How These 6 Ordinary Singaporeans Discovered Their ‘Hidden Riches’

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In this Year of the Tiger, we are all looking for a fresh start. For some of us, this may mean focusing on growing our wealth for retirement, for our children’s future or perhaps to buy a property.

Our wealth goals are often interpreted in monetary terms. But as we all embark on our own individual paths to growing our wealth, in the process of doing so; we may uncover a deeper meaning to wealth that goes beyond the surface.

Wealth allows us to pursue and realise greater things in life — we buy property to create a home for our family; or we provide for our children to give them opportunities for the best future they deserve.

What does wealth mean to you? What is your relationship with wealth?

In Citigold’s There’s More to Wealth: Hidden Riches docu-series, we meet individuals who see wealth as having the ability to pursue their passions or pass on their values to the next generation.

Like you and I, these are ordinary Singaporeans who lead unassuming lives: See how these six individuals have rediscovered and redefined their relationship with wealth.


1. Jasmine Tuan

Serial partygoer, self-professed shopaholic and fashion boutique owner, Jasmine Tuan used to live a life of excess.

“I used to attach my identity and wealth to fashion,” she says. “But not anymore.”

A near-death drowning experience during a trip to Thailand in 2012 saw her reevaluating her life choices — a “spiritual awakening”. Today, she’s a zero waste warrior doing her part to minimise waste, be it through her own lifestyle habits or as a marketing assistant director at Zero Waste SG, a not-for-profit organisation.

And her life has been all the better for it.

“Wealth to me is gratitude. Just being thankful for and enjoying what we already have.”

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2. David Wee

David Wee is a firm believer that our past holds some of our greatest treasures. Stemming from this belief, he collects artefacts of Singapore’s yesteryears and has recreated detailed sets of a Chinese medicine hall and provision shop at his private museum, Wee’s Collection.

“I believe that by preserving our heritage, I am creating wealth for the future generation,” he says.

The investment into his passion has not been cheap — he has spent around $150,000 to $200,000. To David, this has been well worth it.

But he couldn’t have done it without some financial management, and that’s where he had some help on hand.

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3. Dr. Chloe Ting

The adage “health is wealth” rings particularly true for Dr. Chloe Ting. When she’s not saving lives at the Accident & Emergency (A&E) unit, she’s getting people fit as a spin instructor.

Her health journey began in her mid-20s when she realised she was breathless from just climbing up a flight of stairs, and decided to turn things around. She was also motivated by the fact that she was seeing more younger patients with chronic diseases that are usually associated with older people.

She shares: “That turning point was when I was 25, 26? I realised that saving all this money and spending it on poor health because of terrible lifestyle choices, was not going to cut it. So that was a major reset for me. I got to think about my health instead of everything else. That’s why my definition of wealth is health.”

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4. Calvin Soh

Calvin Soh believes the greatest legacy is one you can’t put a price on. This is why he transformed his family home into One Kind House, a “21st century kampung” that celebrates uniqueness and champions kindness. It’s now an urban farm, cooking school, incubator, art gallery, maker space, and community center all rolled into one.

“I want to preserve this ecosystem of kindness. I want my children to grow up with the value of kindness, but also to celebrate being one of a kind,” says the former advertising creative director.

For him, true wealth is imparting values and a spirit of resilience, creativity and innovation to his children.

“Wealth is not what we wear on the outside. When I look at my kids, they embody wealth on the inside… where they think twice about what they do, what they buy and how they can help people. To me, that’s real wealth,” he says.

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5. Dipa Swaminathan

To Dipa Swaminathan, “true wealth is a sense of contentment within”. This realisation has led the lawyer to pursue fulfilling activities outside of work such as helping the less fortunate.

She says: “If you are truly wealthy, then you are liberated from having to focus on the small things, and you can look forward and beyond.”

In 2015, she founded ItsRainingRaincoats, a charity that supports migrant workers. Being able to support them, no matter how small the effort, whether it’s preparing food or galvanising volunteers, is what drives her — and how she derives contentment.

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6. Lim Anqi

Lim Anq left the corporate world in 2010 to travel and discovered her true passion overseas.

Then working as a qualified scuba diving instructor, she was in Thailand with her students when she saw someone freediving — diving without oxygen.

She tried it, and the rest, as they say, is history. Anqi is now a competitive freediver who has turned her love of being in the ocean into her life’s work.

Being underwater in a single breath is like meditation, she explains. It’s also very freeing, which is what she loves about it. “Wealth is about freedom, being able to be out there, doing something I love,” she adds.

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We all have passions to pursue, achievements to reach and family we care about — these give purpose and meaning to wealth.

Discover your own Hidden Riches in this Year of the Tiger.

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