4 Better (and Cheaper) Alternatives to Overpriced Dr Dre’s BEATS Headphones – Around-Ear Headphones Edition

4 Better (and Cheaper) Alternatives to Overpriced Dr Dre’s BEATS Headphones – Around-Ear Headphones Edition

Headphones are more than just accessories that let us listen to music. Headphones provide us with means of escaping our present reality – the reality of a Singapore that’s getting more expensive, crowded, and competitive every year.

Seriously, all you need to do is put on a good set of headphones and close your eyes, and you’ll find yourself magically transported from a packed MRT train to a Metallica or Pharrell concert in seconds.

Of course, that magical journey isn’t cheap – especially if you’re planning on buying a set of BEATS Pro Over-Ear Blackout headphones to take you there.


4 Around-Ear Alternatives to the $600+ BEATS Pro Over-Ear Blackout

You know what’s amazing? That people are willing to pay $600+ dollars on a set of BEATS headphones when there are so many CHEAPER alternatives out there! Seriously, is having that little red “b” over each ear really worth $600+?

Just so we’re clear, cheaper does not always mean lower quality – especially when it comes to these 4 around-ear BEATS alternatives:


#1 Audio-Technica ATH-M50


Price: $240+

Of all the around-ear headphones on this list, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 has two important distinctions: 1) it is the highest rated set of headphones by both critics and users, and 2) it is the cheapest alternative to the BEATS Pro Over-Ear Blackout.

This sturdy and comfortable set of headphones provides sound that is balanced and detailed – necessities for any hardworking studio pro. Seriously, it’s amazing that you can even purchase such a studio-worthy set of headphones for a price that’s almost 1/3 that of the BEATS Pro Over-Ear Blackout!


#2 AKG K 550


Price: $340+

At half the price of the BEATS Pro Over-Ear Blackout, the AKG K550 is a powerful, stylish, comfortable, and of course – a much CHEAPER headphonesalternative.

Another great thing about this set of around-ear headphones is that it folds flat for easier transport and it can plug into practically any portable device or Hi-Fi system for maximum convenience.


#3 Sennheiser HD6 Mix


Price: $400+

The Sennheiser HD6 Mix isn’t just loved by DJs, studio professionals, and electronics critics. It’s loved by the average Joe who just wants to hear no BS sound without any distracting background noise.

This is highly durable set of headphones that’ll still be giving you optimum, accurate sound long after your other headphones have retired to a trash barge on its way to Indonesia.


#4 Bose Quiet Comfort 15


Price: $420+

I’ve loved Bose noise cancelling headphones ever since I bought the Quiet Comfort 2 before deploying to Iraq in 2004. If that pair of headphones could do a decent job of cancelling out the sounds of mortar, IED, and rocket blasts, the upgraded Quiet Comfort 15 should perform its noise cancelling job nicely.

Yes, it’s certainly not as stylish as the BEATS line of headphones, but the Quiet Comfort 15 definitely wins in the comfort category while managing to offer excellent sound quality while eliminating outside noise.


What are some other around-ear headphones alternatives would you add to this little list ? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook! For even more useful information on everything personal finance, visit MoneySmart today!

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