Spectacle Shops in Singapore – Where to Buy Glasses, Sunglasses and Contact Lenses

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Unless you are part of a very small percentage of Singaporeans, odds are, you’re short-sighted. More than 4 in 5 people in Singapore over 18 are short-sighted, and over 3 in 4 Primary 6 kids need spectacles.

Even if you manage to avoid myopia, you will likely need glasses in your 40s when long-sightedness makes font size 11 suddenly seem too small for comfort.

How much you pay for your spectacles depends on two things: the frame and the lenses.

Brandless frames are significantly cheaper at around $60. Branded frames like Gucci ones cost about $300 to over $700. For the lenses, the higher your degree the more they cost. Other factors that increase the price include astigmatism, long sightedness and the type of lenses such as transition & PC lenses.

For long-sightedness, there are bifocal, trifocal and progressive glasses. Progressive glasses are newer in the market and use no-line multifocal eyeglass lenses that look exactly the same as single vision lenses, making it a good alternative to bifocals and trifocals that reveal your age.


Top 7 optical shops and optometrists in Singapore for spectacles and sunglasses

Spectacle Shop Spectacles Sunglasses
Spectacle Hut $69 from $200
Visual Mass from $95 from $95
Owndays Singapore From $98 from $79
Optical 88 from $128 from $200
Paris Miki Singapore from $168 from $200
Capitol Optical from $200 from $231
Nanyang Optical from $240 from $30


Spectacle Hut (from $69)

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that Spectacle Hut has all the big brand names from Oakley to Anna Sui, or that Ray-Ban frames seem to be their specialty. Their frame-and-lens combo are priced inexpensively at $69 and your glasses be done in 20 minutes.

Spectacle Hut offers progressive glasses for $250 and they can deliver a pair within four hours.

Unlike many optical shops, sunglasses are not an afterthought here. The chain carries over 20 sunglasses brands such as Ray Bans, Kardashian Kollection and Bathing Ape.


Visual Mass (from $95)

Visual Mass‘ unique selling point is that everything can be done fully online. Glasses and sunglasses begin from $95 (frame and lenses). Their lenses come in different indexes (thickness) and have lens coatings to protect against UV light, reflection and scratches.

You may need to top up $100 extra for PC lenses and $245 or $295 more for progressive lenses depending on the index.

While they have a showroom at Orchard Gateway, if you have your prescription and frame measurement, you can order online. The website guides you on how to measure your frames to make your glasses fit better.


Owndays Singapore (from $98)

Owndays Singapore is an eyewear and sunglasses shop from Japan is only five years old, but it is all over Singapore with almost 30 stores.

Their simple price system is a major draw. For between $98 and $198, you can get a pair of glasses with a frame of your choice. There are more than 1,500 styles and the lenses used are high index aspheric ones that are thinner and flatter than spherical lenses, and so have fewer visual distortions and better coverage. They are also dust-resistant, multi-coated and reduce 99% of UV light. Astigmatism is corrected for free as well, which is value for money.

If you want fancier lenses like transition, progressive, polarised, coloured, PC or myopia control, you add $100 to the price. Sunglasses are priced at $78.

A simple pair can be done in 20 minutes, plus, it comes with a year-long warranty for manufacturing defects, level of comfort, and adjustment to the lenses.


Optical 88 (from $128)

Optical 88 is a chain that is over 30 years old. It is part of Hong Kong’s Stelux Group that owns the largest professional optical retail network there. They have frame-and-lens packages that begin at $128 for single vision, regular lenses. You can add $40 for high index lenses. Their progressive lenses package begins at $298. The wait for your glasses is between a week and three.

They carry the major sunglass brands such as Ray Bans, Gucci and and Dior at between $200 to $700.


Paris Miki Singapore (from $168)

Paris Miki is a Japanese chain with over 1,200 stores worldwide that offers a frame-and-lens package that starts from $168. Glasses take two to three days to be completed. For progressive lenses, the package is $358 if you limit yourself to the $88 range of frames. They take up to 10 days to be ready. Paris Miki has 40 over brands of sunglasses for you to choose from. Given that they’re all the known brands, prices are pretty high, too.


Capitol Optical (from $200)

The going rate for glasses at Capitol Optical begins at $200 and can cost more depending on the type of frame and lenses you want. Progressive lenses, for example, will add another $200 to the price tag as well as another two days of waiting time to the usual three days.

The sunglasses they sell are also the more atas brands – a pair of Celine sunglasses for $600 and Christian Dior for $870.


Nanyang Optical (from $240)

Nanyang Optical is an established name that traces its start to the 1950s. Frames at Nanyang Optical start from $100 and lenses are charged separately. If your degrees are low (200 and below), it’s about $140. If you’re blind like a bat (600 degrees and above), the lenses will cost you more than $200. The standard three- to five-day wait applies.

For progressive lenses, expect to pay $430 and more for regular lenses. High index ones start from $600. A good thing about Nanyang Optical is that they offer affordable sunglasses in the range of $30 to $89.


Cost of contact lenses

Contact lenses cost around the same across optical shops, dependent on individual promotions. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose daily (discard after use each day), weekly or even monthly wear disposable contact lenses. Once you’ve settled that, just buy a box with the degrees that suits you and you’re ready to go.

Brand Price / box (for daily lenses)
DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® $32.80
CooperVision $37.95
Bausch and Lomb $37.95 or $40.95
miacare $40.95
Miru $49.95

Do you have a favourite optometrist? Where do you get affordable glasses? Share it in the comments below!