Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: What Does Responsible Investing Start With?

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: What Does Responsible Investing Start With?

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This is the third article in Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is, a series of five articles written in collaboration with Prudential that tackles the topic of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and takes a closer look at responsible insurance and investment.

In this instalment, our podcast host, Elias, talks responsible investing with El Lynn Yeoh, Head of ESG, Prudential Singapore.

It’s indeed a key topic, as taking a proactive approach towards social responsibility is becoming more critical — not just for businesses, but for consumers as well. Consumers are becoming more socially responsible and conscious of where they spend and invest their money. And investors of all sizes now look to make sure that their values and environmental concerns are incorporated into their choices and investment decisions.

This makes ESG, which stands for environmental, social, and governance, a very good framework for investors to consider where they park their money if they’re looking for their investments to reflect their values. These metrics are also used to evaluate a company’s approach toward social responsibility, in a world where global corporations are fast adopting ESG factors into their business operations. 

Listen to our ESG Matters podcast on responsible investing to find out more about what approach Prudential has and what the organisation has been doing to drive forth its ESG promise and how ESG fits into its business strategy. We also talk ESG misconceptions, investment trends among the younger people, and challenges of flowing and implementing ESG practices throughout a large, global company.

Find out more about Prudential’s ESG initiatives.


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