10 Halal Supermarkets and Butcheries for Grocery Deliveries in Singapore

10 Halal Supermarkets and Butcheries for Grocery Deliveries in Singapore

Thanks to Covid-19, the only “fun” thing to do in Singapore now is grocery shopping. Instead of spending the weekends at favourite restaurants and bars, people are now flocking to shop at NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong and Giant. During peak hours, these supermarkets get as packed as MRT cabins.

Instead of jostling with the crowds, here are some smaller specialty supermarkets for halal groceries.


10 Supermarkets for halal food in Singapore

Halal supermarket Delivery fees Free delivery  What they sell
Hao Mart (Hao Halal Hub) $10   Above $300  Meat, fruit, vegetables, wide range of other typical grocery items
Toko Warisan $10  Above $80  Frozen meat, sauces, pastes, snacks, convenience foods
Suzy Ameer $7 to $10  Above $150  Frozen food, BBQ meat, instant pastes
7Mall $7  Above $70  Meat, fruit, vegetables, wide range of other typical grocery items
My Nik Mart $10  Above $49.90 (with promo code DEL49)  Meat, sauces, pastes, snacks, convenience foods
CS Foods $12.99 Above $80  Meat, finger food, truffle products
SBY Meat $20  Above $100  Meat, satay
The Meatery $10  Above $120  Meat
The Halal Meat Specialist (by Lim Traders) $20 (min. $50 order)   Above $100 Meat, seafood
The Meat Up $15 to $30 No free delivery during Covid-19 period (usually free for orders above $200)  Meat, Italian products


Hao Mart (Hao Halal Hub)

  • Hao Mart delivery fees: $10 for orders under $300, free for orders >$300
  • Hao Mart address: More than 10 stores islandwide. Check website to find a Hao Mart near you.

Hao Halal Hub is the halal arm of the Hao Mart brand, with numerous stores islandwide. Halal Hub outlets sell halal meats as well as Hao Mart’s usual range of products, which are typical of what you’d find in any neighbourhood minimart. The bigger outlets have a decent range of fresh fruits and vegetables, too.

Their prices are average and comparable to what you’ll find at NTUC FairPrice. For instance, a 2l bottle of Oki Premium Sunflower Oil costs $7.75, which is exactly what NTUC FairPrice is charging.

For online shoppers, the selection available on their website is not extensive and limited mainly to essential items like cooking oil, rice and tinned food. They usually charge a flat rate of $10 for delivery, and also offer free delivery on orders of at least $300.


Toko Warisan halal supermarket

  • Toko Warisan delivery fees: $10 for orders under $80, free for orders >$80
  • Toko Warisan address: 9 outlets islandwide. Check the website to find a Toko Warisan near you.

This brand of stores specialises in halal frozen meats and imported products from Muslim countries like Middle Eastern dates and Malaysian and Indonesian pastes, sauces and snacks.

It’s hard to compare prices as the brands they carry are quite different from those you’d find at mainstream supermarkets. But they look to be on the cheap side, with a stick of Buttercup Luxury Spread butter costing $2.10 when the usual price at NTUC FairPrice is $2.55.

They offer delivery at a flat fee of $10, with free delivery being offered for deliveries of at least $80.


Suzy Ameer halal supermarket

  • Suzy Ameer delivery fees:
    $10 for orders under $75
    $7 for orders $75 to $150
    Free for orders >$150
  • Suzy Ameer address: Blk 201D Tampines St 21 #01-1161 Singapore 524201

Specialising in frozen food, BBQ meats and wet pastes, Suzy Ameer is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also have a range of other grocery items including household cleaning products and beverages.

However, you’ll have to pay for the convenience, as their products are on the pricey side. A 275ml bottle of ABC Kecap Manis costs $2.90 here, versus $1.95 at NTUC FairPrice.

Delivery is $10 for orders under $75, $7 for orders under $150 but at least $75, and free for orders of at least $150.


7Mall halal supermarket

  • 7Mall delivery fees: $7 for orders under $70, free for orders >$70
  • Suzy Ameer address: Physical stores closed during Covid-19 pandemic

7Mall has closed all physical stores and will now only be delivering orders placed online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their selection includes not only meat and seafood but also a wide range of fruits and vegetables, eggs, noodles, household cleaning products, personal care products and aromatherapy products, making them one of the most comprehensive supermarkets on this list.

