5 Most Value for Money Items You Can Buy from Muji


Muji is a brand that needs no introduction. Each time I walk into a Muji store, I feel like I’ve been transported into a whole new world of simple clean living. But when you sit down to check out their chic furniture, the prices can give you a scare.

One thing to remember about Muji is that while their items aren’t always affordable, they are often value-for-money. Meaning you get more quality per dollar.

So although the expensive furniture may be out of our budget, the store does sell many lifestyle items that make good value buys. Here are 5 of them:


1. Shirts


Whether it’s a t-shirt, a dress shirt for work, or something more casual, Muji’s has a wide range of tops. And the best part is, they range between $49 to $59. Nothing more.

And while you might argue “Very big deal meh? G2000 also have wad…” Muji shirts are well-tailored and made from materials that do not irritate your skin.

Don’t roll your eyes, you’d seriously have to try it to believe it.

Their 100%-cotton jackets are also around the same price range.


2. Skincare products


Muji might not be a dedicated skincare brand, but you’d be surprised at how great the formulations of their skincare are… and the affordable prices they come at.

The brand has 4 skincare series catering to different skin needs, but they’re all gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skins because of their light composition.

The best part? You can choose from a variety of sizes; Their toners (which I’ve been hearing so many good things about) range from $4.90 for a portable travel-sized bottle, to $39.90 for a large 400ml bottle.


3. Acrylic plastic containers


Gone are the days of old-fashioned plastic drawers and jewelry boxes.

These days, acrylic plastic containers are taking over as table storage options. Why? Because we all like displaying items, and these transparent boxes go well with all interior decor themes.

While Muji’s acrylic containers are not the cheapest in the market, you should know that they’re the pioneers of this whole acrylic storage trend. And for good reason: their designs are sleek, simple, and made of good sturdy acrylic. And they don’t come with weird knobs like the ones we can easily find online.

Also, Muji claims that their containers are especially transparent, which means no more murkiness if you like using wet towels to wipe your stuff.


4. Rugs


Again, the rugs at Muji are not the cheapest there is in the market, but they’re still relatively well-priced ($319- $419) if you consider their softness and quality.

They’re SO SOFT!!!

Similar shaggy rugs on the market go for around $500 at designer boutiques such as HipVan.


5. Storage drawers


I still remember a time when Toyogo storage drawers were so commonly used. But they come in the funniest combination of colours.

And it doesn’t help that the plastic sides of the drawers usually get warped after a few years of usage.

Unlike those, Muji drawers come in standard white and matte opaque finishes. I’ve been using these drawers to organize my closet for 7 years now, and till date they’ve not shown any signs of warping.

They may not be the cheapest choice in the market, but if you consider its lasting qualities, they’re value-for-money.


What do you usually buy at Muji? Let us know.