Cheap Printing Services Singapore – Where Do T-Shirt Printing, Photo Printing & More

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In spite of the government’s best attempts to turn us into a Smart Nation, printing services in Singapore are still going strong. Whether it’s words, photos, logos or designs, these days you can get them printed on just about anything, not just paper.

There are a few places you can go to find clusters of printing shops in the same place: Sunshine Plaza, Peace Centre, Bras Basah Complex, Queensway Shopping Centre and Katong Shopping Centre. But going down to the shops can be a little daunting because the shops don’t exactly publish their rates outside – often you’ll have to ask for a quote in person.

To help you get a good rate on your print job, here’s a guide to different types of printing services in Singapore and where you can go to get it done cheaply. Some of these are digital print shops, too, which saves time – you just need to email your artwork and specifications to them and collect the printed stuff when it’s ready.


Where to go for cheap printing services in Singapore

Printing service Which print shops to go to
T-shirt printing Ministry of Print, The Noteway
Photo printing Fotohub, Kim Tian Colour
Name card, sticker, flyer printing Captain Print, Nebula Creation
Corporate gifts printing Print That Now!, ExpressPrint
Document printing SPD, Teo Huat Enterprise
24-hour/urgent printing services 6999, Musa 24 Hours Printing
Eco-friendly printing services Drummond Printing Pte Ltd


T-shirt printing services

Sick of the usual Uniqlo t-shirts that everyone has? Going by how sought after T-shirt printing services are in Singapore, it seems you’re not alone.

Apart from T-shirt printing, most shops can also print on singlets, polo tees, sports jerseys, jackets/hoodies, towels and caps. The prices vary depending on whether you provide your own printing materials (e.g. the T-shirts) and how many pieces you’re printing. Bulk orders get the best prices, of course.

Printing services Price (The Ministry of Print) Price (The Noteway’s Printing Service)
T-shirt (100 pieces) $7.70/piece $10.28/piece
Jacket (100 pieces) $21/piece $23.98/piece
Cap (100 pieces) $6.80/piece $9.48/piece
Tote bags $2.26 to $8.62/piece $8.70/piece

The Ministry of Print

They print on a wide array of apparel from t-shirts of different materials to jackets and hoodies, jerseys and sweaters, vests, aprons and even uniforms. They also personalise corporate gifts like bottles, mugs, cups and lanyards in case you want a one-stop shop for all your corporate items.

12 Lorong Bakar Batu 
Singapore 348745

Tel: 6253 0106

The Noteway’s Printing Service

The Noteway is an online print shop that prints T-shirts, jackets and hoodies, uniforms, sportswear, aprons and caps – great for business and schools. They also print on corporate gifts including tote bags, towels and umbrellas.

Importantly, there’s no minimum order so you can print T-shirts for the family (or matching couple tees). They also have student discounts and throw in free designing for orders above 25 pieces. There’s also a nifty Instant Price Quote function for estimating your bill.



Photo printing services

Got 7 million photos of your newborn baby clogging your disk space, just like every other parent in Singapore? Get them printed at these photo printing shops that specialise in perfect prints for your digital snapshots, and you can finally free up some space on your smartphone.

Printing service Price (FotoHub) Price (Kim Tian Colour)
Calendars $13.90 to $35.90/piece From $14/piece
Mugs $21.29 to $27.71/piece From $9.80/piece
Magnets $1/piece
Coasters $6.90/piece
Puzzles $7.38 to $37.34/piece $9.80 to $110/piece
Mousepad $9.80/piece
Cushion $25/piece


Who says your photos must only be kept in an album or framed up? FotoHub is where you can get your digital photos printed out as well as onto mugs, coasters, calendars or made into jigsaw puzzles. You can even get them made into wall decorations and magnets.

What’s great is also the fact that they cater to the individual, too, so you don’t have to order large amounts. Even a single piece is possible. Fotohub has several outlets and you can send your order online as well.


Kim Tian Colour

Kim Tian Colour is an online print shop. We love that they have a whole lot of items you can personalise with your picture that go beyond mugs, calendars and puzzles. Think slates, keychains, mirror cases, badges, bears, cushions and even thumbdrives.



Business printing services (name cards, flyers, stickers etc.)

If you run a freelance business or a startup, at some point you’ll need to print your own name cards, flyers, stickers, letterheads & envelopes, and so on. Business printing services typically also print posters, banners, standees, certificates, vouchers, invoices and company stamps.

Printing services Price (Captain Print) Price (Nebula Creation)
Name cards From $2.95/100 name cards $6/200 name cards
Flyers/brochures From $59.50/500 pieces $35 to $60 for 600 to 2,000 pieces
Banners/posters From $42.50 to $555 $68
Letters $71.40/500 pieces $45/300 pieces
Envelopes $74.50/500 pieces $75/500 pieces
Die-cut labels From $35/100 pieces $40 to $45/100 pieces
Company stamp $8 $19 to $29

Captain Print

Everything at Captain Print is done online, which keeps costs low and makes things super convenient for those who are busy, you know, running a business.


