If You Shop on Amazon, These 5 Tricks Are Fantastic for Saving Money

amazon saving money

I cringe whenever another mall pops up in Singapore. But Amazon… that’s another story. If you know where to look, you can get a whole ton of stuff on Amazon at much lower prices than you pay at retail stores here. Whether you’re sourcing for electronics or just want a pack of American Apparel tshirts, Amazon has the answer. Here are some tricks that any Amazon fan must know.


1. Get free shipping with Amazon GlobalSaver

If you haven’t already heard, Amazon now offers free shipping to Singapore on certain products (generally those being sold directly from Amazon rather than through a third party seller) if your orders add up to at least 125 USD. I’ve used this and I have to say it’s super fast and way more efficient than using a third party delivery service.


2. Get a shipping refund if your package is late

If you’ve bought a lot of stuff on Amazon, you might have noticed a guaranteed delivery date on some items when you were about to check out. If that happens, make sure you watch the calendar like a hawk. If the item doesn’t reach you by the guaranteed delivery date and you’re sharp enough to find out, you get your shipping refunded or an Amazon Prime extension if you’re a current subscriber. If you’re using a delivery service like vPost, you’ll want to check with them to see when the package arrives. vPost


3. Get a price match refund if you buy something that gets cheaper within 7 days

If you purchase a particular item and then the price falls within 7 days, Amazon will refund you the price difference. That’s their way of curbing price speculation. Now, you might ask, how the heck do you know if the price has fallen? That’s where Camelcamelcamel comes in. The website helps you to track price drops so you know when you’re entitled to a refund.


4. Get a refund if your item is lost, stolen or defective

Amazon is pretty generous with its refund policy, so don’t hestitate to give them a call using Skype if you need to speak with someone. I ordered an electric moka pot from them last year that stopped working after a few days, and they gave me a full refund, including the cost of shipping the item back to them. They’ll usually let you choose between receiving a refund or having them ship the item to you again free of charge. Some people claim they’ve gotten refunds even without having to send defective items back to them.


5. Buy from Amazon Warehouse and Amazon Outlet

If you’ve ever shopped at a factory outlet store or bought refurbished Apple products, you already know the awesome feeling of having cheated the system by not paying retail prices. Amazon Warehouse and Amazon Outlet are awesome places to find returned or refurbished items. Head to MyHabit for discounted clothes and accessories. You can get the best discounts on electronics, outdoor stuff and musical instruments/accessories.

Have you used any of the above tips? Share your experiences in the comments!