Fibre Broadband Plans – Things To Consider On Top Of Price

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What’s the first thing you do when you get home? Connect to the wifi on your smartphone, of course.

As you wind down to relax, you’re likely to be connecting many devices to your WiFi for multiple purposes—whether to watch the latest episode of your favourite series on Netflix, or play a round of your favourite video game. All the other members of your household will probably be doing the same.

When everyone’s entertainment relies on a good Internet connection, selecting a good fibre broadband plan becomes one of the most important decisions you can make for your household.

Not sure how to choose? Here are a few factors to consider when picking a fibre broadband plan for your household that go beyond just merely looking at the cheapest plan.


The size of your home

The size of your home plays a big part in determining what type of fibre broadband plan is best.

If you live in a small studio apartment, you’re likely to find a basic 1Gbps Fibre plan more than enough for your needs.

But as your home size grows and the number of rooms and walls increases, using a single router may not be the solution as WiFi signals by nature are unable to pass through every obstacle (i.e walls, fish tanks) in the house. In these cases, a Mesh is recommended to eliminate dead spots in your home’s WiFi coverage and ensure your experience in seamless.


Your family’s usage habits

Every family’s Internet needs are different, so the number of people in the family connected to WiFi at one time, and their usage habits on WiFi, all play a part in choosing a plan that satisfies these needs.

For households in Singapore, it is increasingly common for each family member to own multiple devices which connect to WiFi. What’s more, data-intensive activities like gaming, HD video streaming, downloading videos and uploading photos or large files require lots of bandwidth.


Installation costs and hidden costs

Lastly, always look in totality at your fibre broadband package – this not only includes how much your monthly subscription is, but also any promotional offers and discounts, or hidden charges such as router costs, installation charges, or registration charges.


So what’s the right plan for me?

A family of four members or more typically needs a fairly large bandwidth to satisfy everyone’s data usage, so a plan of at least 2Gbps is recommended so as to reduce congestion and enable everyone to enjoy higher speeds.

As a rough guide, here is what we recommend based on the factors above:

Home size Recommended Plan
Small homes with 2 bedrooms (approx. 800 sq ft) 1Gbps Fibre plan & 1 pair of WiFi Mesh
Medium homes with 2-3 bedrooms (approx. 1,200 sq ft) 1Gbps Fibre plan & 1 pair of WiFi Mesh + 1 Mesh Node
Large or multi-storey homes (approx. 2,500 sq ft) 2Gbps Fibre plan & 1 pair of WiFi Mesh + 2 Mesh Nodes

Singtel has several options depending on your data needs. Singtel’s Wifi Mesh plans begin at a $10/month top-up for a pair of Wifi Mesh on top of your 1Gpbs Fibre Broadband plan. You can then add any extra WiFi Mesh Nodes for an extra $5/month each.

Getting WiFi Mesh also helps you save money on your regular 1Gpbs Fibre broadband plan!

Fibre Broadband Top Up Monthly price Savings
1Gbps Fibre Broadband at $44.90/mth with Mesh bundle

(U.P. $49.90/mth)

$10/mth for WiFi Mesh $54.90/mth Total savings of over $120
$12/mth for Samsung Connect Home. $56.90/mth Total savings of over $220
$19.90/mth for Samsung SmartCam Bundle

(exclusive to Singtel)

$64.80/mth Total savings of over $120
$52/mth for Samsung Connect Home and digital door lock $96.90/mth Total savings of over $300
$38/mth for Samsung Connect Home and Digital Grill lock

(exclusive to Singtel)

$82.90/mth Total savings of over $200


Why Singtel? What’s special about Singtel’s WiFi Mesh:

  • Seamless handover, so you experience no breaks in Internet connection as you move throughout your home
  • Dynamic traffic routing – your devices automatically connect to the node with the strongest wifi signal.
  • One-time configuration process with automatic updates, so all settings can be easily managed using the app.


Even more perks when you sign up for one of Singtel’s fibre broadband plans:

  • All the hardware you need to connect, installed and registered – FREE of charge
  • 10% discount on your monthly Singtel mobile subscription, and it becomes 30% off 5 mobile lines if you bundle fibre with Singtel TV
  • Singtel Circle perks with a Singtel mobile + fibre + TV bundle, which includes: mobile plan discounts of up to 30% off, annual handset upgrade fee waiver worth $350, and free local data on Sundays. To find out how you can become a Singtel Circle customer, click here.


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What’s important to you in a fibre broadband plan? Share your views in the comments!