Contact: 9389 7029 (Whatsapp) or [email protected]

Nebula Creation

Promising fast online printing that covers business cards, postcards, flyers, brochure, stationery, this is a print shop in Tai Seng where you can get your business-related printing done.

80 Playfair Road
Blk B #05-13G 
Singapore 367998 

Tel: 8742 4802 / 9199 7723


Corporate gifts printing services

Need to get a commemorative mug/mousepad/water bottle printed for that company D&D or team bonding day? Look no further. You can even print bags, notepads, magnets, greeting cards and sticky notes. Many of the print shops above do some of these gifts, but here are 2 print shops we found that have a wide range of souvenirs:

Printing service Price (Print That Now!) Price (ExpressPrint)
Mug $5 to $10/piece (50 to 100 pieces) $12.95/piece
Business card holder $14.95/piece
Paper bags $580/500 pieces $377.12/100 pieces
Sticky notes $1.90/1,000 pieces
Hand fan $338/100 pieces $235/100 pieces

Print That Now!

They provide printing and design services but what sets them apart is that they began as designers. Plus, they cover a wide range of products that include business-related items as well. Apart from the usual banners, flyers, brochures, they also print calendars, bookmarks, coasters, fans, magnets and paper bags.

91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza #01-71
Singapore 189652

Tel: 6655 0989 / 6337 9789


ExpressPrint does business-related printing as well as printing on corporate gifts and they throw in designing services, too. Just order online and collect at their Collection Point.

Blk 998 Toa Payoh North
Singapore 318993

Tel: 6100 8328


Document printing services

If you’re a student who needs to get your final-year project or honours thesis printed, fret not – there are some places that specialise in printing such documents, and typically offer to bind the document to make it presentable too. You can also use these services for printing course notes.

Printing services Price (Teo Huat Enterprise) Price (SPD)
Printing (B&W) $0.03/page $0.04/page
Printing (colour) $0.03/page $0.05/page
Binding From $2 $22/book (hardcover binding only, includes up to 150 characters for cover)

Teo Huat Enterprise

This is an old-school photocopying-cum-printing shop where you have to drop off what you need to get printed in person. Services include photocopying (B&W, colour, full colour), transparencies (B&W, colour), binding (wire, ring, staple, soft cover, hard cover) and laminating.

865 Mountbatten Rd
#02-87, Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844

Tel: 6344 0521


Formerly known as the Society for the Physically Disabled, SPD is where people with disabilities can be rehabilitated, educated, trained and given vocations so they can be independent. Simply e-mail a pdf copy to [email protected] and they’ll have your document printed and bound within a week.



24-hour/urgent printing services

It can be a real pain in the ass if you need to print something during Chinese New Year or the Christmas and New Year long weekends, as many of these small enterprises are closed during that time, or if you need to get a print job done urgently in the middle of the night. Here are 2 24-hour printing services in Singapore you can turn to:

Printing service Price (Musa 24 Hours Printing) Price (6999)
Documents (B&W A4) $33.59/copy or $149.61/10 copies
Binding $3.45 (for 2 to 40 pages)
Flyer/brochure/postcard $45.10 (poster) $90 to $165/500 copies
Name cards $20/100 pieces
Service charge $5 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm)

$9 to $29 (other hours)

Musa 24 Hours Printing Pte Ltd

This printing shop covers the regular print jobs that you might need: black and white, colour, lamination, binding, posters, flyers and brochures, stickers and name cards. It’s definitely expensive but if you need help when all other shops have long closed for the day, you know where to go.

16A, Bali Lane
Singapore 189852

Tel: +65 6293 6952 / +65 9684 7336 (WhatsApp) / +65 9388 1939


Most printing shops require a few days to complete the job. If you need something done within 24 hours, this is where you can go. Their expertise lies more in the area of designing and business-related printing. So, think large format printing, shop window displays, outdoor advertising, flyers and brochures, posters, roll-up banners and the like for marketing.


Contact: 9798 6868 (WhatsApp) / 9111 0188 (hotline) / [email protected]


Eco-friendly printing services

As much as you want to save the earth, there are times when you have no choice but to print stuff on dead trees.

Drummond Printing Pte Ltd is an option for you – they source from suppliers who practice sustainable forestry and only use eco-material like paper that contains up to 55% Post Consumer Recycled Content. Everything is done in-house so that carbon footprint is reduced as well.

Printing service Price (Drummond Printing)
Name cards $25/box (min. 2 boxes)
Flyers/brochures/postcards $50/100 pieces (A5 size)
A4 document printing $1,900/100 books (max. 100 pages each, includes spiral binding)

Drummond Printing Pte Ltd
65 Sims Ave #02-06
Yi Xiu Factory Building
Singapore 387418

Tel: 6256 0300

Do you have a favourite print shop to recommend? Tell us about it in the comments!