Bargain Hunters, You’ll Kick Yourself If You Miss Out On These 11 Sales During GSS 2015


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The Great Singapore Sale isn’t as great as it used to be, and retailers have been feeling pretty pessimistic about this year’s numbers, which are not expected to exceed last year’s. So we’re guessing not too many shoppers are going to arm themselves with credit cards on a rampage down Orchard Road.

The retail scene in Singapore is just too massive to make trawling malls one by one in search of GSS deals a smart idea. What’s the point in travelling all the way to Orchard Road only to discover that all the shops are offering a paltry 2% off selected products, which encompass only rejects from Spring/Summer of 1994? Don’t bother. Here are some of our top GSS picks.





The discounts at Adidas are some of the more generous, at up to 50% off. A quick visit to an Adidas store reveals that there’s a decent range of products on sale (and not at 2% off either). Best of all, the discounts are also extended to their online store, where many items are going for about 15% to 25% off (until 30 Jun).


If you have never in your life purchased a pair of jeans at Levi’s, you can do so now. They’re offering 60% off selected items, but honestly the selection isn’t that fantastic. The real draw is the fact that they’re offering $30 off with $120 spending on regular-priced items, and $60 off with $200 spending on regular-priced items. That translates to a 25% to 30% discount on all regular-priced items.



Bath & Body Works


Everyone knows that all these imported brands from the US like Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and even GAP tend to be way overpriced in Singapore, especially since they are popular brands. To make things worse, Bath & Body Works is situated in MBS, the crown jewel of overpriced goods.

So you can imagine it was a pleasant surprise to discover that the store is having 40-50% discounts on common items such as hand soaps, perfumes and other peripheral items. To top that off, buying more than 6 items gets you an additional 10% discount and buying 8 items gets you an additional 15% discount. If you’ve ever shopped there before, you’ll know hitting that number is easy peasy.



Marriott Cafe


If you’ve always wanted to live the life of a tai tai, you’ll jump at the chance to sip tea with your pinkie out at Marriott Cafe, where the high tea buffet is going at $25.04, down from their usual price of $45.90. Call to make reservations (until 25 Jul).

Charcoal Thai

This mookata Thai steamboat thing is getting super popular in Singapore, and at Charcoal Thai you get to see what all the hype is about at a significant discount. The Mookata Thai BBQ steamboat lunch set, which usually costs $46.68 for 2-3 people, is now a deeply discounted $23.34.




This electronics store selling cameras, IT and AV equipment and other gadgets has been around at Holland Village for decades. You can find anything from Nescafe machines and waching machines to DSLR cameras and Samsung Galaxy Tabs at Parisilk. They’re now offering up to a 70% discount on their items. If you’re looking to buy a Philips Air Fryer XL HD9240, you’re in luck, as you pay $349 instead of $539. Likewise, people who want to buy the Mayer Breadmaker pay $88 instead of $189 (until 26 Jul 2015).

ToTT Store


If you’ve got a budding chef in the house, go crazy at ToTT Store, which is filled with cooking and baking accessories and appliances. They also host cooking demonstrations in-house. This GSS, they’re offering 50% off cookware, bakeware, hostware and appliances, as well as 10% storewide (until 26 Jul). They’re also offering generous discounts on certain items like the Magisso Champagne Cooler, which is going for $95.10 down from $118.90, and the Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker at $386.50 down from $552.



City Chain

If you’re looking for a new watch and aren’t exactly in the Rolex-buying league, instead of going to Mustafa you can now head to City Chain, where they’re offering up to 70% off watches and timepieces (until 19 Jul).



Goldheart is singlehandedly lowering the cost of marriage in Singapore by offering up to 50% discount off diamonds, precious gems, engagement rings, wedding bangs and bridal jewellery (until 26 Jul). If you’re a Goldheart VIP member (perhaps from a previous engagement?) you also get an additional 10% discount off sale items.



Alive Museum


So you’re getting tired of looking at your friends’ photos of themselves climbing up a stick of bamboo or riding a bicycle in the clouds. It’s time to take your own. Well, you’re in luck, because the Alive Museum is now running a buy-2-get-1-free offer on adult admission tickets.

The Planet Traveller

If you get all tingly just walking into a travel store like The Planet Traveller, you might like to know that they’re offering up to 70% off travel goods (until 26 Jul). Get a new suitcase or maybe just one of those neck pillows to make long flights more bearable.


Make sure you check out our post on how to maximize your GSS experience and make sure you’re not wasting money unnecessarily while going about hunting for bargains. Enjoy the shopping!

What’s the best bargain you’ve gotten at the Great Singapore Sale so far? Tell us in the comments!

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