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tailored suits singapore bangkok hoi an shanghai kl
Bespoke Suits for Men – Best Tailors in Bangkok, Hoi An, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Singapore
Whether it is for your graduation ceremony, wedding, or that all-important presentation, sometimes you just need to look dapper in a fitted shirt and suit. It’s common knowledge that getting a suit...
8 October 2018
date night
5 Date Night Ideas & Budget Couple Activities in Singapore That Are Almost Free
Perpetual singles in Singapore are often quick to point out that dating is expensive, and that they’d rather save their money, thank you very much. But nobody is asking you...
5 October 2018
migrate to vancouver sg
High Life
How to Migrate to Canada: Why Migrate and How Much Does It Cost?
Singaporeans live in a melting pot of cultures, so it comes as no surprise that Canada, with its diverse cities (like Toronto) is a favourite destination when it comes to migration. Despite the...
4 October 2018
plastic surgery singapore
Plastic Surgery in Singapore: Top 6 Procedures From Liposuction to Rhinoplasty & How Much They Cost
Plastic surgery is gaining popularity and acceptance among Singaporeans thanks to the rise of the K-pop culture and increasing societal pressure to look good all the time. The top 6 plastic...
28 September 2018
Singapore car prices
Car Insurance
Singapore Car Prices – Breakdown of Car Costs & How to Save Money
Owning a car in Singapore is an expensive affair, largely thanks to high COE prices. For comparison’s sake, a brand new Volkswagen Gold TrendLine 1.4 costs $114,000 in Singapore, $30,000 in...
11 September 2018
used car second hand car singapore
Car Insurance
Used Cars in Singapore – A Complete Guide to Buying Your First Second-hand Car
Buying a used car is common in Singapore where car ownership is expensive. Sure, your second-hand car won’t have that new-car smell and it isn’t as prestigious. But it is more...
11 September 2018
fridge repair singapore 2018
Fridge Repair Singapore – Where to Get Your Refrigerator Repaired for Cheap
We hate to remind you, but you probably shouldn’t wait till your fridge is gasping its last breaths before you start hunting down your refrigerator repair options. Unlike any other...
10 September 2018
upgrading home singapore 2018
Upgrading from Your First HDB – How To Do It & What are the Options?
If you’re like most Singaporeans, your first home would probably be an HDB flat… but it may not be your “forever home”. As your life stages change and needs grow (or...
7 September 2018
electrician singapore electrical services 2018
Electricians in Singapore – Price Guide to 10 Best Electrical Services Companies
Yes, we know you can change your own lightbulb. But, unless you’re an electrical engineer, you’ll probably need an professional for many electrical services, i.e. anything requiring wiring work – whether repair, replacement or...
7 September 2018
handyman services singapore 2018
Handyman Services in Singapore – Where to Find Them & How Much They Charge
Homes require a fair bit of loving attention and care. Don’t think that once the renovations are done, you’re in the clear. As you live in your home, all sorts...
6 September 2018
washing machine singapore 2018
7 Best Washing Machine Brands in Singapore – Guide for First Time Buyers
If there’s one chore that you cannot avoid, it’s laundry. Until public nudity becomes legal in Singapore, there’s no way to siam washing your clothes (because they will definitely stink in...
5 September 2018
electronics store singapore 2018
Electronics Stores Singapore Comparison – Is It Cheaper to Shop Online or Offline?
Electronics in Singapore aren’t cheap, but we’ve come a long way since the days we had to compare prices manually by going to Harvey Norman, Courts and Parisilk on foot.  Comparison shopping is so...
27 August 2018
pap smear singapore 2018
Pap Smear Singapore Guide – How to Get Screened for Cervical Cancer (for Free!)
Considering that 300 women in Singapore get diagnosed with cervical cancer every year, it’s amazing that there are still lots of women who don’t go for frequent Pap smears. We don’t...
24 August 2018
cord blood banking singapore 2018
Cord Blood Banking in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost & Is It Worth the Money?
Since the 2000s, new parents and parents-to-be in Singapore now have the chance to do cord blood banking, i.e. store the baby’s cord blood for the future. Unless you’re well-informed,...
24 August 2018
lighting singapore 2018
Lighting Singapore Guide – Lighting Types, Lighting Shops & Saving Money on Your Bills
Lighting is something we often neglect when we renovate our homes. Yet, done well, it can make a world of difference to the decor. It’s not only functional, it can create...
23 August 2018
induction cooktop singapore
Induction Cooktop 101 – Should Singaporeans Replace Their Traditional Kitchen Hob?
So, you’re doing up your very first kitchen design, and you’re already imagining yourself whipping up culinary delights like you’re Martha Stewart, the Barefoot Contessa and Nigella Lawson all rolled in...
23 August 2018
health supplements singapore 2018
Health Supplements in Singapore – Who Needs Them & How Do You Budget for Them?
Singaporeans aren’t known to be particularly healthy, so it might surprise you to know that we spent $490 million on vitamins and other supplements last year, according to consumer research...
20 August 2018
wedding band singapore 2018
Wedding Bands in Singapore – Guide to Choosing Affordable Wedding Rings
If there’s one piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing for most of your adult life, it would be your wedding ring. For most men, it’s the only jewellery they would...
16 August 2018
eczema cures & treatment costs singapore 2018
Eczema in Singapore – Cost Guide to Eczema Creams & Treatments
Eczema affects 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 5 kids in Singapore. But what makes eczema all the more alarming is that the number of people diagnosed with the disease...
18 July 2018
autism adhd dyslexia singapore 2018
Autism, ADHD & Dyslexia in Singapore – Cost Guide to Testing & Treatment
One of the problems with modern parenthood is that you’re always wondering whether your child’s academic and disciplinary issues are due to regular naughty kid behaviour or if there’s a condition behind it, such...
17 July 2018
chicken pox vaccine vs treatment cost
Chicken Pox in Singapore – Vaccination vs Treatment Costs
Once upon a time, chicken pox was thought of as a rite of passage and accepted as just a part of life. You might have heard your grandma tell you that it’s just...
17 July 2018
hand foot mouth disease singapore
Hand Foot Mouth Disease Singapore – Cost of Treating HFMD in Adults & Children
It’s been a while since the most recent hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak, but that doesn’t mean Singaporeans – especially parents – can rest easy. That’s because, just like...
17 July 2018
elderly care options singapore 2018
Elderly Care in Singapore – Cost Guide to Your Options
Singapore’s ageing population has been a cause for national alarm for some time. Yet the question of what we should do for our elderly – our grandparents, parents and older...
13 July 2018
birth control singapore 2018 cost guide
Birth Control in Singapore – Cost Guide to Contraception Options
Every so often, you hear about people in Singapore reproducing like rabbits – think 7 or 8 children – and you are in awe. (They are, of course, the exception....
5 July 2018
child insurance singapore 2018
Child Insurance in Singapore – Which Policy Should You Buy & How Much Does It Cost?
It’s every parent’s instinct to protect his child. We can’t help it. It’s human nature. How we go about doing this, though, can’t always depend on instincts alone. Careful planning...
25 June 2018