Travel Wifi Router Rental Guide (2019) – ChangiWiFi vs KLOOK & More

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Since the rise of millennials and our strange need to document everything online, overseas wifi router rental services like ChangiWiFi and Klook have had a huge surge in popularity.

I mean, I get it. A huge part of the modern travel experience is spreading wanderlust and envy throughout social media. What’s a vacation without that dopamine spike that comes with each Instagram like, right?

So if you’re planning for an upcoming vacay, here’s a useful price comparison of the top 5 travel wifi router rental services in Singapore.


Travel wifi router rental services in Singapore – which is the cheapest?

I’ve shortlisted some popular travel destinations, and singled out the cheapest travel wifi vendors for it.

Destination country Cheapest price Wifi router rental company
Malaysia $5 / day KLOOK, ChangiWiFi, Roaming Man, Ready to Travel by SATS
Thailand $4 / day KLOOK, ChangiWiFi 
Hong Kong $3.90 / day KLOOK
Taiwan $1 / day KK Day
Japan $3.90 / day KLOOK
Korea $3.90 / day KLOOK
China $4 / day KLOOK
Australia   $8 / day KLOOK
NZ $9 / day KLOOK
Europe $8 / day KLOOK
America $8 / day KLOOK

These overseas wifi rental services charge by the day, and in general, prices are around $4 for destinations in Asia, and $8 to $9 for Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America.


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KK Day

If you look at the individual prices, KK Day would seem to be the cheapest. It offers an unbeatable rate of $1 per day for Taiwan, and rock-bottom prices of $4 per day for Hong Kong and Korea.

Destination country KKday
Hong Kong $4 / day
Taiwan $1 / day
Japan $5 / day
Korea $4 / day
Delivery / pickup   Pick-up & drop-off at overseas airport  

The only catch is that KK Day doesn’t offer wifi routers for many destinations – it is limited to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Also, instead of the usual local self-collection or courier service offered by competitors, KK Day requires you pick up and drop off your router at the overseas airport of your destination.

I don’t think it’s that a big a deal because you have to pass by the airport anyway, but things can get problematic if you need to clarify anything with the staff and you don’t speak the local language.


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KLOOK is super established in the travel scene, because not only do they offer travel wifi routers, they also sell day tours and overseas attraction tickets. They are currently the cheapest in town for most destinations.

Destination country KLOOK
Malaysia $5 / day
Thailand $4 / day
Hong Kong $3.90 / day
Taiwan $4 / day
Japan $3.90 / day
Korea $3.90 / day
China $4 / day
Australia   $8 / day
NZ $9 / day
Europe $8 / day
America $8 / day
Delivery / pickup   Free pick-up & drop-off at CBD, $14 for 2-way delivery 

There is a very obvious price war going on… Because Changi Recommends announced a price revision just 2 days ago, and now, KLOOK’s done the same, undercutting their rival by $0.10 to $1.

They’re the cheapest for everything, except Taiwan (but only because of KK Day’s unbeatable $1 deal).

However, do note their courier costs: pick-up and drop-off at their merchant’s offices in the CBD is free, but it’s $14 for 2-way courier. The same fee applies for their Roaming Man partner routers.

I personally prefer the idea of courier to pick-up, because I’m usually bogged down with work and last-minute preparations the few days before my flights.

However, $14 is quite expensive, so I only recommend KLOOK if you work in the CBD and can swing by to collect your router during lunch.


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ChangiWiFi by Changi Recommends

ChangiWiFi‘s prices used to be slightly above its competitors’, but since the recent price revision (Mar 2019), it’s now actually comparable to its biggest rival, KLOOK.

Destination country ChangiWiFi
Malaysia $5 / day
Thailand $4 / day
Hong Kong $4 / day
Taiwan $4 / day
Japan $4 / day
Korea $4 / day
China $8 / day (w/o VPN), $10 / day (VPN) 
Australia   $9 / day
NZ $12 / day
Europe $9 / day
America $9 / day
Delivery / pickup   Pick-up & drop-off at Changi Airport  

Just in time for sakura season, Changi Recommends has slashed their Japan router prices to $4 / day. That’s $0.10 more than KLOOK, but you can collect it at Changi Airport, which may be more convenient for some.

