7 Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Price List of iRobot Roomba, Xiaomi Mi Robot & Others

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For busy/lazy Singaporeans, anything that lets you earn a few more minutes of precious free time is a winner. Bonus points if it helps you avoid getting your hands dirty.

A domestic helper can do all of the above, but so can a robot vacuum cleaner, minus the monthly salaries and potential for human rights violations.

Here are 7 great robot vacuum cleaners that can keep your home clean and (possibly) save your marriage.


Top 7 robot vacuum cleaners in Singapore

Robot vacuum cleaner Price
iLife V8s Robot Vacuum Cleaner $220
Aztech VC3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $300
Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Roborock 2 $499
Ecovacs Deebot M88 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $630
Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner $800
Neato Botvac D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $1,060
iRobot Roomba 980 $1,498


iLife V8s Pro Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner ($220)

The iLife V8s is the cheapest in this list, setting you back only by $220. Designed for mopping and vacuuming hard floors rather than carpets, which most Singapore households do not have anyway, it’s a basic vacuum cleaner that does the job. You might not be able to control it with an app on your mobile phone, but it can mop and pick up hairs decently, which is all most people really need anyway. It may not clean as thoroughly as a premium vacuum cleaner, however.

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Aztech VC3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner ($300)

This model is a decent budget robot vacuum cleaner. It does the job okay, but isn’t so good at avoiding obstacles. The battery life is also not great. That being said, it is one of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners in Singapore right now, so if you’re not too fussy and really hate cleaning, it’s a one option.

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Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Roborock 2 ($499)

Xiaomi makes phones that look and work great at affordable prices. The same principle applies to this Xiaomi robot vacuum, the Roborock 2, which is one of the more popular models in Singapore. It’s a sleek piece of machinery that is armed with a large HEPA filter to get rid of air pollutants and can navigate your floors pretty deftly.

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Ecovacs Deebot M88 Robot Vacuum Cleaner ($630)

Together with Xiaomi, Ecovacs is one of the more popular brands amongst Singapore households looking for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner. They’ve got several models, but most can be controlled using a mobile app. The Deebot M88 can mop, is equipped with a high efficiency filter and looks pleasant to boot.

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Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner ($800)

Philips has a mid range series of vacuum cleaners priced at about $600 to $800. It looks a bit clunky and is pretty basic when it comes to smart functions. So if you’re a tech freak who wants a pretty machine to play with, it’s probably not the best choice. That being said, in terms of cleaning, it does a good job, and can also be programmed to clean at regular intervals.

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Neato Botvac D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners ($1,060)

The Neato Botvac D5 is a premium, wifi-enabled robotic vaccum cleaner that you can control using your mobile phone or smart home devices like Google Home. You can create floor plans using the app and program the vacuum cleaner to clean only the areas you want. It’s also very good at cleaning corners and picking up hairs, which is good for those with pets. Of course, all this comes at a price, and a Botvac will set you back four digits.

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iRobot Roomba 980 ($1,498)

This is a premium robot vacuum cleaner, and possibly THE robot vacuum cleaner that turned them into a coveted household accessory. Not only does the Roomba look great, it is also very durable, agile and can get rid of not just dust but also smaller particles like pollen, and thereby contribute to better air quality in your home. The only negative point here is that, for those on a budget, it’s expensive, but that’s what you get if you want the best. If you’re gonna spend so much already, make sure you get it from the iRobot authorised shop.


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Best places to get robot vacuum cleaners

Each of the above models is available in plenty of online and offline stores, so don’t forget to comparison shop like crazy as prices can vary quite a bit. Here are some places where you can get a robot vacuum cleaner.

  • Courts: Carries a wide range of robot vacuum cleaners including Roomba, Samsung and Philips models. Price are on the high side but they are currently having a sale on lots of models.
  • Harvey Norman: Wide selection of robot vacuum cleaners from Ecovacs, LG, Panasonic and more. Prices tend to be on the high side.
  • Best Denki: They have a decent selection from Ecovacs, Samsung, Miele and more. Prices are similar to those at the other big chains.
  • Lazada: They’ve got a good range of robot vacuum cleaners, often at lower prices than what brick and mortar retailers are offering.
  • Qoo10: You can find some very good deals on Qoo10, but you will need to know which models you’re interested in to optimise your search.

Have you ever used a robot vacuum cleaner? Share your experiences in the comments!


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