How to Buy Lululemon Products at a Lower Price

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Joanne Poh


How much can a pair of spandex-like leggings cost? According to LuluLemon, that’ll be $100++, thank you very much. With such high prices for fairly nondescript yoga clothing, you would think nobody would bite, but instead Lululemon has, through clever marketing tactics, become a quite the phenomenon.

So maybe you’re tired of being the only one in yoga class without one of those tank tops with the built in bras, or an embroidered yoga mat holder. Lululemon has a retail outlet at ION Orchard, but that’s the most expensive way to get your hands on their stuff. Here are some ways to get Lululemon at a lower price.


Shop on Facebook groups

You know your brand has become a sensation when hundreds of groups devoted to reselling your items pop up all over Facebook. Just do a quick search and you’ll be floored by just now many Lululemon resale groups there are. There is currently one Singapore-based group (click here).

If you have friends or relatives living abroad you might even be able to participate in the overseas ones if you’re really desperate to expand your collection. The groups enable you to sell or exchange your old Lululemon items with other members. So if you want to replace your yoga leggings for a top with a built-in bra, or whatever, you know where to go.

However, do your research first, as some items (particularly those that can no longer be found in stores) are actually sold at higher than retail prices.



More people should be buying expensive clothing on eBay, because it’s not like you’ll be receiving a moth-eaten version of the original item most of the time. There are tons of brand new items on eBay, some with the tags still intact, so why pay several times the price to get the exact same thing from the store?

Lululemon is hugely popular on eBay, which means a single search can result in not hundreds, not thousands, but TENS OF THOUSANDS of search results. And because one of Lululemon’s tactics is to produce many of its items in very limited numbers, this is a great way to get items you can’t find in the stores.


Buy from an online retailer with a discount coupon

There are many online retailers who stock Lululemon other than Lululemon themselves. And some of these retailers frequently offer discount coupons, which will net you an additional discount. First of all, Lululemon US prices are cheaper than Singapore retail prices, even with the high USD these days.

In addition, some online stores offer discount coupons. For instance, discount coupons for online retailer Tradesy can be found at RetailMeNot. You’ll then need to use a shipping service like vPost to get your loot back to you unless the retailer offers free or cheap shipping to Singapore. Organise a spree and order for a truckload of people, using the a credit card that offers cash rebates on online shopping (try the OCBC Frank or American Express True Cashback Card) and you’ll find yourself saving some serious cash.

Are you a Lululemon fan? How do you buy your Lululemon products? Tell us in the comments!

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