4 Ways to Send Your Love This Deepavali to Family Back Home

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As Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, rolls around again this 4 November, we can’t help but think about loved ones overseas and celebrating the season with them.

In pre-pandemic times, we used to take turns visiting one another in our respective countries, but recent years’ events have resulted in much more muted celebrations.

Nevertheless, without letting border restrictions and Covid-19 get our spirits down, there are still plenty of ways to connect with and to show our love this season to family abroad and back home.


1. Remit a cash gift to your loved ones abroad

Sending money back home may sound boring, but it’s really the most practical way to show your love. Your family back home can use this money to treat themselves to something nice this holiday season, set aside for household needs and the kids’ education, or build up their investments.

One way is to use the HSBC Everyday Global Account (EGA), a multi-currency account that enables you to hold cash in more than one currency and use HSBC Global Money Transfers (GMT) to send money internationally faster and fee-free1. If you are curious to learn more about how HSBC EGA works as a multi-currency account, read our other article here.

With the HSBC GMT  on the HSBC Singapore app, you can send money like a local to over 20 countries and territories, transfer money instantly2 to third-party HSBC accounts, as well as transfer money to China via UnionPay cards issued in China (only from non-RMB account). In addition, you can send money to over 200 countries and territories via SWIFT.

Tip: You can keep an eye on the real-time exchange rates and perform currency conversions between your accounts through the HSBC Singapore QuickFX app.     

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Get started with HSBC EGA and be rewarded when you remit cash to your loved ones.


2. Send a meaningful hamper

In lieu of you showing up at their doorstep bearing gifts, the next best thing is to courier a hamper with all their favourite things over, especially if it’s a loved one who resides overseas — be it from Singapore or from a local vendor in their country.

Although we can’t really travel for leisure just yet, sending care packages during special occasions is a great way to show our loved ones back home how much we care.

Did you know that the HSBC EGA comes with the HSBC Everyday Global Debit Card? You’ll get a lot more synergy and savings when you use this card for your overseas retail purchases, online shopping and more. With this card, you can also avoid foreign exchange fees3 on your virtual overseas shopping sprees — perfect for ordering a customised hamper online and sending it right over to your loved ones!

To begin, convert your SGD into available foreign currencies within your HSBC EGA using the real-time rates4 available and make the payment with your HSBC Everyday Global Debit Card. Tip: If given the option to purchase in SGD or the foreign currency, always select the foreign currency. 


3. Organise an elaborate Virtual party

If you can’t meet in person, meet online! Organise an elaborate Virtual party, where you plan your food menu together, games, activities — a full day’s schedule of activities or even a week’s worth of fun!

This will be a great time for everyone to bond, regardless of where they are. Have an extra-large TV? Cast the Virtual party onto the big screen for a high-definition rollicking good time! Plan fun games like a trivia quiz to spice things up. Tip: this is a great way to get hints about what’s on your loved one’s wishlist so you can send them a care package when they least expect (care package ideas are covered in the above 2 sections of this article).

Of course, before the actual party, you’ll need to do some preparation. When setting the time for the party, remember to be conscious of the time zones especially if you have loved ones scattered all over the globe. 


4. Compile a playlist for your family

Live interaction is a lot of hard work, especially if you’re in different time zones or juggling busy work schedules and family responsibilities. Apart from sending emails or posting on each other’s social media account, why not compile a playlist of their favourite songs?

This shows how much you care, having put much thought into remembering the favourite tunes. of your loved ones. It can even be a jam of the best festive songs so you can put on the music together and have a Virtual dance party together.

Even for the other times of the year, it’s nice to receive something that a loved one has specially made for you, especially if it’s songs guaranteed to lift your spirits when you’re having a rough week or missing your loved ones badly.


And for family right here in Singapore…

 You can also leverage on the many local shopping and dining Deepavali offers right here in Singapore with your immediate family members or friends.

Or why not pick up a gift here to take with you overseas, especially now that borders are slowly opening up and you’re planning a trip to visit your loved ones. Or if you’re missing the taste of home, consider visiting a nice restaurant for a festive meal. A staycation or fun experience would be another one for the family too.

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Happy Holidays from HSBC!

To make this Festival of Lights shine even brighter, here are more perks for HSBC EGA and Everyday Global Debit Card holders.

Beyond sending cash to your loved ones overseas or buying hampers for them online this Deepavali, the HSBC EGA lets you earn bonus interest and entitles you to cashback on your HSBC EGA debit/credit cards transactions through the HSBC Everyday+ rewards programme5.  With it, you can earn bonus interest and cashback on your spending, a one-time bonus after 6 months of up to $300, and more attractive welcome rewards.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how you can stretch your dollar further:

HSBC Personal Banking HSBC Premier & Jade
Salary / recurring deposit Minimum $2,000 Minimum $5,000
Make 5 transactions (initiated by you, not system generated transactions)
Spend on debit / credit cards 1% cashback*  1% cashback**
Make GIRO bill payments  1% cashback* 1% cashback**
Increase your SGD balance from previous month 1% p.a. bonus interest 

(capped at S$300 per month)

1% p.a. bonus interest 

(capped at S$300 per month)

One-time bonus cash after 6 months S$150

(average account balance must be at least S$100k)


(average account balance must be at least S$200k)

*Capped at S$300 month
**Capped at S$500 per month

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Happy holidays!




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1 Most transfers are fee-free but some intermediary banks may charge fees. You can see an estimate of the applicable fees when you review your transfer. The actual amount is subject to the intermediary bank and will be debited after you’ve confirmed your transfer.

Some banks may charge for incoming international transfers. Your payees will need to check with their banks on these charges as they vary and will be debited from the payee’s account. We are unable to advise you on the fees applied by other banks for payments sent through Global Money Transfers. (Source

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3 Applies to successful retail purchase, online shopping and cash withdrawal made via the 10 supported currencies. If you do not have sufficient foreign currencies to complete the transactions, we will convert the transaction at a prevailing rate as determined by the bank and bill you in Singapore dollar. (Source)

4 Real-time rates are available from Monday at 09:30 until Saturday at 05:00 Singapore Time, excluding bank holidays. (Source

5 HSBC Everyday+ Rewards Programme’s T&Cs apply. (Source)

Deposit Insurance Scheme:
Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.

Information correct as at 29 October 2021.