10 Children’s Music Schools in Singapore to Send Your Kiddos (2022): Prices and Trial Classes

children music school singapore

Singapore is overrun with music schools for children, so you have no lack of options if you’ve always dreamed of nurturing the next Beethoven or Mozart.

These days, there are even lessons designed for babies fresh out of the womb to teach them music appreciation, hand-eye coordination and social skills.

Whether your child is looking to learn a particular instrument or you simply want to expose your child to the joy of music, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a look at 10 of Singapore’s children music schools.

10 children’s music schools in Singapore

Music school Ages Trial class
Kindermusik 0 to 7 only $20
Cristofori Music School 3.5 to 5 (early childhood), 5 and up $40 (Weekday)

$45 (Weekend)

Juzmusic Academy 0 to 5 (early childhood), 5 and up Free
Yamaha Music School 2 – 6 (early childhood), 6 and up Free 
Kawai Music School 3.5 to 5 (early childhood), 5 and up Free 
Lowrey Music School 4.5 and up $27.20
(Registration fee: $5)
Ossia Music School 2 to 5 (early childhood), 5 and up Free
Our Music Studio 0 to 6 only $35
Edvox Music School 3 to 5 (early childhood), 5 and up Free  
Music Playhouse 3 to 5 (early childhood), 5 and up $40

Best music schools for toddlers and preschoolers

There are a few schools that specialise in early childhood lessons for children under the age of 6, such as Kindermusik and Our Music Studio.

At Kindermusik, they take in students between 0 and 7 years old. Teachers lead children through developmentally appropriate music through playful and interactive activities. Toddlers will get a chance to move around freely and learn basic music concepts like fast and slow, as well as high and low pitches. They have 5 locations in Singapore and 15 lessons (45 minutes) cost $608. 

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Our Music Studio at Tanglin Mall is specialised in music classes for ages 0 to 5.5 years old. They run classes all through the week, guiding parents and children to dance and sing to songs and exercises. 12 lessons (45 minutes) cost $420, excluding $50 for registration.

There are also music schools that provide a full range of lessons for children and adults and also have classes for toddlers. The benefit of these schools is that there’s no need to look for another school when your child reaches a suitable age to take up an instrument.

This doesn’t mean that they’re less qualified though, JuzAcademy at Parkway Parade teaches through the well-known Suzuki method. Their Junior Playtime class (2.5 to 4 years old) will start introducing note reading and rhythm and then they can graduate to the Junior Musician Class (4 years old onwards) to learn how to play musical instruments. 12 60-min lessons range from $530.

At Cristofori Music school (various locations), they offer a whole range of preschooler classes that uses either the Kodaly Method, Orff Method, Dalcroze Method and Suzuki Method. Their year-long package of 44 hour-long lessons is priced at $1,999. 

Music schools to learn musical instruments for preschoolers

While toddler classes teach through play, by the age of 4, your child may like to go for classes to learn how to play a musical instrument.

The more established Kawai Music School has a keyboard toddler group class designed for children aged 2 to 5 and a piano group class for children aged 4 to 6. 4 45 minutes lessons cost $214 at Kawai Music School. 

Yamaha also has an ABRSM course in piano for children aged 4 to 10 and an ABRSM course in violin for children aged 6 to 10.

Music Playhouse introduces various instruments including piano and drums to children from the age of 3. 10 lessons (45 minutes) cost $400. 

Edvox Music School, which has 5 outlets in Singapore, has an early childhood music programme teaching children aged 3.5 to 5 both piano and violin. Students will alternate between the two instruments each school term. The good thing about Edvox Music School is that they will provide the instrument for free so there’s no need to commit to buying one in case your child decides to give up halfway. Their early childhood piano lessons cost $181.91 per month for 3 to 4 1-hour lessons. 

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JuzAcademy’s Junior Musician class for children aged between 4 and 6 years old teaches them how to play tunes on the piano and the violin.

Most of these lessons for young children take place in a group. However, if you prefer individual lessons, Ossia Music School has that option, although you would have a pay a premium for it. 12 hour-long individual lessons cost $770.40. Group lessons for $385.20 are available only at HomeTeam NS branch.

 Kids’ music classes that offer ABRSM accreditation

Schools like Cristofori Music School, Lowrey Music School, Edvox Music School, Yamaha Music School, Kawai Music School and Ossia Music School all offer ABRSM accreditation. Many of the teachers from these schools were trained under the ABRSM system or have acquired their music and teaching certificates from institutions affiliated with the ABRSM.

Something to note about Lowrey Music School is that they also offer classes at community centres that cost slightly cheaper than their lessons in music school branches at Tampines or Serangoon, per class. 10 lessons for 30-minute lessons at the CCs conducted by Lowrey Music School cost $295 while 9 30-minute lessons cost $262 at the music school.

If you would to give your child a head start on the ABRSM curriculum, Yamaha may be your answer as they offer ABRSM courses for children as young as 4 years old.

Music schools for more uncommon instruments

Common instruments offered by most music schools in Singapore are piano, violin, guitar and drums. But your creative child may have a different idea about what he or she would like to rock.

Juzmusic Academy offers instruments like cello, viola, and ukulele and Cristofori Music School offers ukulele, bass guitar and cajon classes. For the more classically inclined parents or children, Edvox Music School offers cello, flute, clarinet and saxophone.

Which music school are you interested to enroll your child in? Share with us in the comments below!