They also charge low prices compared to regular supermarkets. For instance, a 500g packet of San Remo linguine costs $1.95 here, as opposed to $2.40 at NTUC FairPrice.

Delivery charges are $7 for orders under $70, and you get free delivery for orders above $70.


My NikMart halal supermarket

  • My NikMart delivery fees: $10 for orders under $49.90, free for orders >$49.90 with promo code DEL49
  • My NikMart address: Online only.

My NikMart is an online store that specialises in halal frozen products as well as sauces, pastes and convenience foods like frozen curry puffs and mini ketupats.

Prices are average, with some products costing more and some less than at NTUC FairPrice. For instance, a 720ml bottle of Head & Shoulders Shampoo costs $9.90 on My Nik Mart, when the usual price at NTUC FairPrice is $12.95. On the other hand, a bag of 25 sticks of Super instant milk tea costs $5.50, versus NTUC FairPrice’s $4.95.

Get free delivery on orders of $49.90 and above with the promo code DEL49. Orders under $49.90 will be charged a $10 delivery fee.


CS Foods halal supermarket

  • CS Foods delivery fees: $12.99 for orders under $80, free for orders >$80
  • CS Foods address: Online only.

CS Foods is an online halal butcher sells not only halal meat, fish and poultry, but also finger foods like squid rings and sausages, dairy products like butter, and truffle products like truffle oil and truffle paste. They’ve also got bundles that can net you 15% off the usual selling price of the products.

Their products are premium and therefore on the pricey side. You’re looking at paying $59.90 for 1kg of Union Station Australian Angus beef OP ribs.

Delivery is free for orders over $80, otherwise they charge $12.99.


SBY Meat halal butchery

  • SBY Meat delivery fees: $20 for orders under $100, free for orders >$80
  • SBY Meat address: Online only.

As its name suggests, SBY Meat is a halal meat supplier offering beef, mutton, lamb and chicken. They’ve got local options like raw beef, chicken and mutton satay, as well as beef rendang and lamb curry. For the truly carnivorous, they have promotional meat packages until 19 May.

Prices are affordable when compared to what you would pay for the same products at supermarkets. 1kg of whole beef striploin costs $19.50.

They charge $20 for shipping of orders costing under $100. Orders of over $100 are delivered for free.


The Meatery halal butchery

  • The Meatery delivery fees: $10 for orders under $120, free for orders >$120
  • The Meatery address: Online only.

The Meatery is a halal butchery serving up cuts of premium imported meats. Offerings include Australia Wagyu and US Black Angus.

You will pay premium prices, with 250g of Australian grass-fed, free-range tenderloin steak costing $21.75.

Delivery costs $10 and is free if your order is worth at least $120.


The Halal Meat Specialist (by Lim Traders)

  • The Halal Meat Specialist delivery fees: $20 for orders under $100 (min. $50), free for orders >$100
  • The Halal Meat Specialist address: Online only.

The Halal Meat Specialist is the halal arm of frozen meat supplier Lim Traders. They’ve got a wide range of meat including beef, mutton, lamb, chicken, duck and BBQ meats. Their seafood selection includes fish like cod, dory, saba mackerel and fresh Norwegian salmon, as well as sotong, scallop and prawn.

Price are affordable, with a 1.2kg whole chicken from Brazil costing $5.20.

The minimum delivery order is $50, with orders below $100 attracting a delivery surcharge of $20. Orders above $100 are offered free delivery. You can also choose to pick up your order at their office at 49 Quality Road.


The Meat Up halal butchery

  • The Meat Up delivery fees: $15 to $30, no free delivery during Covid-19 period
  • The Meat Up address: Blk 138 Tampines St 11 #01-142 Singapore 521138

The Meat Up is a premium halal butchery that serves quality cuts of beef, poultry and lamb, as well as sausages, patties and halal (non-alcoholic) wine and beer. They’ve also got dry food and sauces imported from Italy, Italian spices and herbs, vinegars, olive oils, truffle oils, premium dry pasta and Italian cheeses.

They charge premium prices, with 100g of Black Angus dry aged ribeye steak costing $8.90.

During Covid-19, they have withdrawn their free delivery offer on orders over $200, so all orders will be charged $15 to $30. In addition, there is a surcharge of up to $5 depending on your postcode. If you wish to avoid delivery charges, you can choose to pick your order up at their store.


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Do you have a favourite haunt for halal goodies? Share them with us in the comments below.