This Personal Accident Plan Covers Our Mishaps — Including the Loss of Electronic Devices Like a Smartwatch or Earbuds

Singtel Active Protect - personal accident insurance Singapore

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A personal accident (PA) plan is one of the usual types of insurance policies that agents try to sell to you. They cover death, disability (total permanent or temporary), outpatient medical expenses and hospitalisation, all of which arise from any incident that’s considered an “accident”.

What’s considered an accident can be the most random of things — from slips and falls to sports injuries or minor road accidents — that leave you with an injury.

These days, given how dependent we are on our gadgets and devices, losing our mobile devices like our wearable or ear buds is akin to losing a part of our own bodies… Oh the pain of not knowing where we dropped those $300+ Apple AirPods!

If only losing our personal electronic devices could be covered under insurance… 


Enter Singtel Active Protect

Well, turns out there IS a PA plan that protects against exactly that. The Singtel Active Protect personal accident insurance plan is one that’s tailor-made to suit our modern habits.

It’s a personal accident plan that’s designed to cover accidents including the loss of our precious electronic devices for up to $100. Devices include smartphones, earphones, or smartwatch.

Available to Singtel postpaid customers, Singtel Active Protect is underwritten by AIA, so you can rest assured there is an established insurance company with years of insurance experience behind this plan.

On top of covering devices, the plan also protects against the usual PA stuff, such as accidental death, medical fees arising from accidents and also unexpected incidents like food poisoning, insect/animal bites, stings or attacks, including dengue fever and zika.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s covered: 

What is covered Amount covered
Loss of smartphones, ear phones, headphones or smartwatch Up to $100 

(once per policy year)

Dengue fever, food poisoning, injuries Up to $50 for GP or hospital visits

(max 3 times per policy year)

Accidental death $10,000 lump sum payment

Check out the Product Summary here.

And this all just costs $9.90 a year, which works out to approximately $0.80 per month, making it one of the cheapest personal accident plans out there.


Why we need a personal accident plan

Most of the time, injuries arising from accidents (or incidents) are not too serious. So you may not need to be hospitalised — but may still incur outpatient fees.

That’s where personal accident plans come in. These plans could help to cover the medical outpatient or associated fees that arise as a result of accidental injuries — costs that are likely not covered under hospitalisation insurance such as your integrated shield plan.

Those who could benefit from a personal accident plan include: 

  • Sports players and gym junkies who regularly engage in physical activities (carrying 80kg weights while doing squats is no joke)
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy going on hikes, climbing, or just heading out into the wild (beware of those mozzies, slippery stones or getting lost in Clementi forest!)
  • People working in high-risk jobs, like at construction sites, in the oil and gas, chemical industries, firefighting or any type of physical, manual work… even a chef in the restaurant faces a daily risk of getting cuts and burns

And with the Singtel Active Protect plan, an additional group who could benefit are those who own a range of electronic devices (that’s pretty much all of us!).


Have existing personal accident coverage?

Even if you have an existing PA plan, that’s perfectly fine as well as the claims from multiple personal accident policies are stackable.

Say if you need to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist for continuous rehabilitation and your first insurance policy is insufficient to cover the costs, you can still claim from your second personal accident plan.

We’ll also bet your existing personal accident plan doesn’t cover for loss of electronic devices, so you’ll get the extra reassurance with this plan.


Stand to win cool prizes when you sign up

When it comes to signing up for Singtel Active Protect, the process is super straightforward. All you have to do is to key in your mobile number, verify it, complete a form and submit your request. No medical check-up is needed either.

And to sweeten the deal for sign ups, you stand a chance to win some pretty cool, big ticket prizes too, which change every month.

In August and September, Singtel offered 3 Xbox sets and 3 Secret Lab chairs worth $600 to people. This October, Singtel is running a social contest where participants can win AirPods with Wireless Charging Case or $50 Grab vouchers just by sharing their most creative response. Come November and December, there will be iPhones, a Brompton bike and a Thermomix to win!

The lucky draw runs till July 2022 with different prizes revealed closer to the month. Judging from the previous months’ prizes, we have our fingers crossed that they may be similar coveted items for the home.

Protecting your wearables doesn’t cost much. What’s more, you get the extra coverage for accidents as well, on top of the cost offset for your devices should anything happen.

Get covered by Singtel Active Protect today.



Singtel Active Protect is a Group Insurance product underwritten by AIA Singapore, and Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd is the Master Policyholder.

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