Gamers, Here’s Why You Need To Invest In A Router And Dedicated Bandwidth To Avoid Losing Connection At The Critical Moments

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Losing connection or having a laggy stream is more than just frustrating. It can make you lose friends, cancel out all the progress you’ve slaved away for hours to make and even result in disaster if you’re playing a ranked game on League of Legends (LOL).

Unless you’re content to spend the rest of your life in a LAN shop, do the smart thing and invest in a fibre broadband plan that’s worthy of a real gamer.

So, how do you know which fibre broadband plan is the best? Don’t just rush to sign up for the most expensive plan on the market. Just because your plan is more expensive and boasts a higher speed doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t going to experience a lag.

Here are some factors to consider when picking a fibre broadband plan that will give you the edge in your next game:


1. Dedicated line/bandwidth

Even the fastest broadband plan in the world won’t give you the performance you need if your entire family is competing for a piece of the pie.

Between your mum streaming Korean dramas, your wife watching Netflix and your brother going on a video downloading spree, there is lots of competition for bandwidth in one household.

Broadband plans with only one fibre connection result in all members of the household connecting to that network on their many devices. And obviously, the more devices and the more bandwidth being used, the slower the connection becomes for each person.

That’s why it’s key to find a plan that offers a dedicated line for gaming. That means you no longer need to share the line with anyone else in your household.

Singtel’s 1+1Gbps Fibre Pro Gamer Bundle offers a dedicated 1Gbps line for gaming, so you’ll never have your game lag once the rest of your family comes home. The rest of the household will have at their disposal another 1Gbps connection to watch Netflix on, stream music with and so on.


2. Low latency

Latency is the amount of time it takes for data to travel along the routes that your ISP uses to get info from your server to your computer and vice versa. Low latency means lower ping and less lag. That’s why, as a gamer, you should be looking for a low latency Internet connection.

Singtel’s 1+1Gbps Fibre Pro Gamer Bundle offers low latency via wtfast, a third party Gamers Private Network. Thanks to machine learning and its intelligent network, wtfast can automatically select the optimal traffic path to get your data to and from game servers, thereby reducing latency and lowering your ping rate.


3. Router with gamer-centric features

Your router is more than just a piece of machinery you put on your desk. Getting a router that’s tailored to gamers can really give performance a boost.

Gaming and video streaming consume large amounts of data and any interruption can result in dreaded video buffering or gameplay lag. Singtel’s Razer Sila gaming router comes with a FasTrack engine that will help prioritise traffic for gaming and video streaming to prevent interruptions from other activities.

Another feature that can boost the stability and efficiency of your wireless network is MU-MIMO, or Multi User, Multi Input, Multi Output. MU-MIMO lets your router parcel out dedicated data streams to multiple devices, rather than allocating resources one device at a time.

This makes your router feed data to multiple devices much more efficiently and stops it from slowing down when several devices are connected at the same time.

In addition, the Razer Sila gaming router also offers mesh networking, which enables you to connect two or more Razer Sila units for super Wifi coverage over an area of up to 6,000 square feet. With three Razer Sila units, you can power a multi-storey property of over 6,000 square feet.

The Tri-Band router also offers GHz backhaul and independent fronthaul links operating on up to four simultaneous DFS channels. This means that the router can scan for and automatically switch you to the least-congested Wifi channels, allowing you to enjoy a more consistent, lag-free gaming experience.


Ready to take your game to the next level? Check out Singtel’s 1+1Gbps Fibre Pro Gamer Bundle and Razer Sila router here.

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