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cord blood banking singapore 2018
Cord Blood Banking in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost & Is It Worth the Money?
Since the 2000s, new parents and parents-to-be in Singapore now have the chance to do cord blood banking, i.e. store the baby’s cord blood for the future. Unless you’re well-informed,...
24 August 2018
lighting singapore 2018
Lighting Singapore Guide – Lighting Types, Lighting Shops & Saving Money on Your Bills
Lighting is something we often neglect when we renovate our homes. Yet, done well, it can make a world of difference to the decor. It’s not only functional, it can create...
23 August 2018
induction cooktop singapore
Induction Cooktop 101 – Should Singaporeans Replace Their Traditional Kitchen Hob?
So, you’re doing up your very first kitchen design, and you’re already imagining yourself whipping up culinary delights like you’re Martha Stewart, the Barefoot Contessa and Nigella Lawson all rolled in...
23 August 2018
health supplements singapore 2018
Health Supplements in Singapore – Who Needs Them & How Do You Budget for Them?
Singaporeans aren’t known to be particularly healthy, so it might surprise you to know that we spent $490 million on vitamins and other supplements last year, according to consumer research...
20 August 2018
wedding band singapore 2018
Wedding Bands in Singapore – Guide to Choosing Affordable Wedding Rings
If there’s one piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing for most of your adult life, it would be your wedding ring. For most men, it’s the only jewellery they would...
16 August 2018
eczema cures & treatment costs singapore 2018
Eczema in Singapore – Cost Guide to Eczema Creams & Treatments
Eczema affects 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 5 kids in Singapore. But what makes eczema all the more alarming is that the number of people diagnosed with the disease...
18 July 2018
autism adhd dyslexia singapore 2018
Autism, ADHD & Dyslexia in Singapore – Cost Guide to Testing & Treatment
One of the problems with modern parenthood is that you’re always wondering whether your child’s academic and disciplinary issues are due to regular naughty kid behaviour or if there’s a condition behind it, such...
17 July 2018
chicken pox vaccine vs treatment cost
Chicken Pox in Singapore – Vaccination vs Treatment Costs
Once upon a time, chicken pox was thought of as a rite of passage and accepted as just a part of life. You might have heard your grandma tell you that it’s just...
17 July 2018
hand foot mouth disease singapore
Hand Foot Mouth Disease Singapore – Cost of Treating HFMD in Adults & Children
It’s been a while since the most recent hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak, but that doesn’t mean Singaporeans – especially parents – can rest easy. That’s because, just like...
17 July 2018
elderly care options singapore 2018
Elderly Care in Singapore – Cost Guide to Your Options
Singapore’s ageing population has been a cause for national alarm for some time. Yet the question of what we should do for our elderly – our grandparents, parents and older...
13 July 2018
birth control singapore 2018 cost guide
Birth Control in Singapore – Cost Guide to Contraception Options
Every so often, you hear about people in Singapore reproducing like rabbits – think 7 or 8 children – and you are in awe. (They are, of course, the exception....
5 July 2018
child insurance singapore 2018
Child Insurance in Singapore – Which Policy Should You Buy & How Much Does It Cost?
It’s every parent’s instinct to protect his child. We can’t help it. It’s human nature. How we go about doing this, though, can’t always depend on instincts alone. Careful planning...
25 June 2018
cost of asthma treatment in singapore
Asthma in Singapore – Guide to Asthma Treatment Costs for Children
If your kid has asthma, know that he or she is not alone. It’s one of the most common children’s ailments in Singapore – 1 in 5 kids here suffer...
12 June 2018
buying furniture in singapore
Furniture Buying in Singapore – Guide to Cheap and Affordable Options
It’s hard not to get a little excited at the prospect of furniture shopping in Singapore, especially when HGTV has been feeding us with gorgeous visuals of what a little...
14 May 2018
wedding engagement singapore
Weddings & Engagements in Singapore – Cost of Dresses, Rings, Photography, Venues and Everything Else
Finding your one true love may be priceless but walking down the aisle in Singapore will cost you. If you’re preparing to get married or are even just considering tying...
30 April 2018
braces singapore invisalign ceramic braces
Braces in Singapore – How Much Do Invisalign, Ceramic and Metal Braces Cost?
Supermodels Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford did it. Action star Tom Cruise did it (at the ripe old age of 40 no less). Even Prince Harry did it, proof that...
27 April 2018
MoneySmart: The Cost of Having a Newborn Baby in Singapore -- Delivery Charges, Doctor's Fees and Everything Else
The Cost Of Having A Newborn Baby In Singapore – Delivery Charges, Doctor’s Fees and Everything Else
Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re either (a) expecting your first child (because if this is Baby Number 2 or 3, you would not have the time to read) or...
6 April 2018
mover services house movers singapore
5 Cheap House Movers in Singapore & Other DIY Moving Services
Moving is an exhausting affair. It’s a massive project as you have to pack your possessions in boxes and luggages (or garbage bags), track, move from A to B and...
1 April 2018
uob lady's card shopping singapore
Credit Cards
Spend the Holidays with UOB Lady’s Card – 3 Good Reasons Why You Should
It’s been almost 30 years of “the men don’t get it”, and in terms of shopping, wellness, beauty and fitness, no other card comes close to the UOB Lady’s Card....
multi asset fund fidelity
What Is a Multi Asset Fund and Who Should Consider Investing in It?
Just as in life, investing is a journey that evolves over time. But while some things change, certain principles remain the same. One of those principles is not putting all...
grocery shopping credit card singapore
Credit Cards
3 Best Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping in Singapore
These days, there are only two ways to get cheap groceries. The first is with an optimized credit card. The second involves screaming “I thought it was a free sample“,...
7 September 2017
singapore money
GST Vouchers Are in This July: How Much Will You Get?
The GST vouchers (and other associated bonuses) are back. I love the government. I already bought a Maserati. “I think you’re overestimating the amount.” Nonsense, says here the government’s giving...
28 June 2017
air miles credit card sign up promotion
Credit Cards
The Top 3 Air Miles Credit Card Sign Up Promotions Right Now
With travel season just round the corner, banks are starting to aggressively step up their drive to get more sign ups for air miles credit cards. Sign up bonuses were a...
7 June 2017
Letting Loose After a Long Week? Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Worry About the Cost
Credit Cards
Letting Loose After a Long Week? Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Worry About the Cost
You’ve worked hard all week and you’re looking forward to the weekend to unwind with your friends and family. Does this sound familiar?
19 May 2017
credit card sign up promotions
Credit Cards
Top 3 Credit Card Sign Up Promotions That Make Us Want To Grab These Credit Cards Now
In the right hands, credit cards can be a source of tons of freebies. I especially love cash back credit cards since you get back a bit of the money...
7 April 2017