IT Show 2019 – The Deals From Singtel You Don’t Want To Miss

it show singtel deals

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It’s that time of year again — not Christmas, but the annual IT Show. And IT Show 2019 (7 to 10 March at Suntec Convention Centre) promises to be well worth checking out thanks to some serious deals.

If you’re an IT Show newbie, know that it’s totally worthwhile braving the crowds, as this is the one place where electronic brands, telcos and IT vendors are forced to compete with each other and offer their best deals.

One telco to look out for is Singtel, who was recently awarded the best service provider in the Mobile Service, Fibre Broadband and Pay TV categories at the HardwareZone Tech Awards 2019. Here are some of the deals Singtel will be offering at this year’s IT Show.



XO Plans

Hate receiving that SMS which warns that you’ve busted your data allowance for the month? With an XO Plan, you can have the best of both worlds – huge data allowance plus the latest handsets so that you can stream and download to your heart’s content on your mobile devices without worrying about using too much data.

Singtel has updated its XO plans to bring you a hell lot of data at affordable prices. Now, when you get the 40GB XO 78 plan, you receive a FREE Huawei Mate 20. In addition, whenever you sign up for an 70GB XO 108 Plan and above, you enjoy 24 months of complimentary HBO GO, which you can use on any mobile device.

SIM-Only Plans

Prefer SIM-Only plans? There’s no better time than the present to get one, as Singtel is offering 20GB of data at a mere $20/month, as well as 150 minutes talk-time and 500 SMSes.

There’s more! SIM-Only plans qualify for a wide range of flagship phones costing $0 upfront.

Other perks for SIM-only plans include:

  • Easy monthly payments without having to use a credit card
  • Customisable add-ons such as ReadyRoam, Spotify and Singtel Newsstand
  • The ability to upsize data, talktime or SMS
  • 6 free months of Apple Music
  • 3 free months of HOOQ or Viu Premium

Check out this article elsewhere on MoneySmart for some tips on choosing the best SIM-Only plan for your needs.


Fibre + TV


Now’s probably the best time to sign up for SingtelTV. Whether you’re an existing Singtel customer hoping to re-contract or switching from another telco, signing up for Singtel TV gets you up to 24 months of free fibre. Simply show your existing cable bill and there’s something installed for everyone.

Mobile + fibre + TV bundle

Of course, you can usually save money by looking for a bundle that includes mobile, fibre and TV.

Singtel’s bundle slashes your mobile subscription by up to 30% and also gets you perks, including free local data on Sundays and a fee waiver on annual phone upgrades.

Samsung Connect Home Bundles

Does your home come equipped with smarthome capabilities? Put them to good use with a stable fibre network.

At the IT Show, the Samsung Connect Home Bundle costs only $10/month (down from $12/month) and gives you access to a pair of Samsung Connect Home WiFi Mesh with a free multi-purpose sensor (worth $68). This device gives you strong wifi coverage over every inch of your home.

There’s also the Samsung SmartCam bundle. For $17.90/month (usually $19.90/month), you get both Samsung Connect Home and SmartCam.

SmartCam enables you to put your home under surveillance thanks to motion-triggered video clips and motion notification, as well as 10GB of cloud storage so you can store your video recordings. Now the kids won’t be able to get out of doing their homework….


Gaming deals


Are you a rabid e-sports fan who scoffs at casual gamers? Then there are several bundles that might make your mouth water.

The 1+1Gbps Fibre Pro Gamer bundle includes a Razer Sila Router (worth $409.90) as well as a dedicated 1Gbps Fibre connection that won’t disrupt your regular fibre connection, just to keep your mum out of your hair when she’s trying to stream her dramas at the same time as your game.

There’s also the 1Gbps Fibre Broadband and Secretlab Omega, which includes a Secretlab Omega Chair (worth $620) and costs $57.90/month, saving you over $400 in total.

Finally, there’s the 1Gpbs Fibre Broadband with Razer Gaming Gear, which includes a Razer Mamba Elite Gaming Mouse (worth $149.90) and a Razer Black Widow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (worth $279.90/month). The plan costs $54.90/month, resulting in total savings of over $300.


Entertainment on the go

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for your mobile devices in order to distract you from a long commute or awkward silences? Well, now’s your chance to sign up for plans that will ensure you’re never bored.

VIU & HOOQ Promotion

Whether you’re a K-drama fan or are more of the Hollywood persuasion, sign up for VIU and HOOQ at the IT Show and receive on us.

Singtel TV GO

Hate having to rush home from an outing because your favourite series is about to air? Or do you get into catfights at home about who gets to decide what to watch? Singtel TV GO solves both of these problems.

Singtel TV GO enables you to remotely record series using the DVR Set-Top Box. In addition, Singtel TV GO allows streaming over 3 additional devices at the same time, so you and your family members can stream different shows on your respective devices without disrupting each other’s viewing experience.

If you already have Singtel TV, it will cost you just $9.90/month (down from $19.80) to complement it with Singtel TV GO bundled with the HD DVR Set-Top Box.

Already eyeing some of these Singtel deals? Find out more here or head over to the IT Show 2019 and keep a look out for the Singtel booth!