3 Ways to Earn Cashback Rebates – Without a Credit Card

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The few days I actually bother to go grocery shopping, I find myself buying tonnes of chocolates and snacks. I can’t help it. The jumbo packs are ridiculously cheap when bought in bulk. Of course, now, I also run the risk for diabetes, but at least I know using the best cashback credit card will at least get me some discount on my impending treatment. But what about those of you who can’t qualify for credit cards? Did you know there are credit card alternatives to earning cashback rebates?



If you’re Singaporean but you’ve never heard of NETS before, then you’re either rich enough to walk around with a wallet full of money, or the ink’s only just drying on your citizenship papers. NETS has allowed Singaporeans to enjoy cashless transactions for decades, and with NETS Flashpay’s contactless system, it’s become even more convenient. Now you don’t even need to key in a PIN.

But not only can a NETS Flashpay card be used for public transport, supermarkets, convenience stores and more, did you know you can also get rebates from using NETS at various merchants? And there’s a whole range of merchants to earn rebates from too, from food to shopping to spa treatments. Rebates vary from as low as 1% to as high as 10%.

Indulge your tastebuds with 5% rebates at Raj Restaurant, Jade of India or Ayam President. NETS cards also get you 5% rebate on eyewear at Koolook and Wink Optics, or 5% at video game giants Gamescore. Need to stock up your office stationery? NETS gives you 10% at Du Yi bookshops.

The best thing about this is that it applies to all NETS cards, including the various debit cards from the various banks, like the POSB GO! Card, as long as you use NETS when making the transaction. However, do note that there is an expiry date, and the NETS rebates can only be used at the same merchant you earned them from.


2. ShopBack

With so many online merchants these days, you’re looking at no end to bargains and discounts from businesses that save money because they don’t have to pay to rent and maintain their shop space. But if you’re not eligible for a credit card, then you may be missing out on a lot of cashback rebates that the different banks are offering through the best credit cards for online shopping.

However, with local company ShopBack, you can now earn rebates on more than 300 online stores, even without a credit card. And I’m not just talking about stores that you’ve never heard of, but popular sites like Taobao, Lazada, Zalora, GroupOn and Agoda, just to mention a few.

The best part about it? The rebate can be directed to your Paypal or bank account, which means you can cash it out.

This Wednesday, 9th September, ShopBack is celebrating their 1st birthday with Singapore’s First Ever Cashback Day. For 24 hours only, you can earn up to 19% cashback at Zalora, or 7% cashback at Asos, and several other merchants. All without a credit card.


3. Travel Smart Rewards

Even though we’re almost always complaining about the MRT either breaking down, being crowded or moving slowly, most of us really have no other choice. There’s often no cheaper and more convenient way to get around Singapore.

Well, if you’re commuting via MRT on a daily basis, why not earn some money out of it? Travel Smart Rewards is a convenient way to get some rebates from your train journey. By rewarding you for starting your travel during the de-congesting period of 8.45am to 9.45am every morning, it really just takes a small change in your travel habits to start earning. That being said, it’s a luck-based reward system so how much you will earn from signing up for the programme is actually random. But in a good month, I earned $20, which was about 40% of my monthly travel expenditure.

And you don’t need a credit card for this either.


But of course, if you DO qualify for a credit card…

Then you won’t need to rely solely on these gimmicks. Get the best cashback credit card that suits your lifestyle.


Do you know of any more cashback rebates programmes don’t require a credit card? Share them with us.

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