Planning To Buy Smart Devices And Entertainment Content To Keep The Little Ones Entertained? Here’s A Good Deal For You

singtel sim only tab plus

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Some people say giving your child a phone or tablet is lazy parenting, but most parents will agree sometimes you just need to keep the little ones occupied for a little while so you can get away for some sanity.

With healthy screen time limits, smart devices can be both educational and fun for your child. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018 comes with parental control features that help you manage your child’s usage time. The iPad also has kid-safe apps like Screen Time, so parents can monitor kids’ screen time and even generate screen time reports. Safari can either be completely hidden or restricted so adult content is blocked.

We’ve uncovered the best deals for tablet devices and content with Singtel’s new SIM Only Tab+ program – bound to keep the kids, and even yourself entertained – and this includes even the latest seasons of HBO Game of Thrones!

With SIM Only Tab+, Singtel SIM Only customers can now get your hands on a tablet device of your choice (Apple iPad 6th Gen 128GB, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 256GB) at prices much lower than retail price.

Here’s a table illustrating the current bundles available:

SIM Only 5GB Plan SIM Only 10GB Plan
Plan bundle 5GB base data + FREE 15 GB promotional data (Total 20GB)

150 min & 500 SMS

Monthly subscription: $20/mth

10GB base data + FREE 15GB promotional data (Total 25GB)

150 min & 500 SMS

Monthly subscription: $36.05/mth

Tab+ Top-Up (+ $9.90/month) – Get a discounted tablet device

– Additional 1GB of data

– Contracted for 24 months

– Get a discounted tablet device

– Additional 1GB of data

– Contracted for 24 months

One-time Upfront Fee for Tablet – Pay $498 for iPad 6th Gen 128GB (includes $350 discount off $848 RRP)


– Pay $238 for Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5”) 32GB (includes $360 discount off $598 RRP)

– Pay $358 for iPad 6th Gen 128GB (includes $490 discount off $848 RRP)


– Pay $98 for Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5”) 32GB (includes $500 discount off $598 RRP)

You get to save up to $500 on a new tablet device compared to the regular retail price.

And being on Singtel means you can get even more content on your new tablet device for yourself and your kids at great savings.


Learning Plus via Singtel CAST

The Singtel CAST Learning Plus pack has educational content series from Disney, Discovery, Nickelodeon and Love Nature, ideal for entertaining kids from pre-school age all the way up to 12. Some of the content we recommend are:

  • PAW Patrol – A bunch of adorable dogs teaches kids about teamwork and saving the environment.
  • Miao Mi Classroom – Learn Mandarin while watching a cute cat onscreen. (That’s important!)
  • Discovery documentaries – Series such as The Magic of Science and Science in How Things Work just might turn your child into a future STEM graduate.
  • Love Nature documentaries – All kids love animals, and Love Nature documentaries teach them about wildlife. Definitely cheaper than buying tickets to the zoo.

You won’t have to worry about inappropriate ads creeping onto your device with Learning Cast. Best of all, your child doesn’t have to be confined to watching videos on the device – you can also screen Learning Plus videos on your nice, big TV screen at home.

Singtel is currently giving curious parents 2 months’ worth of free Learning Cast, no contract required and no strings attached. Find out how to try Learning Cast for free.


HBO GO via Singtel CAST

Who says the iPad is only meant for the kids to use? We didn’t forget about the parents. With the season finale of Game of Thrones coming up, HBO GO is a must-have to keep up to date with what everyone’s talking about.

With HBO GO, you can watch and download every single episode of Game of Thrones (from Season 1 to the latest season as it is released). If GoT isn’t your thing, there are exclusive HBO Originals series, HBO movies, documentaries and Hollywood blockbusters such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Lego DC Comics Superheroes: The Flash. Stream them on any mobile and tablet device and watch anytime, anywhere.

For parents with kids, it also means you can let your child tune into his or her favourite HBO Family series and movies when you’re on the go.

Stuck in a long queue and need to keep your child quiet? Let him tune in to an episode of Scream Street on your iPad.

HBO GO will be available for Singtel CAST subscribers from 15 March onwards.

What smart devices and content are you eyeing to get for your kids? Tell us in the comments!