5 Affordable Places to Rent a Halloween Costume in Singapore

best halloween costume singapore

You might be the sort who can’t even be bothered to change out of your pyjamas on Chinese New Year. But Halloween is serious business. Get a lousy costume and you might find yourself denied entry to Halloween parties no matter how much you insist your homemade devil outfit should qualify. Avoid this tragic scenario by renting a kickass Halloween costume at one of these value-for-money costume rental shops in Singapore.

Best pop culture costumes: Costumes ‘n’ Parties

If you’re one of those hardcore Halloween celebrants who turns up in costumes that even people who don’t know you start gossiping about, you’re going to want to check out Costumes ‘n’ Parties, which has some of the most up-to-date costumes you’ll find.

Forget the boring devils and vampires. Yawn. Instead, dress up as Lady Gaga, a Transformer or one of the Flintstones. There is also an impressive range of sexy costumes for those who are adamant that Halloween is not for kids.

Price: $60 to $95 (3 days)

Highlight: Maleficient

Biggest range: Customade Costume and Merchandise

If there’s a costume you can dream up, CCM has probably got it. The costume rental store prides itself on being Singapore’s biggest, and with a collection of a mind-boggling 50,000 costumes on hand, as well as 4,000 accessories, they might be right.

Whether you want to be a Victorian princess or a leprechaun, Medusa or King Tut, CCM has got it. If you already have a clear idea of what you want to go as this Halloween but haven’t been able to find your costume anywhere else, you can probably find it at CCM.

Price: $60 to $90; $100 for licensed DC comics heroes range

Highlight: Qin Shi Huang

Best value for money: Global Mascot

If you want to save $10-$30 on your costume rental but don’t want to be forced to go as Cinderella because the store doesn’t have anything else, Global Mascot is a good bet, with a large assortment of costumes at wallet-friendly prices.

This is a good place to visit if you’re looking for an interesting costume like a werewolf get-up or Naruto outfit. The company actually specialises in making dance costumes, so theatricality is their forte.

Price: from $50 (3 days)

Highlight: Pig from Journey to the West

Best for sexy women’s costumes: Dimac Costumes & Accessories

If you’re a woman and are tired of always hiding under a shapeless bedsheet ghost costume every Halloween, Dimac is like the Victoria’s Secret of costume shops. They carry a generous range of sexy women’s costumes featuring anything from the Red Queen to sailorettes. To put things in perspective, they even have a collection of corsets.

Which is not to say there aren’t any men’s costumes. There are, although the men’s range isn’t as extensive as the women’s. This is not the place for the guy who wants to come dressed as a giant cockroach, though, as many of the men’s costumes have a similarly sexy vibe, complete with mysteriously missing sleeves.

Price: $15 to $180 (3 days) for accessories and costumes

Highlight: Tigress outfit… sexy, of course (rawr!)

Cheapest: Mia’s Fancy Dress Closet

If you’re on a budget, don’t really need to look like a professional mascot but still don’t want to resort to spending the entire week sewing your own devil costume, Mia’s Fancy Dress Closet offers the cheapest costume rentals we could find in all of Singapore.

The company specialises in kids’ costumes, so the collection for adults (especially men) is extremely limited and you might find yourself being forced to choose between dressing up as a Disney princess or a wearing a Storm Trooper Mask. However, at prices this low it’s probably a good idea to compromise a little if Halloween isn’t a big deal to you.

Price: From $20 (5 days; 7 days this Halloween)

Highlight: Princess Jasmine

What are you going as this Halloween and where are you getting your costume? Let us know in the comments!