4 Products That Can Make Saving Money Cool and Fun

saving money cool fun

The “cool” kids aren’t exactly staying at home, cooking their meals to save money and comparison shopping on Carousell. No, they’re out spending their money at fancy restaurants, hipster cafes and partying at Zouk/Kilo Lounge/whatever.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are four products that will make saving money feel a lot cooler, so you can feel like a boss even as you save cash.


Bento box

Bento box - MoneySmart

If you feel crappy having to bring your lunch to work in sad little Tupperware containers or, worse, ziplock bags, invest in a nice Japanese bento box instead. Muji carries minimalist ones, but if you really want good value head to Daiso, where you’ll find a range of classic and cutesy ones that you can pair with matching cutlery sets or chopsticks.

The great thing about tiered bento boxes is that they lend themselves well to the rice + x dishes format. You can just stock the rice in the base and your other dishes in the top tier. More importantly, they’ll encourage you to prepare your own food to take to lunch at work.


Moka pot or French press

Moka pot - MoneySmart

Need a morning coffee in order to stay alive? Instead of paying for overpriced brews, invest in a moka pot. This inexpensive, stylish little device is powered by your stove and enables you to make a good coffee in minutes.

While the brew that’s produced isn’t technically espresso, it’s many cuts above instant coffee, and a lot cheaper to maintain and use than a Nespresso machine. It also offers you a great excuse to convince your friends to come to your place for a coffee.

An alternative is the French press, which is great if you’re a coffee geek but a tiny bit more challenging to use than the moka pot.



Bicycle - MoneySmart

Cycling is now a legitimate mode of transport in Singapore, and you’ve got to admit it sure beats waiting for the feeder bus to take you to the MRT station. If the closest MRT station is a bit further from your home/workplace than you might like, invest in a good folding bicycle and you’ll be able to get to your destination in style, despite the sweat, without having to call a Grab/Uber.

For those who like to stay out past midnight and have realised that taking cabs/Grab/Uber all the time really adds up, you might want to get a full-sized bicycle if you are able to cycle all the way home. Cycling is a lot less stressful late at night when you’ve got less traffic/fewer pedestrians to dodge.


Good computer speakers/headphones

Headphones - MoneySmart

Movies and music are one thing you can save quite a bit of money on simply by accessing it on the internet. We’re not going to tell you how of course….

You’re less likely to want to go to the cinema when you’ve got a good sound system at home. Because nobody wants to watch the latest blockbuster when the sound effects are forced through your laptop’s tinny internal speakers.

A good set of headphones and speakers is the key: headphones if your living arrangements require you to be quiet, speakers if you’re social and watch videos/movies on the computer with your family and friends. Really want to treat yourself? Get wireless headphones so you can listen to music as you go about your daily tasks at home.

What are some products that have made saving money more enjoyable for you? Tell us in the comments!

Image credits: katierose95, Arek Olek, Number 10, Charli Lopez