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I admit that when it comes to buying gifts, I’m very impulsive – and that often leads to some VERY awkward moments when it comes to unwrapping time. I won’t get into the details of some of the… poor gift choices I’ve made (ok, one of them involved buying the WRONG football jersey), but suffice it to say, those mistakes caused me more post-traumatic stress than my 1-year tour in Iraq did!


One thing I learned from my personal gift-giving disasters is this – if you don’t want to end up in a situation where your recipient wants to toss you off the balcony, buy something he/she will actually use! This is especially true with office gift exchanges just around the corner.

Here are some gifts that are sure to please your loved ones:


1. Apple iTunes Gift Card


If you want a gift that has an almost sure chance of being used AND appreciated, go with a $50.00 iTunes Gift card! I don’t have to give you statistics to tell you that almost everyone you know own an Apple product, whether it’s an iPhone, iPod, iMac, or iPad.

And with an iTunes gift card, your recipient has the choice to buy whatever it is they want – apps, music, iBooks, or movies!

Cost: $25/$50


2. Portable Phone Charger – $29.99-$49.99


I have yet to meet a single person who doesn’t complain about the shitty battery life of their mobile devices, ESPECIALLY products made by *cough* Apple. That’s where a mobile battery charger comes in (also commonly known as power banks), these chargers carry enough power to fully recharge almost any electronic device you’re carrying – not just phones, but cameras, Bluetooth headsets, and mobile game devices.

Cost: $29.99-$49.99


3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $29.99-$49.99


Chances are you’ve seen these little square- or cylinder-shaped speakers when you’ve gone about your favorite pastime – walking through malls. But what’s great about these guys is that they’re deceptively powerful for their size, and wireless.

Things have changed a lot since the days of the boombox (remember those?). Now, you can buy your loved ones a mobile speaker that’s 1/10 the size of normal speakers and sounds great! If you’ve got a student on your gift list, this one’s sure to be a winner.

Cost: $29.99-$49.99


4. Storage Boxes From IKEA – $1.90-$50.00 (Can Mix & Match)


I understand that buying storage boxes and shelves from IKEA for a loved one’s room sounds about as convincing a gift as the government telling you one of its websites is down because of “scheduled maintenance.” But it’s actually a “think outside the box” gift idea that can really work!

Think about it – rooms in Singapore are so small and dull that it feels more like a cell in Changi Prison than a bedroom, except without bars and more clutter. But if you buy some attractive storage boxes and shelves to liven up your recipient’s room, he/she will thank you for freeing up the extra space (and your recipient will appreciate the gift even more if you offer to install the shelves too!).

Cost: $1.90-$50.00 (The best part is that you can mix and match!)


5. Fan – $29.90-$49.90


A fan in Singapore is about as necessary to life as oxygen and water. But sadly, there are still Singaporeans out there who either lack this basic need or have a fan that belongs in a museum (or a rubbish bin).

So unless your gift recipient has one of those completely pretentious Dyson bladeless fans (you know which one I’m talking about – $600.00 CRAZY!), a fan is something your recipient is sure to appreciate – especially once the blistering heat of April, May, and June come around!

Cost: $29.90-$49.90


Bonus:  Restaurant Gift Card – $25.00-$50.00 (Take Your Pick!)

It’s too easy to make this article all about gift cards because you KNOW your recipients will use them. But you can’t ignore the power of FOOD in Singapore. If you know what restaurant your recipient fancies and it has gift cards available – buying one is a surefire way to make him/her happy.

Cost: $25.00-$50.00


Final Note:  Hopefully, one of these simple and inexpensive gifts is just right for that special person on your gift list. But if you want to save even more money on your purchase, take advantage of some of the great Christmas promotions that many credit cards are offering today. If you don’t already have one, it’s not too late to check out to apply for a credit card with awesome rewards benefits!


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