3 Extra Ways You Save Money & Get More Value on Your Electricity Bill

Singtel Power Tuas Power OEM Open Electricity Market Singapore

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Yes, yes — you already know the drill.

Those who switch to an electricity retailer from SP Group can get anywhere from 20% to 30% off the regulated electricity tariff. And you already know the usual perks that electricity retailers offer to get you to sign up, such as rebates on your electricity bill, bank rebates and so on.

So you’re kinda desensitised to all of these “usual” perks. Or, you’ve already switched to an electricity retailer and you’re bored of all these “usual” promos you’ve been hearing since the full nationwide roll-out of the Open Electricity Market from 1 May 2019.

It’s about time for some extra perks.

Did you know that Singtel Power has teamed up with Tuas Power? Beyond these “usuals”, this new A-team is offering 3 extra ways that can help you save money/time and stretch your dollar on your electricity bill.




1. Just receive a single consolidated Singapore Power bill

Singtel Power – Tuas Power is providing this arrangement of a single consolidated Singapore Power (SP) bill. This means you’ll receive the SP bill with all your utilities charges, detailing your charges to both SP Group and Singtel Power – Tuas Power.

Consolidated bills make it easy for customers to see their charges at a glance. If you’re somehow still receiving paper bills (do consider going green and switching to paperless bills, okay?), having a single bill sent to your home is better for the environment — less paper used, fewer trees cut down, less energy/fuel needed to send the single bill to your home, etc.

Having a consolidated bill saves time also. If you need to check anything, just grab that ONE bill to check, not go through a larger stack of bills to “match” the non-electricity utility bills and electricity bills of the same months to each other. Ugh. Or if you’re paperless, avoid the hassle of multiple logins just to check how much you’re paying for your utilities as a whole each month.


No delays on U-Save GST Vouchers

Having a delay of any sort can be an annoyance for some, or a mild inconvenience for most. However, for some, it can be crucial. For example, to help Singaporeans tide over tough times when the Covid-19 crisis was at its peak, the government doled out GST Voucher – U-Save rebates to help us offset our utility bills when money was tight.

The usual process for those billed directly by their electricity retailer, according to the Energy Market Authority (EMA) in a reply to a forum letter, are for these U-Save rebates to first be used to offset their non-electricity charges (water, gas and refuse collection) with SP Group. Only afterwards will the remaining rebates be used to offset their electricity charges.

Depending on the customer’s billing cycle/payment arrangement etc with the electricity retailer, rebates from the U-Save voucher might lag behind. This means the customer might have paid the full amount before the rebate is available to be used. Quite sian, if the moolah was needed for food or medicine.

As your Singtel Power – Tuas Power electricity bill will be consolidated with your SP Group bill, there are no delays on the use of your U-Save GST Vouchers. Hurrah!


Get additional $50 bill rebate

I know we mentioned above that bill rebates are probably the oldest promo tactic in the OEM book, but Singtel customers can get an additional bill rebate so we’re cool. They’ll just need to sign up with or recontract their existing Singtel Fibre Broadband to enjoy this additional $50 Singtel bill rebate.

Pro tip: If your fibre broadband is due for a recontract, why not time your sign-ups with both Singtel Broadband and Singtel Power – Tuas Power for this extra perk?




Here are the ongoing price plans for Singtel Power – Tuas Power (as of 23 Feb 2021):

Singtel Power Tuas Power OEM Open Electricity Market Singapore



And here’s the current electricity tariff:

Singtel Power Tuas Power OEM Open Electricity Market Singapore



As you can see, Singtel Power – Tuas Power prices per kWh are about 20-25% lower than the regulated tariff for Q1 2021, depending on what plan you choose.

It may not look like much at face value (pfft 4.23cents to 5.5cents only?) but when you factor in monthly and yearly electricity consumption, this can run up to hundreds of dollars.

According to EMA statistics, the average monthly consumption of a 4-room HDB household in 2020 (based on the average amount calculated from Jan to July 2020) was 395.6 kWh (source).

Let’s do the math to figure out the household’s bill size:

PowerFIX 6 Care  PowerFIX 24/36 Regulated tariff
1 month $66.10 $71.13 $87.86
1 year $793.26 $853.55 $1,054.35
Savings/year (VS Regulated Tariff) $261.09 $200.80 N/A

There’s also a base $78 bill rebate (this becomes $128 if you add the Singtel Fibre Broadband sign up/recontract bonus rebate). And if you time this juuuuust right with your 2021 GST Voucher – U-Save rebates, you might just pay nothing for electricity for a few months.

Feeling like you could use a little more “extras” now? Find out more about Singtel Power – Tuas Power here.