IMM Singapore Guide – 11 Outlet Shops for Branded Handbags, Sportswear & Cosmetics

IMM singapore outlet mall

Japan has Gotemba Premium Outlets, and we have… the IMM Singapore in Jurong East. It’s nowhere near as glamorous — it’s an old outlet mall with funky-smelling walkways, so I wasn’t expecting much. It’s terrible, but previously, I only knew IMM as “the mall with free parking” and would park there whenever I wanted to go to Jem and/or Westgate.

Sometimes I would come out to shop at Daiso, but that was about it. There’s nothing else there, right?

Wrong. I recently paid the outlet mall a visit, and was surprised to find that there are actually some really good deals and discounts there. Here are 11 branded outlet shops worth checking out.


IMM mall guide — 11 branded outlet shops worth checking out

IMM outlet store name Price range
Moleskine  $
Novela  $ to $$
Adidas  $$
Nike  $$
Melissa M Dreams  $$
Kipling  $$ to $$$
Outlet by Club 21  $$ to $$$
Coach  $$ to $$$
Michael Kors  $$$
Kate Spade  $$$
Furla  $$$

IMM seems in a weird halfway-renovating state, so it was quite hard to get around. For this article, I focused on branded outlets, mostly for sports, apparel and luxury leather goods.

Many of the shortlisted stores carry women stuff because — duh — I am a girl and am drawn to these things.

But just to be clear: IMM is a general outlet mall and they do have male fashion stores like Benjamin Barker, Fred Perry, Sacoor and etc as well.

If you want a male-centric outlet shopping guide too, give us a shout in the comments below! We’ll make one of the boys go shopping.


1. Moleskine outlet — up to 70% off leather notebooks

First stop: Moleskine — because there exists no journalist who can resist these notebooks.

imm outlet mall moleskine

I didn’t know Moleskine had outlet stores, but I’m so happy I found this one. Everything is going at 30% to 70% off!

Untagged items are by default 30% off, while the rest will have little stickers on them to indicate the discounts. I found limited edition notebooks — Harry Potter, Pokemon, Le Petite Prince and more — mostly at 50% off, while the 2018/2019 planners went for 70% off.

imm outlet mall moleskine

If you get more than 3 items, everything else is 50% off too, including those usually only 30% off (like the classic notebooks).


2. Novela outlet — discounted cosmetics (even SKII and Chanel!)

I’m a journalist by day and beauty junkie by night, so my next stop was the Novela outlet, which sells branded cosmetics at a discount. I was pretty impressed by their selection; I found stuff that hardly ever go on sale at their respective boutiques.

imm outlet mall novela

Most things are 10% to 30% off retail price, which is not bad. I was pleasantly surprised to find some brands I previously thought were Sephora-exclusive, like Urban Decay and Peter Thomas Roth.

imm outlet mall urban decay

If you get the Naked3 palette there, it’s $69.90 instead of the retail price of $83.

There were Aesop stuff too, which drove me nuts. I thought those things NEVER go on sale! How can I ever buy them at full-price again?

imm outlet mall aesop


3. Adidas outlet — discounted sportswear and apparel

Even though there are quite a few go-to malls for discounted sportswear, I think IMM does hold its own. Adidas and Nike (covered below) are the biggest sports outlet names but the mall does have other brands like Fila, Puma and Asics, as well as multi-brand stores like World of Sports and Premier Football Outlet.

imm outlet mall adidas

There are a total of 3 Adidas outlet stores in Singapore, at Novena Square, Chinatown Point and IMM. Everything was cheaper than retail, of course, but they weren’t exactly Decathlon-cheap — especially the clothes. I looked at some yoga tights and running shorts, and they were still in the $49.90 to $69.90 range.

imm outlet mall adidas

The shoes, however, get better discounts. Most of them were going for at least 20% cheaper. The past-season designs (in odd sizes) were the cheapest, but I did manage to spot a pair of Adidas Originals Superstars at $105 (UP $140). If you’re looking for cheap kicks, you can consider Queensway Shopping Centre too (better go before they en bloc!).


