3 Best Ways To Ship Your Internet Purchases To Singapore

3 Best Ways To Ship Your Internet Purchases To Singapore

Going shopping in Singapore on weekends is like putting yourself in the path of an elephant stampede. You risk getting run over by prams or stabbed by high heels—that is, if you don’t suffocate in the Orchard Road tunnels first.

It’s much better to shop online in the safety and solitude of home. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck wearing clothes from local blogshops for the rest of your life. With these three shipping methods, you can buy from virtually anywhere.


1. Parcel Forwarding Services

It can be quite disastrous filling your shopping cart with goodies, only to find that the website only ships to the US.

Back in the days when most online retailers like Amazon didn’t know or care where Singapore was and only shipped within the US, people here used parcel forwarding services.

Basically, the company gives you an overseas address to ship to, and then ships your items back to Singapore for a fee.

Some popular services are:

  • vPost – ships from the US, the EU, Japan and China
  • comGateway – ships from the US
  • Borderlinx – ships from the US and the EU


2. Taobao Agents

These days, everyone is shopping on Taobao.

Not only is everything on the China-based site insanely cheap, you can also find knock-offs of virtually any product you’ve ever dreamt of, from MP3 players to brand-name clothing (just make sure you check for spelling mistakes on your new “Galvin Klein” shirt).

The main problem with Taobao is that sellers usually ship only to comrades within China. This is where Taobao agents come in.

These are usually people who make money by helping you to receive your purchases in China and ship them to Singapore.

Do a quick search on popular forums like HardwareZone or ask around to get the contact details of a reliable Taobao agent. Some of the more reliable middlemen are agents such as 65-Daigou or Peeka. Some of them will even check your orders to make sure there’s some quality control.

Looking for a Taobao agent is a bit like online dating—there are many dodgy ones out there, so do a bit of background research and guard your wallet. This platform is so popular now, it’s not hard to find a good one. Stay tuned with us on Facebook as we explore the world of Taobao in further detail soon!


3. Use the Retailer’s Shipping Services

It used to be that any retailer that shipped internationally would charge so much you’d have to start pawning your belongings immediately after placing the order.

These days, lots of websites offer relatively cheap, or even free shipping to Singapore.

Amazon now has AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping that lets you ship to Singapore for free if you spend at least US$125 on many types of products.

If the 2 shirts you have been surviving on for the past 10 years are now practically in shreds, clothing retailer ASOS ships for free if you spend more than SG$40.

Do you know of any other ways to ship your online shopping to Singapore? Tell us in the comments!