Want To Get A Brand New iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Every Year Without Breaking The Bank?

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The smartphone industry moves so fast these days. One day, you’re holding onto the latest, greatest smartphone, and the next, it’s turned into an obsolete brick. Apple has been releasing a new iPhone every year!

Keeping up with the latest smartphone innovations can get mighty expensive. And on a more practical level, replacing your phone becomes necessary every so often when it slows to a snail’s pace or your battery life falls dramatically.

But now, there’s a solution, one that lets you have your cake and eat it too.


What is Mobile Leasing?

You may have heard of luxury clothing and handbag rental services that let you dress in head-to-toe designer brands without actually having to spend a ton on your wardrobe.

In the same vein, thanks to Singtel’s Mobile Leasing service, you can now enjoy the satisfaction of using  a brand-new flagship smartphone without paying for a single cent upfront. Instead, you only make small, affordable monthly payments from $35/mth. It’s exclusively available to those on Singtel’s SIM Only plans.  

You’ll have the flexibility to upgrade to a new phone every year so long as you return the one you’ve been using in good condition. Which means you won’t have to choke back your handset envy when eyeing the latest models.

Alternatively, if you love the phone you’ve been using too much to give it up, you can either buy out the phone at any point in time or continue leasing it for 30 months to make it yours. Either options will never cost you more than the retail price of the phone under the Mobile Leasing programme.


How it works

1. Choose from the latest iPhone or Samsung models, paying a grand total of $0 upfront.

2. Pay an affordable fixed monthly sum to lease the phone, and congratulate yourself on saving money by not buying it instead.

3. With MobileSwop Unlimited, you don’t have to worry about damaging or losing your  phone.If something happens to your phone, you can swop your phone as many times as you need, and also replace it once every 12 months.

4. Every year, upgrade your phone if you wish. Alternatively, buy out the phone at any time, or simply lease it for 30 months to make it yours.

Here’s an example of how Singtel Mobile Leasing work if you decide to purchase a iPhone Xs MAX (64GB):

Pay Leasing Purchasing
Upfront $0 $1,799
Monthly $58 $0
Change to a brand new phone (after 12 months) $300 $0
Total cost (over 12 months) $996 $1,799

You save $803 if you lease the phone. If you decide to buy out the phone or lease it for 30 months, the cost is $1,740, which means you still save $59 when you buy your phone under Singtel Mobile Leasing.


Who should sign up for this plan?

Anyone who likes sleek new smartphones and wants to save money can benefit from the Singtel Mobile Leasing plan. And let’s admit it, that’s practically everybody.

But if you fit into one of the below descriptions, it’s a match made in heaven.

1) You have an existing Singtel SIM Only Plan or plan to sign up for one. If you don’t have a SIM Only plan yet, there’s no better time to grab one. For a limited time, Singtel is offering 20GB for $20 with SIM Only! Check out www.singtel.com/simonly for more SIM Only deals.

2) You want to upgrade to a new phone every year. Singtel Mobile Leasing lets you do so flexibly and affordably.

3) You don’t like the hassle of trading or selling your phone when you buy a new phone.  You get the savings upfront and don’t have to worry if a 2nd-hand dealer will give you that $803 after 12 months!

Ready to lease your first phone? Sign up here.