4. Nike outlet — discounted sportswear and apparel

If you replaced all the pyramid logos with swoosh ticks, the Nike outlet is practically indistinguishable from the Adidas one. But judging from the pieces I touched, Nikes seems a tad cheaper.

imm outlet mall nike

Hunting for cheap bargains, I went straight to the “last pair, last size” wall for a look. Most of the designs were gaudy (as expected), but I found some of the once-popular Flyknit designs going for as cheap as $79.90 (UP $199).

imm outlet mall flyknit nike

They also had special $19.90 clearance apparel that looked good.

imm outlet mall nike


5. Melissa M Dreams outlet — up to 70% off past designs

I’m a sucker for Melissas. I love the eco-friendly, bubblegum-scented shoes, but hate the price tag. I usually look for cheap Melissa buys on Zalora when they issue sitewide promo codes, but was pleasantly surprised to find that they have an outlet store with better prices.

imm outlet mall melissa

At the M Dreams outlet, shoes go at up to 70% off retail price. Although the sign says prices start at $39, they actually mean the baby shoes. The cheapest adult design I could find was $69, which is the price of most shoes there.

imm outlet mall melissa

The Prana loafers were $69 (UP $100), as were the limited edition unicorn Ultragirl shoes (UP $130).


6. Kipling outlet — up to 60% off bags and accessories

Growing up, my favourite bag was always my Kipling bag pack. And although my arm candy no longer feature fluffy gorilla keychains, the brand is still very popular among my mum’s generation. It’s durable, lightweight and (if you get the right designs) can be stylish too.

imm outlet mall kipling

For Kipling bags, they’re usually upwards of $150— the decent-sized ones, at least. Pay any less and it’ll be more of a pouch. At the Kipling IMM outlet, everything is 30% to 60% off.

When I was there, most of the designs were bag packs that were $129 to $209 at retail price, but under $150 after discount.


7. Outlet by Club 21 — discounted high end fashion

If you’re into high-end — like, runway kind — fashion, then this one’s for you. Club 21 is a luxury brand retailer that sells over 150 brands. Their outlet at IMM doesn’t quite have that selection though: they carry mainly Armani Exchange, Blackbarret, CK Calvin Klein, DKNY, Emporio Armani, MGSM, Paul Smith and 3.1 Phillip Lim. You may find other brands here and there though.

imm outlet mall club21

Depending on what brands you have your eye on, the price range differs quite a bit. I was optimistic when I saw a rack of A/X Armani Exchange dresses going for $55 a piece, but then I walked further in and saw a $2,590 (UP) price tag on a Nina Ricci jumpsuit. I don’t know how much the latter costs after discount because it was just tagged with a coloured sticker (presumably to indicate the discount to the staff), but I didn’t even bother asking because even if it was say, 80% off, it would still cost $518.

imm outlet mall club21

There was also an Issey Miyake corner with her Pleats Please line of clothes and a few Bao Bao bags. The bags were on 50% sale, but they didn’t have the classic, more affordable designs (that cost under $1,000). They only had the seasonal, metallic ones that were $1,590 and up ($795 after discount).


8. Coach outlet — up to 40% + 20% off storewide

The Coach outlet at IMM usually has a range of discounts up to 40%, but I visited the store on a particular auspicious day (JK it’s the GSS) so everything in-store was 40% + 20% off. Given that Coach is already one of the more affordable luxury brands (if that even makes sense), the outlet could be a great place to shop for leather goods.

imm outlet mall coach

The bag I picked out was $650, but after 40% + 20% off, was $312. But that was one of the more premium ones, featuring a full leather body and a floral design. If you have an even tighter budget, you can pick out the simpler, more classic ones that come up to $100 to $200 after discount.

imm outlet mall coach

The only issue I have with the Coach outlet is that they used queue poles to block the entrance. I’m not sure if it’s just because of the ongoing storewide sale though. But when I went, I had to call out to the staff when I wanted to enter and leave the shop. That’s a lot of unnecessary interaction — too much for me.


9. Michael Kors outlet — up to 50% + 15% off

Yet another one of the more affordable American brands, Michael Kors also has an outlet at IMM.

imm outlet mall michael kors

The discounts were pretty impressive: they go up to 50% off, but if you purchase 2 you get and extra 10% off. Buy 3 and you get +15% off.

imm outlet mall michael kors

The store was really busy and there were a ton of tourists so there weren’t any sales assistants to help me, so I randomly picked out a hot pink Selma messenger bag. It was $459 – 3o% = $321.30. That’s kind of expensive in my opinion — I have the same one in silver, which I bought on Reebonz at $200+.


