Halal Catering in Singapore: Affordable Halal Buffet & BBQ Caterers Price List

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It is almost that time of the year again; when I notice the smell of delicious curries and spices wafting through the HDB corridors, as the makciks prepare for their annual celebratory feasts. It’s one of things I love about living in Singapore; being able to witness these heartwarming celebrations, as my Muslim neighbours come together to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa after a month of daily dawn-to-dusk fasting.

If you’re planning for a Hari Raya Puasa feast this June, here are some of the most popular halal catering services for both at-home buffet spreads and barbecue parties.

Halal buffet catering services in Singapore

Halal buffet caterer Price per pax Standard delivery charge
KG Catering $4 to $20 $30 (waived for min. 100 pax)
Eatz Catering $7.80 to $23.80 $50 (regular) or $60 (PH/eve)
Delihub Catering $8.99 to $30 $60
SK Catering $9.90 to $25 $80
Elsie’s Kitchen $9.90 to $28.90 $50 (waived with min. spend of $600)
Stamford Catering $11 to $25 $50 (free until 31 May)
Glory Catering $11 to $15 $33 (waived for min. 80 pax)
Chilli Api Catering $12.50 to $36 $50 or $60 (depending on area)
Rasel Catering $16.90 to $41.80 $60 (waived with min. spend of $1,000)

Note: All prices above are before GST. Prices quoted are for full-fledged buffets, and exclude other catering options like bentos, receptions and mini buffets. Delivery charges here are “standard”, i.e. for non-CBD areas, with lift access, etc.

KG Catering

KG Catering is one of the most affordable halal buffet caterers, with menus starting as cheap as $4+ per pax! And there are actually 10 dish combinations that you can get for that price. It’s very basic, with just one rice/noodle, chicken/fish, 2 side dishes and packet drinks. What’s better is that the minimum is just 15 pax, which is great for a small, affordable party.

But if you think you can afford to spend a bit more to upgrade from plain rice and simple veggies, I recommend the value-for-money “$8” and “$10.80” menus. These have seafood dishes like Squid with Salted Yolk and Sambal Prawns, and desserts like Honeydew Sago and Bubur Hitam.

Delivery is a standard $30, and is waived for orders above 100 pax.

Price per pax: $4 to $20

Eatz Catering

Eatz Catering’s name is a pun on “easy”, but is ordering from them really as fuss-free as they claim? Seems like it – they’ve even got last minute catering services that promise to deliver within 4 hours. Same-day surcharges are from $50 to $80, which may seem steep, but is actually quite reasonable for a last-minute affair.

The prices for their most popular Asian Fusion buffet menu varies a lot, from $7.80 to $27.80 per pax – it depends on how many pax you’re catering for and how premium you want to go. But what’s notable is that their Healthier Choice menu is only a little bit more expensive. I wouldn’t call it “healthy” per se, but if you want an affordable yet not-so-unhealthy choice, I recommend this.

For Hari Raya, there’s a whole slew of seasonal buffets and tea receptions, mini buffets (including nasi tumpeng sets!) and side dishes to take your pick from.

Delivery is $50 on regular days and $60 on public holidays and eve of public holidays.

Price per pax: $7.80 to $23.80


Delihub is another big player in the halal buffet catering scene, and like SK Catering and Stamford Catering, caters for corporate events as well.

The price range for their buffet menu is $8.99 to $30, but as with some of the bigger catering companies, there is a very high minimum order for the cheaper options. For the basic Delightful Savings A 8-course menu ($8.99), you have to hit at least 80 pax! Fortunately most of their other options are a more reasonable 30 pax, but they’re pricier.

Delivery is $60 for all orders.

Price per pax: $8.99 to $30

Shiok! Kitchen Catering (SK Catering)

SK Catering’s halal buffet catering menu is a delightful mix of Asian, Thai, Western and International dishes. The value buffet menus start at $9.90 per pax for the 7 course set, and goes up to $19.90 for the 12 course meal.

Although the prices seem competitive, the more economic options actually have a minimum order of 60 to 70 pax, which is quite a lot! (If you’re having such a big party, make sure you invite me, ok?)

If you want something a little different this Hari Raya, SK Catering also has a signature Thai buffet for $20 per pax, and you can opt to add-on “live station” with a chef cooking items a la minute. Also, there’s an amazing-looking dessert table available as an add-on for $600.

