25 Best Places to Use Your NS50 Vouchers


You’ve probably already received the notification in your mail. As the name suggests, NS50 vouchers are only for people who are serving or has served in the SAF. And since that’s basically 90% of the whole population of Singaporean males, it’s kind of basically everyone. Well, everyone except regulars. And females.



There’re so many participating merchants with NS50 and many of them are my favourite stores!!

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But okay, I guess I shouldn’t complain. ‘Cause most girls don’t like mud and sticky powder baths, I better shut up unless I want to be whisked away to NS. These men do deserve their rewards. But because there’s only $100 in there, here’s 30 places you can spend them best:


For the metrosexual

1. Urban Homme

A spa catered specially for men, Urban Homme has a myriad of spa and wellness services for you such as “beer-belly trimming” for the drinkers, purifying facials to keep those pesky sun-inducing clogged pores and adult acne at bay, and deep tissue massages to relieve your muscles from that tiring 24km route march.


For the fashion-forward


2. Braun Buffel

Known amongst Singaporean males for their leather goods, this is the perfect place to use your voucher if you’re in need of a good wallet or leather bag.


3. Massimo Dutti

For the sophisticated men out there, a $100 voucher would be able to get you a good quality dress shirt here. And if you’re in luck, there might be a sale so you can get an additional piece of clothing.


4. Pull & Bear

A sister company of Zara and Bershka, this brand features youthful, quality designs for reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a denim jacket or quirky shirts, make a stop here.


5. Uniqlo

This needs no introduction. But yeah, $100 can get you plenty here; Sale pieces can go as low as $9.90! Which means if you see one of those “introductory sales”, you can get even more out of your vouchers. So if you’re in need of a few articles of clothing, why not start here?


For the sports enthusiast

Hmmm.... I need to synchronize my watches. It's getting late, my vision's blurring so it's time to pack it in and go to bed.

6. Royal Sporting House

One of the most popular stores for being a “one-stop” for all sports needs, you can choose from a wide variety of brands from Nike and Addidas to Under Armour.


7. Casio

If G-shocks and Baby-Gs are your (or your partner’s) thing, you can get one now with a little top-up on top of your voucher.


For the gadget techie

8. Courts

A one-stop shop for all your household electrical needs, Courts has everything you need from furniture to appliances, home theatre systems, to electronical gadgets.


9. Audio House

Also similar to Courts, except this place doesn’t stock any furnitures for sale…ANDD you get unlimited $20 cash back per $100 spent, and an additional 3% discount on your next purchase. Sounds pretty good since it adds up to a 22.4% discount.


For the family man


10. EZbuy

I assume you already know about this place…basically, it’s a place that lets you buy anything under the sun (except illegal stuff), from China, USA, Taiwan, and now even Korea. Since most of the stuff there are from Taobao, prices are dirt cheap. So if you have a lot on your shopping list at the moment, you might wanna utilize your vouchers and their cheap prices.


11. Lazada.sg

A one-stop digital store for basically anything too, I’d like to think of Lazada as the asian version of Amazon. You can get anything from presents for your wife, a learning walker for your kids, wines, to even engine oils here.


12. Jurong Bird Park / Zoo / River Safari / Night Safari

With ticket prices ranging from $33 for an adult ticket to the zoo, to $79 for an all inclusive adult ticket to all 4 parks, you can spend the day with your honey and/or little monsters learning about animals.


For the guy with wanderlust

13. Jetstar

With their promotional fares going as low as $36, you can easily afford a solo trip out to Jakarta with minimal top-up, or a pair of plane tickets out to neighbouring Malaysia.


For the foodie


14. Suki-ya

If you’re in the mood for a buffet shabu-shabu or sukiyaki, a $100 voucher is enough to feed a family of 3 at dinner on a weekend ($27.90++ per person).


15. Imperial Court

Well-known for their sumptuous dishes, you can never go wrong here if traditional Chinese cuisines are what you’re looking for. Except they can get pretty pricey. So you might have to top-up in addition to using your vouchers.


16. Hot Stones

There’s always something good about steaks served on a hot plate… the sizzling heat and what not. With prices here ranging from $12 for a bowl of mushroom soup to $108 for a wagyu ribeye steak, you’ll be in for a treat.


17. Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Popular for their Chirashi-Don and Pitan tofu, this places serves great Japanese food for reasonable prices. Their Chirashi-don is only $16.90. That $100 value would probably be able to get you a lot of quality dishes here.


18. Vineyard Hortpark

A place off Alexandra Road, this has one of the nicest ambience for french and italian dining. We’ve heard that it’s usually fully booked though, so be sure make an advanced booking first before heading down.


19. Spizza

Although price points are a little higher, this is a great place for a quiet dinner. Spizza serves the most authentic wood-fired thin-crusted pizzas, their gnocchi dishes are not to be missed too.


For the girlfriend spoiler

20. Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

Your princess will thank you for helping her realise her Sanrio dreams when you bring her here. It helps that this place is also open 24hrs a day. It does take a bit of travelling to Changi Airport though.


21. Zara

For all those peeps who like to spoil market pamper their wives/ girlfriends, Zara is a good place to take her shopping or “present buying” if your girl is into clothes (most women are). Furthermore, most of the simpler pieces are well under $100.


For the karaoke-siao

22. Party World KTV

Party World KTV has long been a favourite haunt for those who like their karaoke sessions since their price point is cheaper than competitors’ such as Kbox. However, do take note that your NS50 vouchers can only be used at SAFRA and HomeTeamNS club outlets.


For the “happening”

23. Timbre

Whether it is Switch by Timbre or the usual Timbre hangouts, these places are never short of a crowd. This is self explanatory if you love your live music and booze.


For the “zuo-bo-lan


24. iDarts

If you’re sitting around with nothing to do and you need a place to just chill, get drunk, and play a few games or two, a dart pub is the best place to be. $100 can probably get you a beer tower and a few rounds of darts.


25. Hai Bin Prawning

It’s frustrating whenever you pay for 2 hours of prawning, just to catch no prawns at all. But with your NS50 vouchers, $100 is probably enough for you to spend the whole day there without caring about their time limit. More time equates to possibility of catching more prawns.


Of course. There are plenty more participating merchants where you can use your NS50 vouchers. These are just the ones we thought are best. If you’d like to explore the rest, click here!


How do you intend to spend your NS50 vouchers? Let us know!