Senoko Energy OEM Open Electricity Market Take A Closer Look at Your Electricity Bill
Time to Relook Your Electricity Contract — Are You Getting the Best Deal?
This post was written in collaboration with Senoko Energy. While we are financially compensated by them, ...
Open Electricity Market - Senoko Energy - Best Electricity Plan Singapore
5 Reasons Why Half of Singapore Households Have Already Switched to an Electricity Retailer — What Are You Waiting For?
This post was written in collaboration with Senoko Energy. While we are financially compensated by them, ...
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Electricity Retailers in Singapore — Which Offers the Cheapest Electricity Price Plan?
You can’t procrastinate forever — the Open Electricity Market (OEM) initiative has been in full swing for ...
4 January 2021
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How You Can Power Up With Green Energy & Save Money While Doing It
This post was written in collaboration with iSwitch. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
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Open Electricity Market (OEM) Singapore – 10 Important Things to Know (Oct 2020 update)
Until the Open Electricity Market (OEM) initiative in Singapore — launched in Nov 2018 — electricity supply ...
1 October 2020
Open Electricity Market: Switch to Singtel Power - Geneco and save about $328 a year!
Yet to Switch to an Electricity Retailer? That’s About $242 You Could Have Saved Last Year
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
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Compare and Save More on your Electricity Bill with The UOB Utility Marketplace
This post was written in collaboration with UOB. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
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Ohm Energy Review — Comparison of Ohm Singapore Electricity Plans
Though the open electricity market in Singapore is generally dominated by heavyweights like Keppel Electric ...
24 October 2019
iSwitch Singapore Electricity Review
iSwitch Review — Comparison & Review of iSwitch Electricity Plans in Singapore
Is it just us, or do iSwitch booths really seem to be everywhere these days? Those iSwitch roadshows don’t ...
24 October 2019
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Keppel Electric — Comparison & Review of Keppel Electricity Plans
As Singapore is still in its early days of the open electricity market, the more conservative among us ...
24 October 2019
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Tuas Power Supply Singapore — Comparison & Review of Tuas Power Electricity Plans
Now that the Open Electricity Market (OEM) has been rolled out, all households in Singapore can switch ...
8 October 2019
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5 Key Reasons Why Singaporeans Are Hesitant To Switch To An Electricity Retailer
It’s been 1 year since the Open Electricity Market (OEM) — i.e., since Singapore Power (SP) Group gave ...
29 August 2019
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Choosing a Green Electricity Plan in Singapore – What are Your Options?
So, it turns out that I picked an electricity retailer way too soon. It turns out that there are actually ...
10 June 2019
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Top 5 FAQs About Switching From SP Group – Why Can’t SP Charge Below The Electricity Tariff?
The Open Electricity Market (OEM) is fully effective, and ever since 1 May 2019, everyone in Singapore ...
27 May 2019
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Best Electricity Singapore – Comparison & Review of Best Electricity plans
We’re almost completely done with the Open Electricity Market (OEM) rollout, and I’ve still yet to find ...
26 April 2019
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Electricity Prices in Singapore – 9 Hidden Costs To Watch Out For
With the open electricity market (OEM) initiative in full swing, consumers are constantly comparing prices ...
11 April 2019
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Sembcorp Power – Comparison & Review of Sembcorp Electricity Plans
Part of the same group as publicly-listed Sembcorp Marine, Sembcorp Power is one of the biggest names in ...
9 April 2019
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Geneco Singapore – Comparison & Review of Geneco Electricity Plans
Of the 13 electricity retailers pushing out their packages with the open electricity market rollout in ...
8 April 2019