10. Kate Spade outlet — special $199 and $299 buys

To be honest, I didn’t walk into any of these outlets actually hoping to snag any good buys. I always thought outlets in Singapore were scams and that they weren’t any cheaper than online designer sale sites. Kate Spade’s outlet at IMM was surprising because they really did slash the prices, and after discount (up to 60% off), some of the items were really worth it.

imm outlet mall Kate spade

I completely glossed over the seasonal, patterned bags, and looked at the classic colours like black and beige. I picked up a black, leather shoulder bag and checked the price: it was $590, but $265.50 after 50% + 10% off. Then, I asked the sales assistant if there was anything cheaper.

imm outlet mall kate spade

She then directed me to the special clearance racks. There were $199 and $299 buys, and they were actually nice, practical handbags (not small tai-tai pouches and slings).

imm outlet mall kate spade


11. Furla outlet — up to 60% + 10% off

Last but not least, the Furla outlet at IMM. I think this is Furla’s only outlet store, which makes it a must-visit if you’re a fan of the brand.

imm outlet mall furla

The discounts went up to 60% off, with an additional 10% off everything. They carry past season bags, wallets and accessories.

Most handbags I found were in the $600 to $1,000+ range (before discount), which is way pricier than the above brands.  I did find one really good buy: A small, nude crossbody that was $715, but $257 after 60% + 10% off.

imm outlet mall furla


Other popular IMM stores to check out

Daiso flagship store

There are a total of 16 Daiso stores all over Singapore, but IMM is where their business office and flagship store is. In other words, Daiso IMM is the mother of all Daisos.

imm outlet mall daiso

Daiso IMM was actually my go-to branch when I lived in the west, but that was because it was just the nearest. It was only until I visited the various other stores that I realised what I had been taking for granted. I never had issues with things running out of stock and always found what I needed.

That’s not to say if you go to IMM you can find everything lah, but it’s probably your best bet. If you’re looking to repurchase something (and hence have the barcode), you can email them to check for stock availability, and then reserve it via phone call.

Given that it’s literally a $2 megastore, the MoneySmart fam is a huge fan. Here are some related articles:


Hai Di Lao

I’m personally not that big a fan of Hai Di Lao, but I don’t live under a rock, so I know how popular it is. And although the hype has pretty much died down, the crowds and queues remain. It’s still really hard to get a seat at the 313@Somerset restaurant, especially during peak meal hours.

imm outlet mall HDL

If you want, you can try your luck at Hai Di Lao IMM. It also makes for a great supper spot: From 10pm to 3pm, all beers are 1 for 1. This promo runs daily, including weekends and weekday nights!


IMM store directory

As mentioned, I’m sure there are many other popular outlets and stores that I didn’t get to visit. If you’re interested, you can check the full IMM store directory here.

You can filter the tenants by outlet shops, food and beverages, and also home and furnishing, which is another reason why some shoppers head to IMM.


IMM Singapore parking rates

Car parking rates  Weekdays (excl. PH) Weekends & PH
First 2 hours (no re-entry)  Free  $1.07
3rd hour (or 1st hour upon same-day re-entry)  $1.07 $1.07
Subsequent 15 mins or part thereof $0.30 $0.30 
Motorcycle parking rates Weekdays (excl. PH) Weekends & PH
First 2 hours (no re-entry) Free $1.07
3rd hour onwards and subsequent re-entries $1.07 (one-time) $1.07 (one-time)

As mentioned, IMM has perhaps one of the cheapest parking rates in Singapore — the first 3 hours used to be free! They’ve since shortened it to 2 hours and limited it to weekdays, but I’m not complaining — that’s still really reasonable.

Do note that re-entry is not “allowed” if you want to enjoy the cheap rates. If you drive out and back in again, it will “reset” and you will have to pay $1.07 for that hour.

E.g. If you arrive at the mall at 1pm, and leave before 2.59pm, you won’t be charged. But if you leave at 2pm and come back again at 2.30pm, you will be charged $1.07 for your second round of parking (2.30pm to 3.30pm).

There are plenty of parking lots at IMM, but it does fill up on weekends. A nifty trick is to use the Capitaland website, which actually has a live counter that displays the number of available parking lots.

You can use that for a gauge before you drive there, or if you have passengers to help you, check it right when you’re reaching the vicinity.


Free IMM shuttle bus service

If you’re not driving, there’s a free shuttle bus service to and from International Business Park. Since IMM is literally within walking distance of Jurong East MRT, this is more for those who work in the area.

The shuttle bus runs from 11.30am to 2pm on weekdays (excl PH), and arrives every 10 minutes.


What do you go to IMM for? Tell us in the comments below!