Price per pax: $9.90 to $25

Elsie’s Kitchen

Elsie’s Kitchen by Hesed & Emet is another popular halal buffet caterer, and it offers 8 buffet catering menus to suit every budget.

Prices start at $9.90 for the 8-course Nostalgic Taste set, which features dishes like the “Nam Pla” Seafood White Bee Hoon, Golden Cereal Fish with Curry Leaves and finger food like Thai Fish Cake, Seafood Money Bag, or Honey Shrimp Wanton. However, there’s a minimum order of 50 pax for this.

For smaller groups such as 25 to 30 pax, you can order the more premium menus.The most expensive menu is the Luxurious Flavours one ($28.90 per pax) – a 12-course buffet selection that includes premium dishes like Soft Shell Crab with Thai Yellow Curry and D-I-Y Signature Peranakan Laksa.

Delivery is $50, but it’s waived if you hit a minimum spend of $600.

Price per pax: $9.90 to $28.90

Stamford Catering (halal sister brand of Select Catering)

Stamford Catering is a subsidiary of the ever popular Select Catering, and offers quite a wide range of catering menus for halal diners. The most economical option is the Super Value buffet, which includes a 7+1 course menu for just $11 per pax. You can add one more course (so 8+1), and that’ll be $12.

Those watching the scales can opt for the Healthier Buffet options at a reasonable $12 (9+1 courses) or $14 (10+1 courses) per pax. These feature mainly stir-fried and grilled dishes (instead of the sinful deep-fried stuff).

Delivery is free until 31 May, just key in the promo code MAYFD when ordering. It’s usually $50.

Price per pax: $11 to $25

Glory Catering

Glory Catering only has 3 buffet catering menus for 8- to 9-course set meals at $11 to $15 per pax.

The cheapest option (8 Course Buffet Menu) is priced like its competitors’ mid-range menus, so it makes sense that the dishes offered are more premium too. You can order prawn, squid and mutton dishes, but you must choose between desserts or drinks. If you want them both, top up $1 per pax for drinks.

Delivery is $33, waived for orders above 80 pax. Glory Catering is closed on Mondays (no deliveries).

Price per pax: $11 to $15

Chilli Api Catering

Chilli Api Catering specialises in Peranakan cuisine, and even has several dedicated menu selections for that. Prices for the regular ala carte buffet menus start at $12.50 per pax (minimum 40 pax). Chilli Api Catering also offers a healthier choice menu.

The more expensive menus are the international premium buffet sets and Peranakan Fiesta buffet sets, which can be as pricy as $37 per pax. That’s the International BBQ Buffet, which has mouthwatering options like Oven Baked Slipper Lobster with Melted Cheese.

Delivery is charged separately at $50 or $60, depending on your address.

Price per pax:$12.50 to $36

Rasel Catering

Rasel Catering seems to have very good online reviews, praising its service and food. However, most of them are for weddings, not home parties. The prices are above average, at $16.90 to $41.80 per pax. 

Although pricy, the menu offers not-so-typical buffet food: For instance, the cheapest option (International Fiesta – Western) includes a Shepherd’s Pie for starters, and Italian Chicken Cacciatore, Battered Oat Fish with Salad Cream Relish and more for the mains. The International Epicurean menu is the most atas at $43.76 per pax, but it features scallops, prawns and roasted leg of lamb.

Delivery is usually $60, and is waived if you order at least $1,000. 

Price per pax: $16.90 to $41.80

Halal BBQ catering services in Singapore (2019)

If you prefer to have barbecue, here are some halal BBQ catering options. These caterers basically supply you with plain and/or marinated raw meat and seafood that’s ready for the barbecue pit.

Halal BBQ catering service Price per pax Delivery charges
BBQ House $7.18 to $19.56 $10 to $65 (depending on time)
EZBBQ $8.97 to $24.63 $15 (free for min. $300 order)
BBQ Wholesale $8.10 to $18.89 $12 (2-hour timeslot) or $25 (1-hour)
Spring Ocean $7.75 to $18 $15 (free for min. $300 order)
Stamford Catering $13 to $18 $50 (free until 31 May)
Chilli Api Catering $18 to $37 $50 or $60 (depending on area)

Common dishes are satay, otah, nuggets, chicken wings and even marshmallows, but some caterers even have atas Western-style BBQs with sliders, rack of lamb and Swiss mushrooms.

Some also include cooked foods. In general, they’re more expensive than the buffet catering menus.

Are you planning to cater food for your Hari Raya Puasa celebrations? Tell us in the comments below!