handyman services singapore 2018
Handyman Services in Singapore – Where to Find Them & How Much They Charge
Homes require a fair bit of loving attention and care. Don’t think that once the renovations are done, ...
6 September 2018
Grab vs Ryde vs Tada vs Kardi vs Filo Ride vs Urge – Which Ride Hailing App Is Cheapest?
Since Uber’s unceremonious exit from Singapore in May, Grab promo codes and Grab rewards have been getting ...
6 September 2018
washing machine singapore 2018
7 Best Washing Machine Brands in Singapore – Guide for First Time Buyers
If there’s one chore that you cannot avoid, it’s laundry. Until public nudity becomes legal in Singapore, ...
5 September 2018
retirement planning singapore
Taking Care Of Retired Parents Who Have No Savings? – How Much It Might Cost You in Singapore
The discussion on retirement planning in Singapore is by no means at an end, but a new study by NTUC Income ...
31 August 2018
lighting singapore 2018
Lighting Singapore Guide – Lighting Types, Lighting Shops & Saving Money on Your Bills
Lighting is something we often neglect when we renovate our homes. Yet, done well, it can make a world ...
23 August 2018
charity singapore 2018
Charities in Singapore and Overseas – How Do You Tell If They’re Legit?
Whether you’re trying to save the world or assuage your guilt for not helping society, donating money to ...
23 August 2018
induction cooktop singapore
Induction Cooktop 101 – Should Singaporeans Replace Their Traditional Kitchen Hob?
So, you’re doing up your very first kitchen design, and you’re already imagining yourself whipping up culinary ...
23 August 2018
national day rally 2018
National Day Rally 2018 – 4 New Housing & Healthcare Schemes Singaporeans Should Know
Is it just me or did this year’s National Day Rally feel like a rundown of recent movie blockbusters? “From ...
20 August 2018
passion card
Girl Ah, PAssion Member? The Complete Guide to Passion Card Benefits
I secretly love it when the Cold Storage cashier asks, “Girl, PAssion card member?” WHY, YES I AM! (Proceeds ...
19 August 2018
marina square parking raffles city parking suntec city parking
Marina Square, Raffles City or Suntec City – Which Has The Cheapest Parking in City Hall?
Certain malls in Singapore function more as places for tired office workers to decompress after work than ...
15 August 2018
national day promotions
National Day Promotions (2018) – 1-for-1 Movies, Free Food Delivery & More
Happy birthday Singapore! I can’t pretend that I’m particularly patriotic – you definitely won’t see me ...
7 August 2018
data roaming malaysia singtel readyroam
Travel Frequently to Malaysia? Data Roaming in Malaysia Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper – Here’s Why
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
hdb season parking singapore 2018
HDB Season Parking in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost & How to Renew?
So, you’ve bought a car and driven that bad boy back from the showroom or seller’s home. Now, all that’s ...
6 August 2018
singtel combo xo mobile plan
Singtel’s New Combo XO Plan – You No Longer Have To Choose Between Only Huge Data Or Discounted Phones
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
reusable straws
#StopSucking – Here Are 3 Super Chio But Affordable Reusable Straws in Singapore
The world is waging war on straws, a.k.a. our second favourite piece of plastic (credit cards are first, ...
13 July 2018
law firm singapore 2018
Law Firms in Singapore – How to Find A Lawyer & Much Does It Cost?
Every Singaporean parent wants a lawyer in the family, but strangely, few people are ever that happy when ...
12 July 2018
singtel mobile leasing
Is there a Smarter Way to Upgrade to the Latest Flagship Phone?
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
interior design singapore
Interior Design in Singapore – 5 Legit Companies That (Probably) Won’t Scam You
If you bought your first home, congratulations! You’ve wiped out your CPF and depleted your life savings, ...
6 July 2018
how to delete instagram account
How to Delete Your Instagram Account, If You’re Overspending Because of Social Media
It’s becoming harder and harder for smokers and alcoholics to get their fix in Singapore thanks to high ...
5 July 2018
child insurance singapore 2018
Child Insurance in Singapore – Which Policy Should You Buy & How Much Does It Cost?
It’s every parent’s instinct to protect his child. We can’t help it. It’s human nature. How we go about ...
25 June 2018
buying a flat hdb bto resale flat singapore
Planning Ahead When Buying a Flat – A Guide to Saving Yourself From a Massive Headache
For many Singaporeans, buying a home is a huge milestone. Some may even joke that it has replaced engagement ...
5 June 2018
singtel readyroam roaming data package
Here’s Why Getting a Data Roaming Plan for Your Travels Might be a Smarter Choice
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
bosch unlimited cordless handheld vacuum cleaner
Here’s How Bosch’s New Unlimited Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner Can Save You Time and Money
This post was written in collaboration with Bosch. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
remittance singapore
Remittance from Singapore – Expats’ Guide To Cheaper Overseas Money Transfers
Like many foreigners, you might be living and working in Singapore and then remitting money back to your ...
25 May 2018
Tian Ma Singapore
25 Insanely Cheap Lifestyle Goods You Can Buy at Tian Ma Group
One man’s “cheap” is another man’s “overpriced”, as the proverb goes (sort of). That said, I’ve discovered ...
21 May 2018