Tuas Power Supply currently only offers one type of electricity plans: fixed price plans.

Here are all of the available Tuas Power electricity plans:

Tuas Power electricity plans Price  Contract duration 
Tuas Power FIX 12 $0.3171/kWh 12 months 
Tuas Power FIX 18 $0.3171/kWh 18 months 
Tuas Power FIX 24 $0.3171/kWh 24 months 

Interestingly, Tuas Power’s prices are the same for all contract durations, be 12, 18 or 24 months. In the past, electricity retailers offered cheaper rates for the longer 2 or 3 year contracts so they can lock-in your business. The longer the better mah.

In the past, Tuas Power had discount off tariff plans as well. However, those plans have since been phased out.

2. Tuas Power Charges and Fees

Before you sign up with any electricity retailers in Singapore, one thing you must check out beforehand are the hidden fees. From registration fees, security deposits, to early termination fees, these hidden costs can rack up.

Thankfully, Tuas Power’s hidden charges and fees are quite simple and straightforward. Tuas Power doesn’t charge additional fees for paper bills, administrative fees, etc. If you’re the type to go mad and rage on Facebook about hidden charges, Tuas Power’s straightforward approach might be for you.

Here, a summary of Tuas Power’s fees as listed in their fact sheets:

Tuas Power Fees
Registration Fee $0
Transmission Loss Factor $0
Late Payment Fee 1% of unpaid balance (per month)
Early Termination Fee $200
Security Deposit Same as SP Group’s, or 65% of SP Group’s deposit
AMI Meter Installation $42.80
Special meter reading $21.40

Note that Tuas Power’s prices include the transmission loss factor (TLF) which takes into account the electricity that’s lost along the way to your house. Tuas Power absorbs the cost for transmission loss, meaning you won’t be charged for it. Yay!

3. Tuas Power Electricity Plans: PowerFIX

Tuas Power’s fixed price electricity plan is called the PowerFIX. It comes in 3 contract durations, namely 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months.

Tuas Power electricity plans Price  Contract duration 
Tuas Power FIX 12 $0.3171/kWh 12 months 
Tuas Power FIX 18 $0.3171/kWh 18 months 
Tuas Power FIX 24 $0.3171/kWh 24 months 

At $0.3171/kWh, Tuas Power Supply’s fixed rate plans are all more expensive than the current SP Group’s price of $0.2974/kWh (October to December 2022).

So jialat? Not really, all electricity plans on the OEM are now more expensive than SP Group.

The cheapest electricity retailer is currently Geneco with its Get It Fixed 24 plan priced at $0.3112/kWh.

Bottom Line: At $0.3171/kWh, Tuas Power’s electricity price plans is more expensive than SP Group’s electricity price.

4. Tuas Power: Discount off tariff plans (ceased)

Tuas Power discount off tariff plans Price  Contract duration 

In the past, if you preferred to peg your electricity rate to the EMA’s regulated tariff (which is revised every quarter, 4 times a year), then you can opt for “discount off regulated tariff” plans.

While Tuas Power used to offer discount off tariff plans, they have since ceased such plans. There are no discount off tariff plans available on the Open Electricity Market in Singapore right now.

5. Does Tuas Power have any green electricity plans?

If you’re looking for carbon neutral or solar electricity plans, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Tuas Power currently does not offer any green electricity plans.

Electricity retailers that offer green electricity plans include Geneco, Senoko, Sembcorp Power, Sunseap, Keppel Electric, and Pacific Light. Compare and find the cheapest green electricity plans here.

6. Tuas Power referral codes

Compared to everyone else, Tuas Power’s referral programme is next level… And by that I actually mean multi-level; as in multi-level marketing (MLM).

These were Facebook screenshots from 2019. People were designing their own referral code banners and sharing it on Facebook okay…

tuas power supply review singapore

Initially, I just thought everyone was being very shameless and “kiasu” about earning some extra rebates… But who knew they actually had quite a good reason to?!

So, how does Tuas Power’s referral programme work?

  • I refer my friend Alice (Tier 1), I get $20 in bill rebates.
  • My friend Alice then refers her friend Bernice, I will get $10 (Tier 2). Alice gets $20.
  • Friend’s friend Bernice refers another friend Calvin, I will get $5 (Tier 3). Alice gets $10, Bernice gets $20.

Power, right?! If you and I refer enough friends, we can go to Germany with Team 37’s Annie Goh already.

Like most referral programmes, both the referrer and referee will receive bill rebates for each successful referral. If I refer you, we both get money — simple as that.

Tuas Power Supply’s referral programme is still ongoing if you’re thick skinned enough to tap into this MLM-like programme.

When you sign up with Tuas Power, you will automatically receive your own referral code via SMS and in your confirmation letter. Your friend joining Tuas Power will need to key in your referral code (the referrer’s) in the “Campaign / Referral Code” field in the application form.

Do note that this will take 3 to 6 weeks to process, and is only valid for online sign-ups. Your best time to strike will be Chinese New Year, Hari Raya visitations, Deepavali visits, and occasions like Christmas friend gatherings.

7. Tuas Power Promotion

There are not many Tuas Power promotions going on at the moment.

In fact, there’s only one promotion offering you free 12 month Singlife insurance when you sign up online for any Tuas Power electricity plans. You will be able to choose from 3 types of insurance plans: Dengue, Home insurance, or Utilities Relief insurance. However, the caveat here is that you will need to apply for your Tuas Power electricity plan first, then meet a Singlife insurance agent in person (Wa, sian!) to get the free insurance application done.

Promo Code Tuas Power Promotion Expiry Date
Get free 12 month Singlife insurance when you sign up for any Tuas Power electricity plan online 30 Oct
Get 3% credit card cash rebate when you pay for your recurring Tuas Power electricity bill with POSB Everyday Card
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Have you signed up with an electricity retailer? Tell us in the comments below.