10 Best Kids’ Activities for School Holidays in Singapore For Every Budget

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Parents, brace yourself. School holidays in Singapore are coming soon. Instead of getting occupied with school homework and term activities, your energetic and easily bored kids will now stay at home. And we know how those two adjectives don’t bode too well together.

Whether it’s because your kids have been working so hard and deserve a treat, or, you just don’t want to be home alone with antsy kids, you should plan some things to do with your kids this school holidays.

Here’re our top picks on things to do in Singapore with kids that cost anywhere between free to over $500.


Top 10 holiday activities for children in Singapore for every budget

Kids’ activity Price
Admiralty Park Playground free
We’re the Furballs Dog Cafe from $9.50
The Cat Cafe $15
Kidz Amaze (Toa Payoh & Jurong) $14 (off peak)
$18 (peak)
Splash @ Kidz Amaze (Punggol) $16 (off peak)
$20 (peak)
Make-your-own pizza buffet at Rhombus Pizza SG from $15.90
Family Art Workshops at National Gallery Singapore $20 to $30
KidZania $58
Let ’em Play Drone & Robotics Workshop $160
Coding Class at Saturday Kids  $560 to $590


Explore a unique playground at Admiralty Park (free)

Admiralty Park is the largest park in Singapore where a river runs through (Sungei Cina). Isn’t that poetic? But this won’t be something that will get the kids too excited.

What will get them truly excited is the record number of slides in the Admiralty Park playground — 26 slides in total — designed to take advantage of the hilly ground the park is on. You have to try the 34-metre long slide, the widest and longest in a public park in Singapore. If your kid’s competitive, you can go on the Double Barrel Slides with him and see who will emerge the faster from the 23-metre long, 9-metre tall tube slides. They’re the longest and tallest tube slides in a local public park!

The best part? It is FREE!

Address: 31 Riverside Rd, Admiralty Park, Singapore 739087

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We’re The Furballs Dog Cafe at Bugis+ (from $9.50)

Not into the commitment of a pet but your kids love them? For a small fee (from $9.50), We’re The Furballs Dog Café at Bugis+ lets you pet and play with their dogs for two hours, and you get a free drink as well.

The doggies are super friendly and quite hyper so expect to have them climb into your lap for a cuddle or beg you for food. You can buy doggy treats to bribe the snootier ones to come to you. Watch out for one corgi who has an insatiable appetite and has been known to step over his buddies just to get to the food in your hand. The cafe only admits children 10 and older.

Address: #07-07, Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067

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The Cat Cafe at Bugis Street ($15)

There is The Cat Café nearby in Bugis too so you can hop over to spend some time with kitties after your romp with the canines. For $15, you can stay there all day with a free drink. The cats are less exuberant so it can be a more calming experience. Kids from 6 and up are allowed.

Make sure you call ahead to make reservations at both places. This ensures that the places aren’t overcrowded.

Address: 241B Victoria St, Singapore 188030

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Kidz Amaze SAFRA indoor playgrounds (between $14 and $20)

Kidz Amaze is a great indoor playground with a labyrinth of slides, tunnels, climbing structures, bridges and ball pits where kids can entertain themselves, while you sit at the side with a watchful eye.

There are three Kidz Amaze outlets to choose from: Toa Payoh, Punggol and Jurong. If your child is a toddler or preschooler who may be tentative in large spaces or averse to boisterous kids, the Kidz Amaze in Toa Payoh is less intimidating. Plus, it has a Toddler Zone for those under three so your tot won’t get trampled by an older child (ouch).

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Jurong’s Kidz Amaze will wow adventurous little ones with its sheer height – five storeys of mazes to explore. Splash @ Kidz Amaze, the Punggol indoor playground, is a wet one with 8 play decks, 5 slides and a themed splash pad. While it’s a great place to get wet and wild in any weather, do keep in mind that it gets chilly especially at night!

The best thing is, after an outing like this, the kids usually get so exhausted, they will have a really good nap when they get home.

