The 6 Best Items to Buy From Target Now That They Ship to Singapore

The 6 Best Items to Buy From Target Now That They Ship to Singapore

Ten years ago, Singaporeans had to flock overseas to shop at H&M and Uniqlo. These days, we have almost every retail option we could hope for on our shores except… except… Target.

But shopping addicts and bargain hunters alike now have something to rejoice over. The US retail giant that sells just about everything at purportedly the lowest prices in town now ships to Singapore.

No, we don’t get free shipping à la Amazon GlobalSaver yet. But by using a shipping service like vPost, Singaporeans can actually start shopping—and saving—at Target. Here are some of the best buys.


Skincare products

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While Singaporeans are all familiar with the usual drugstore brands like Biore and Neutrogena, brands like Burt’s Bees and Dr Bronner’s have gained a bit of a following with overseas Singaporeans.

These brands aren’t particularly expensive in the US, but they’re known to have nicer packaging and use less harmful or organic ingredients. You might be able to find some US brands at local Sephora outlets, but be prepared to pay through your nose.

On Target, however, you get to enjoy US prices on these brands. For instance, products from La Roche Posay are about 30% cheaper on the site, and can be worthwhile if you are buying lots of stuff and can consolidate shipping with a service like vPost.


Baby products

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Singaporean mothers have been storming Target stores overseas for years, and here’s why. Baby supplies like milk bottles and baby clothes can be significantly cheaper at Target than at Mothercare.

For instance, Dr Brown’s Natural Flow 8 ounce baby bottles cost 16.10 SGD for a pack of three. In Singapore, we found the very same pack of three bottles selling at $40.90, almost triple the price!


Yoga mats

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Yoga is a growing industry in Singapore, and many fans spend hundreds of dollars a month on colourful lycra pants and patterned yoga mats.

If you’re flabbergasted by the fact that premium yoga mats from brands like Gaiam can retail at over $100 in Singapore, just get them at Target instead, where they cost 27.50 SGD to 56.50 SGD.


Orla Kiely bags, accessories and homeware

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Target is usually thought of as a bargain basement type of emporium, or a Giant of sorts. But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find premium products at lower prices than you can get back home.

Orla Kiely is a British bag and accessories designer whose products have been retailing for years at the now-defunct Backdoor Luxury and HipVan. Their homeware products at Robinsons are quite popular too.

Once upon a time, Orla Kiely teamed up with Target to produce a limited edition series. Today, many Orla Kiely products like suitcases, bags, purses and pouches are available at Target at a fraction of the price they would cost in Singapore.


Air purifiers

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Stop kidding yourself that the haze is going to go away, because it’s not. Unless you plan to emigrate, it’s probably a good idea to get an air purifier for your home.

Honeywell air purifiers have been recommended by NEA but cost a lot more in Singapore than they do in the US. Target carries air purifiers from Honeywell, Sharp and Blueair amongst other brands.

For instance, the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Air Purifier, which usually costs about $400+, is only $158.99 at Target.



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If you’re the sort of person who hates leaving the house to buy clothes, you can just buy them on Target. Clothing is generally inexpensive on Target and essentials like Fruit of the Loom underwear for men and pyjamas look decent.

There’s also workwear and even formal dresses for events like weddings. Nothing out of the ordinary, really, but a good, inexpensive alternative if you’re too lazy to go to a mall.

You can even buy men’s suit jackets for $89.99 and, if you blow your budget on the wedding banquet, purchase a wedding gown for $34.98 to $69.98.

Have you bought anything online from Target? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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Mike Kalasnik