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redmart promo code vouchers
RedMart Promo Codes & Vouchers: Best Credit Cards For RedMart
Aren’t you glad you live in the wonderful era of online shopping? At the click of a button, you can get anything, even groceries, delivered to your door. No need...
24 July 2019
nursing homes singapore
Nursing Homes in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost?
Sending your loved ones to a nursing home can be an emotionally wrenching decision. But with a small property and no one at home during the weekdays, it may sometimes...
23 July 2019
refinancing home loan singapore
Home Loans
5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Refinancing Home Loans in Singapore
Are you loyal to your bank? If the answer is yes, then I have bad news: Loyalty doesn’t pay, at least when we’re talking about refinancing home loans in Singapore....
22 July 2019
copier rental singapore
Copier Rental in Singapore – Guide to Renting & Leasing Copier Machines
An entrepreneur without the luxury of a big budget to start with? Or, are you working for an events company that need copy services on site? Copier rental is probably...
16 July 2019
housing loan singapore
Home Loans
How To Choose Your Home Loan Singapore: 5 Important Factors To Consider Before Deciding
Choosing a home loan can be confusing. There are so many options to think about: fixed or floating interest rates, loan term, lock-in periods, subsidies, penalties and other special features....
12 July 2019
credit card mistakes credit card debt
Credit Cards
3 Credit Card Mistakes To Avoid So You Never Incur Bad Credit Card Debt
Credit is power. Given the convenience of credit cards, you might feel tempted to abuse the spending power that credit cards give. When your credit limit is 3 to 4...
11 July 2019
freebies free things in singapore
Freebies Singapore: The Ultimate List of Places to Get Free Food, Concerts, Parking & More
Singaporeans love to complain about the high cost of living, yet we rarely bother to take advantage of the free stuff that is actually available in the country. Hey, we...
11 July 2019
erp fees singapore
ERP 2.0: Should It Replace the Existing COE System?
So, it’s official. The satellite-based ERP 2.0 system will become reality come 2020, for a price of $556 million dollars. To add salt to the wound, it will be built...
4 July 2019
renting in singapore
Guide to Renting in Singapore: Rental Procedure, Types of Properties, Costs
In most parts of the world, renting is easy. You put down some money, sign a form, and take the key. But not here. In Singapore, the rental contract is...
3 July 2019
millennials who rent
Would You Pay $1,000~ Per Month To Rent A Place Before Marriage? Illustrator Shares How She Did It
Many Singaporeans think that renting a house is throwing away money. Young, unmarried Singaporeans tend to stay with their family until they get married, which is usually between the age...
3 July 2019
absd singapore
BSD & ABSD Singapore — How Much in Stamp Duties Do Property Buyers Pay in Singapore?
When you buy a home, you’re not just paying for that nice new flat or apartment. There are actually quite a few other things you’ll be spending thousands on, including...
27 June 2019
tdsr singapore home loans
Home Loans
Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) and How It Affects Your Loans
TDSR, which stands for Total Debt Servicing Ratio, is a way for the Singaporean government to keep checks and balances on Singaporean borrowers. I guess it’s always a risk letting...
27 June 2019
personal fitness trainer singapore
Fitness & Beauty
Personal Fitness Trainer Singapore: 5 Tips On How to Save When Engaging One
Half of 2019 has just zoomed by, hasn’t it? If at this point you have abandoned all of your fitness-related New Year resolutions, maybe you’re thinking of upping the ante...
21 June 2019
FIDReC writing insurance appeal singapore
Life Insurance
Writing an Insurance Appeal: 7 Tips to Get Your Insurer’s Attention
Insurance claim rejected? Well, it’s not a complete dead end, but you will need to file an insurance appeal. Since the average insurer isn’t the most empathetic, you’d better have...
20 June 2019
top primary schools singapore 2018
How Much Does It Cost to Live Near the Top Primary Schools in Singapore?
No matter how much the MOE tries to tell Singaporeans that “every school is a good school”, the fact remains that many parents stop at nothing to get their kids into what they...
13 June 2019
lta fines zigzag line yellow
3 Expensive But Common LTA Fines in Singapore to Avoid
Nothing ruins your day faster than receiving a traffic fine. Whether you knowingly or unknowingly violated one of the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) sacred road violations – it doesn’t matter....
11 June 2019
refinancing repricing
Home Loans
Refinancing vs Repricing: What are the Differences?
Most people confuse repricing and refinancing as they both essentially point to switching up your home loan for another with lower interest rates. So what is the difference between the...
3 June 2019
picking right nursing home
5 Criteria to Consider When Picking the Right Nursing Home for Your Parents
Of all the issues facing Singapore, the biggest elephant in the room is the rapidly ageing population. Almost 20% of the populace will be 65 and over by 2030, with that...
31 May 2019
alternatives nursing home
3 Alternatives to Placing Your Parents in a Nursing Home
Singapore’s elderly population is projected to grow exponentially. Based on projections from the UN, 47% of Singapore’s total population will be aged 65 years or older in 2050. With the government...
29 May 2019
what to do in a car accident
Car Insurance
Got Into a Car Accident in Singapore? A Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do
Facing a car accident is a situation that no one wants to get into, but it’s important to be prepared for it so that you don’t freak out when the...
27 May 2019
barre classes singapore
Fitness & Beauty
5 Studios for Barre Classes in Singapore: Is Barre Worth the Hype?
When people think of exercise, it’s no longer limited to running, swimming or even line dancing. These days, there’s a whole world of interesting exercise options to choose from, like...
24 May 2019
baby fairs singapore
5 Baby Fairs To Buy Baby Essentials in Singapore – Are They Worth it? (2019)
These days, it seems like there is always a version of a baby fair going on in Singapore. If you have ever been to a baby fair, you’d know that...
23 May 2019
car rental singapore
Car Rental in Singapore – Guide to Cheap Car Rentals for Singaporeans & Expats
Public transport in Singapore is awesome and all, but there are times when you’d REALLY rather not deal with it. Such as when you have to corral your kids, your...
17 May 2019
mcst condo singapore
How Do You Spot a Good MCST That Will Take Care of Your Condo?
Not all condo management teams are equal. If you want to live in a condominium that stays well-maintained through the years, you better pick a good one. Actually, what does...
9 May 2019
children music school singapore
10 Children’s Music Schools in Singapore to Send Your Kiddos (2019): Prices and Trial Classes
Singapore is overrun with music schools for children, so you have no lack of options if you’ve always dreamed of nurturing the next Beethoven or Mozart. These days, there are...
30 April 2019