South Korea and Thailand router rentals have also been lowered to $4 / day, making them one of the cheapest in the market as well.

Malaysia router rental rates are now $5 / day (instead of $8 previously), but it still doesn’t really make sense if you’re driving across the causeway since you won’t pass by Changi Airport, and ChangiWiFi doesn’t offer courier.

Changi Recommends was the cheapest for Australia, Europe, and America for a while now, but KLOOK only JUST lowered their prices to $8 / day, beating them by a dollar.


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Roaming Man

For some strange reason, it’s cheaper to book Roaming Man routers via KLOOK.

Destination country Roaming Man
Malaysia $5 / day
Thailand $5 / day
Hong Kong $5 / day
Taiwan $5 / day
Japan $5 / day
Korea $5 / day
China $5 / day
Australia   $12 / day
NZ $12 / day
Europe $12 / day
America $12 to $16 / day
Delivery / pickup   Free doorstep delivery or pick-up & drop-off at Roaming Man office in CBD 

If you book directly via Roaming Man, the $4-per-day destinations are $5, and the $9-per-day countries are $12. (shrugs)

That said, if you can’t self-collect, you will need to pay the hefty $14 for delivery via KLOOK. At Roaming Man, courier is free. You can also pick self-collection at their office in the CBD.


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Ready to Travel by SATS

Ready to Travel by SATS also offers pocket wifi rentals.

Destination country ReadyWiFi
Malaysia $5 / day
Thailand $5 / day
Hong Kong $5 / day
Taiwan $5 / day
Japan $5 / day
Korea $5 / day
China $5 / day
Australia   $12 / day
NZ $12 / day
Europe $12 / day
America $12 / day
Delivery / pickup   Free doorstep delivery  

Their prices are pretty standard – $5 per day for Asia, and $12 per day for everywhere else, which is slightly more expensive than the rest.

They’re not the cheapest, but I have personally booked routers from them before and enjoyed their service. The booking process was seamless from start to finish, from the moment I started asking kiasu questions on Facebook to the day they collected the router after my trip.

Their prices include pick-up and drop-off.


Overseas wifi routers vs data roaming

These travel wifi router rentals have forced local telcos to price their data roaming services more competitively, and although prices are indeed a lot lower than they used to be, they’re not quite as cost-effective as travel wifi router rentals.

Let’s have a look at some of the telcos’ offerings:

M1 Data Passport

The M1 Data Passport service lets you use your local data “allowance” overseas for $10 to $25 per month (single destination).

Starhub DataTravel

The Starhub DataTravel add-on bundles 1GB to 3GB for $5 to $50, depending on your destination and travel destination. The cheapest option is $5 for 1GB of data over 3 days, for selected countries in Asia.

Singtel ReadyRoam

Singtel ReadyRoam packages the destination countries into 4 categories – Malaysia ($5/GB), 9 Destinations ($12/GB), 18 Destinations ($20/GB) and 56 Destinations ($35/GB).

As you can see, all data roaming plans put a cap on your data consumption. (Okay, so there are unlimited usage plans too, but those are even more expensive so I’m not even going to include them.)

If you’re planning to use the internet to route your way around and upload photos and videos to social media, that 1GB will be used up in no time. Travel wifi routers offer unlimited data, which is more cost-effective.

Furthermore, 1 device can be shared among up to 5 to 6 devices so you can split the cost with your friends and family.

Granted, for certain countries the unlimited data clause may be subject to the provider’s fair usage policy – which is a data cap to prevent abuse – but technically you still get unlimited internet, it’ll just be dramatically slower.

If it even applies, the fair usage policy limit is usually quite generous anyway (think 500mb to 1GB per day), so if you’re just sharing between 2 to 4 pax, you should be fine.


Are you a fan of travel wifi routers? Tell us your experience in the comments below. 


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