It costs $14 for the Kidz Amaze playgrounds at Toa Payoh and Jurong and $16 for Splash @ Kidz Amaze Punggol for off-peak hours. For peak periods, it costs $18 for Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh and Jurong, and $20 for Splash @ Kidz Amaze Punggol. Do note that adults also require an entrance fee of $2 each.

Addresses of Kidz Amaze outlets:

  • Kidz Amaze Safra Toa Payoh (293 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319387)
  • Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong (333 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 649848)
  • Splash @ Kidz Amaze Safra Punggol (9 Sentul Crescent, Level 3, Singapore 828654)

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Make-your-own pizza at Rhombus Pizza SG (from $15.90)

At Rhombus Pizza SG, you can make an endless supply of mini pizzas with a cute little clay oven for a flat rate of $15.90 (for kids). You get to customise your pizza with your choice of toppings, amount of sauce and cheese. There’re sweet toppings for dessert pizzas, too. The fun isn’t just deciding what to put on your pizza but how to do it as well. They can make smiley faces or even spell out their initials with the toppings. It costs $3 more for adults at $18.90.

The price includes free flow soup, drinks and complimentary chicken drumsticks. Do note that there is a time limit of 90 minutes.

Address: 116 Changi Rd, #01-02 WIS @ Changi, Singapore 419718

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Family Art Workshops at National Gallery Singapore ($20 or $30)

Every first and second weekend of the month, the National Gallery has family-centric art-related activities that you can sign up for. This is your chance to unlock your child’s inner Picasso through this educational and interactive activity.

The price is $20 for every adult-child pair and $30 for 2 adults and 1 child.

Address: 1 St Andrew’s Rd, Singapore 178957

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KidZania ($58)

KidZania is a kid-sized city in Sentosa complete with buildings, streets, and its own economy and money – KidZos – where pint-size people get to “work” in adult jobs.

There are over 60 jobs available in this indoor theme park. Some of the more exciting ones are chef, pilot, surgeon, dentist, firefighter, policeman, tv host, radio presenter, video editor, tour guide, ice-cream maker, and (our personal favourite) CSI investigator and sleep master.

Earn your own KidZos which you can save in the KidZania bank that gives you interest. Oh, and the money’s an international currency. What you save here can be used in KidZanias in other countries. Other realistic touches include a full-wing fuselage of a Boeing 737, the first for a KidZania anywhere in the world, and the chance to get a driver’s license to drive around the city. There’s even a petrol station for you to fill up your tank, manned by fellow kids “hired” to do the job.

It costs $58 per child and $35 for every accompanying adult.

Address: 31 Beach View, #01-01/02 Palawan Kidz City, Singapore 098008

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Learn robotics at Let ‘em Play ($160)

If you’re looking for something more intellectually stimulating for your child in upper primary school, you can sign him or her up for a Drone & Robotics Workshop. In a day, your kid will be able to operate a drone, navigate it through an obstacle course and fly it for a competition. Along the way, he’ll learn robotics programming with various robots from around the world.

The programme is part of a slew of holiday activities offered by Let ‘em Play, a family-centric edutainment hub that has its own indoor playground. Check out the different obstacle course for those that are more kinesthetically inclined.

Address: 18 Boon Lay Way, Trade Hub 21 #01-100, 609966

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Learn coding at Saturday Kids ($560 – $590)

A little coding may come in handy for your child in today’s digital age. Saturday Kids is where coding is introduced to kids from age seven.

Programming, electronics, digital art and design thinking are some of the courses available. The workshops are so fun that you might want to sign up yourself! Programmes like Bring Your Lego to Life with Scratch where your kid can build a Lego robot and programme it to move and app design courses for 10 to 13-year-olds.

Addresses of Saturday Kids outlets:

  • 1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre, #08-08, 179094
  • 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Bukit Timah Plaza #02-41, 588996
  • 1 Marine Parade Central #08-03 Parkway Centre, 449408

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Which activity will you choose for your child? Write it in the comment below!


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