3 Luxury Items That Singaporean Ladies Can Now Afford To Have

3 Luxury Items That Singaporean Ladies Can Now Afford To Have

Most Singaporeans prefer buying to renting, no matter how expensive it is. This is a mindset that’s been cultivated by the high home ownership rates here. No matter how expensive that car or Chanel bag might be, many people don’t bat an eyelid as they get into debt to own it.

Still, if you’re only going to use that thing once, renting might make more financial sense. There’s really no point in buying your own designer wedding dress unless you plan to get married again. Here are some things Singaporeans can rent.



Unknown to many, handbag rental services in Singapore are actually quite popular, although few people talk about them, obviously to deflect attention away from the fact that their own bags seem to change like clockwork every month. At That Bag I Want, an electric blue Balenciaga Motorcycle bag costs $99 a week to rent, less than 5% the retail price.

Still, if you’re going to rent a bag like that every week, $400 a month is a hefty price to pay. Still, that hasn’t deterred many Singaporeans from splashing out. According to this news report, the owners of some of the more well-known bag rental services report that many of their customers rent bags for daily use and keep coming back week after week. Here are some bag rental services to check out.

  • That Bag I Want – Has one of the bigger selections out there. Renting a small black Chanel 2.55 bag costs $199 a week.
  • Bags No Enough – Large selection but a great many of them seem to be rented out at the moment. The same Chanel 2.55 costs $198.80 a week to rent, and gets cheaper the more weeks you keep it.
  • Bag Society – This site has a much smaller selection than the other two. Renting a Louis Vuitton Papillion 26 costs $58 a week.

Worth it?: If you’ve got a special occasion to attend and your regular bags don’t cut it, renting is an acceptable option. But make it a habit and you’ll find yourself in the poorhouse.



So maybe you have to attend your best friend’s wedding banquet but the only formal clothing in your closet looks like it belongs in a business meeting. Or you marry Brad Pitt and he decides to take you to the Oscars. Or something.

Instead of buying a designer dress, you can rent one online. This is often preferable to buying because dress purchases often end up being worn only once, and get even less mileage than designer bag purchases.

The average rental price of a designer dress is about $70 to $130, typically about 10% of the retail price. At that price you could purchase your own dress from a fast fashion brand. You’ll have to decide if the occasion is so special you want to go all out, or if you’d prefer to simply buy something less glamorous that you can wear again in future.

  • Rent a Dress carries dresses from designers such as Badgeley Mischka and Diane Von Furstenberg. A resplendent Marchesa Notte floor-length gown costs about $130 to rent for 3 days and would be great for a bride at her own wedding banquet.
  • Love Potion rents out formal dresses suitable for weddings, company D&Ds and prom nights. The starting price for a long evening gown is $58.

Worth it?: For red carpet events and very special occasions (distant cousins’ weddings and dates don’t count as special occasions), renting a dress offers fairly good value, since you would probably not want to buy such an expensive clothing item to use only once.


Classic cars

If you’ve always wanted to drive a classic car but the price of even a Chery QQ here makes you balk, you still have the option of renting one for a day. Classic cars are becoming increasingly popular at retro-themed weddings, so if you’re about to tie the knot, don’t worry about having to tie your wedding car decorations onto a Comfort taxi.

  • Minibug has vintage Beetles and Mini Coopers for rent. Half day packages start from $638 while full day packages start from $988.
  • Kombi Rocks rents out Beetles for $150 per hour, $638 for a 3 hour package and $988 for 8 hours.
  • That’s All Volks rents out Beetles for weddings.

Worth it?: Frankly speaking, even if you don’t have a car, you could probably borrow one from a parent or a friend, and it would cost nothing. Wedding car packages are not cheap, so unless it’s an expense you’re really willing to incur, we’d say give it a miss.

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