Keppel Electric Rolls Out New Green Plan with Fresh Look & Fun Way to Earn Rebates

Keppel Electric ecoGreen Plan - Electricity Retailer Singapore

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Ever considered how you could do more to help the environment? It all starts at home — one convenient way is to get a green electricity plan to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Since the soft launch of the Open Electricity Market in April 2018, Singaporeans have been able to choose their preferred electricity retailer. This includes providers of sustainable alternatives.

One of the latest to join the fray is Keppel Electric with its new ecoGreen plan. Hooray!

Under Keppel Electric’s newly rolled out ecoGreen Plan, customers will be able to green 100% of their energy consumption economically.

This is part of the retailer’s brand refresh, which is more attuned towards sustainability, and paired with a revamped website and mobile app with an enhanced user experience, features such as being able to track your own bills and electricity consumption (enabling you to do your part for the environment), and even where you can now set up a recurring card payment for greater convenience.

(Existing Keppel Electric users, do remember to head over to the App Store or Google Play to update your app to the latest, refreshed version!)


New ecoGreen Plan from Keppel Electric

As Singapore’s first homegrown electricity retailer, Keppel Electric has over 20 years in the business powering our national electricity grid.

We understand from Keppel Electric that they have launched this green electricity plan to enhance their value proposition to their customers with sustainable energy solutions.

Says Ms Cindy Lim, CEO of Keppel Infrastructure, Keppel Electric’s parent company, “Not only will this help reduce Keppel Electric’s carbon footprint, but it will also make it easier for our customers and the community to contribute to a lower carbon economy and embrace greener lifestyles. This is part of Keppel’s Vision 2030, where we have put sustainability at the core of our strategy.” — green is the way to go, Keppel!

How it works is that when you subscribe to the ecoGreen Plan, internationally recognised Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from Singapore will be bundled together.

Singapore RECs will ensure the electricity you consume is neutralised from a local renewable source. They are used to achieve sustainability goals from purchased electricity.

Based on the carbon emission associated with the household consumption, Keppel Electric will retire an equivalent amount of Singapore RECs on your behalf, allowing households to enjoy carbon-neutral electricity. When an REC is retired, it just means that the REC cannot be “reused” and no one else can claim that unit of renewable energy generated.

Customers will then receive the Singapore REC annually.

So how much does the plan cost? It’s currently at a fixed rate of 28.10 cents/kWh (inclusive of GST).


Green in more ways than one

ecoGreen Plan

What’s more, new customers who sign up for the ecoGreen Plan will receive a $38 card rebate* when they set up their recurring card payment with their UOB Credit or Debit Card.

As part of the company’s sustainability efforts, new sign-ups to the ecoGreen plan will receive a basic microgreens starter kit from Everything Green*. Microgreens are young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs that are often added to meals for the burst of flavors. Unlike larger herbs and vegetables that will take weeks or months to grow, microgreens can be harvested and eaten within 7 to 10 days.

Landed Solar Installation 

For landed property owners, if you’ve ever considered getting solar panels, now’s your chance, as Keppel Electric will be providing a one-stop service to install solar panels on your roof.

Not only will solar panels help to reduce your carbon footprint, they’ll also help you save on your monthly electricity bill. Research has shown that a solar panel could reduce your energy consumption by as much as 50% and thereby reduce your electricity bill. Of course, the actual bill varies depending on your consumption. Don’t install panels and then think you can turn on the air-conditioner the whole day without extra charges, hor.

Get a complimentary assessment of the suitability of your house for solar panels when you sign up for the service with Keppel Electric. You also get to enjoy special financing rates with Keppel Electric’s bank partners, DBS and UOB


Sustainable energy made simple for a better future

A spiffy new look and cool features aside, why I would get a green electricity plan is so that I can contribute to making a difference to our planet at an affordable rate.

As someone who is taking baby steps to become more eco-friendly in my habits — bringing my own cups and containers, forgoing plastic bags when I’m out shopping, lugging my recyclables to the green bin — a green electricity plan is a cinch to sign up for and there’s practically no effort to maintain it (I pay my bills via GIRO).

If there’s a choice to go with a more environmentally conscious option, I would definitely go for it!

It’s certainly awesome that Keppel Electric’s dedication for a greener and sustainable future helps regular folks like us go green with minimal effort.

Sign up now for the ecoGreen Plan and follow their Facebook for more exciting updates!


*Eligible customers will receive a redemption email upon successfully transferring to Keppel Electric.
The Microgreen Kit will be sent to the registered residential address and fulfilled by Everything Green.

Not applicable for recontract and relocation applications.

Not applicable in conjunction with other promotions unless otherwise stated.

Security Deposit waiver is applicable for Singaporeans and PRs only.

Keppel Electric reserves the rights to withdraw and/or amend the terms and conditions without any prior notice. Conditions apply.