10 Lingerie Shops in Singapore For Bralettes $30 & Under

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On behalf of all the women… bras are oppressive! These wired contraptions are super uncomfortable, expensive and in the case of most petite Asians, totally unnecessary. The modern woman’s solution? Comfy, wire-free bralettes.

We’re not going to overthrow the patriarchy overnight, so I’ll save you the speech on feminism and cut straight to the chase. Here are 10 affordable lingerie shops for cheap bralettes in Singapore.

10 Lingerie Shops in Singapore For Bralettes $30 & Under

Brand Bralette price range
Cotton On Body $10 to  $24.99
Our Bralette Club $11 to $40.80
Zalora $11.90 to $157.90
6ixty8ight $13.90 to $26.90
The Bralette Shop $16.90 to $44.80
Uniqlo $19.90 to $29.90
La Senza $20.65 to $48.26
Avec Amour $32.78 to $238.06 ($21.74 & up during sale)
Iminxx $29.90 to $43.90
Naked and Unbound $30 to $79

Cotton On Body

Cotton On Body is the sleep- and loungewear arm under Australian fast-fashion chain, Cotton On. Cotton On is known for being super affordable, especially when sale season hits.

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Most bralettes are in the $20 to $25 range, but those on sale can be as cheap as $10. That’s dirt cheap – you won’t find cheaper ones elsewhere. The sale designs may be quite gaudy – think leopard prints, for instance – but if you only care about comfort, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Our Bralette Club

Our Bralette Club is a local label started by a team of 20-somethings in Singapore. They started out as a Shopee store, but has since grown to have their own e-commerce site.

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Their prices start at an affordable $11 for a basic bralette, and goes up to $40.80 for customised ones. Most pieces are in the $20+ range, which is relatively affordable.

They also sell bralette paddings ($10.80) and disposable nipple stickers ($0.88).


Zalora may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of lingerie, but a search on their marketplace might surprise you. They actually carry many lingerie brands, and often have sales for them.

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Most of the cheaper pieces are from Cotton On Body and 6ixty8ight (~$10 to $35), but if you want to splurge, you’ll also find premium designers like Calvin Klein and Triumph ($50 to $100+).

6ixty8ight (pronounced “sixty eight”)

6ixty8ight was founded by a Swedish entrepreneur who opened his first stores in Hong Kong and Beijing in 2003. The lingerie brand is young and fun, so don’t expect anything to risqué here.

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Today, there are 3 physical stores in Singapore (Bugis Junction, Tampines 1 and Vivocity). Don’t be fooled by the bright lights and huge stores though, their lingerie are actually very affordable. For bralettes, prices start at $13.90, and only go up to $26.90.

The Bralette Shop

Not to be confused with The Bralette Club, The Bralette Shop is yet another local startup. It was founded in 2017.

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Prices range from $16.90 to $44.80, which is quite reasonable. Most pieces are under $30, the few above are from the premium collection. As icing on the cake, their sales are also quite generous – you can get bralette sets (with matching undies) for $20+.


Like Zalora, Uniqlo isn’t exactly a lingerie brand. And instead of the lacy styles carried by the other brands on this list, Uniqlo sells plain, wireless bras.

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They have 3 designs: the regular one, a strapless one (Multi-way) and a sports bra design (Relax). All bras are $29.90, but usually go for $19.90 during sales.

Unlike the basic bralettes that are just triangular pieces of cloth sewn together, the Uniqlo bras have soft cups that offer more support, which may be more suitable for bustier ladies. Oh, and they’re seamless to boot.

La Senza

Thanks to its bright pink logo, La Senza is often compared to the famous Victoria’s Secret. The two sell a pretty similar range, but La Senza is quite a bit more affordable.

Most bralettes are in the $40+ range, but when on sale, they can be as cheap as $20+, which is comparable to brands like Cotton On. 

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If you’re looking to invest in a slightly more expensive bralette, consider La Senza: since it is a specialty store, their pieces are likely to fit better and last longer.

Don’t forget to bring your girlfriends to shop too – La Senza often holds huge sales (up to 50%!), but they typically require you buy in “bulk” (say, 5 pieces or something).

Avec Amour

Avec Amour is a full out sexy lingerie store, so if you’re shopping for something special to wear on date night… This one’s for you.

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According to their site, Avec Amour carries international lingerie brands like Bordelle, Bluebella, Stella McCartney Lingerie,  Heidi Klum Intimates, L’Agent by Agent Provocateur and Eberjey… most of which I’ve never heard of before, but sound kind of sexy anyway. (Come on, “Agent Provocateur”, really?)

Depending on what brands you shop for, usual bralette prices are $32.78 to $238.06. However, while browsing I found many pieces on sale at $21.74, which is very competitive.

I’M IN (iminxx)

I’M IN is another homegrown lingerie brand that sells cheeky bralettes and undies. They have quite the social media presence – their pieces are modelled by popular Singaporean influencers, including Leanne Low, Kate Yong and more.

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Although the general aesthetic of the brand has a young, teenybopper vibe, their bralettes are not all that cheap. You can get a few basics under $30 though – prices start at $29.90, and go up to $43.90.

Naked and Unbound

Naked and Unbound is founded by Heng Si Hui, who is also the creative behind Studio155, a content creation studio in Singapore.

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With this one, we’re kind of pushing it a little. At regular price, the cheapest bralette is $32… which exceeds our budget. However, several designs are currently on sale at $30, so give chance lah.

While most  of the sale items are at 10% to 15% off, some go for as much as 50% off, which is really worth it.

Other bralette shops in Singapore (if you’re willing to pay!)

If you are rollin’ in dough and can afford to not “sort by price – low to high”, then here are some other popular lingerie stores and the prices of their bralettes.

Brand Bralette price range  
Victoria’s Secret $35.91 to $89.91
Susy + Bae $39 to $69
Terie (The Wyld Shop) $39.90 to $44.90
Perk by Kate $49 to $69
Ashley Summer $69 ($65 on sale)

Where do you go to shop for chic yet affordable lingerie? Let us know in the comments below.