Top 34 VivoCity Restaurants to Dine at in Singapore: What to Eat at VivoCity

vivocity restaurants

Vivocity is a massive shopping mall that Singaporeans tend to visit on the way to Sentosa. It’s chock-full of restaurants and cafes, but the layout can be somewhat confusing and it’s so big that searching for a place to eat can feel like playing an escape room game.

Here’s a guide to what to eat the next time you’re at VivoCity, no matter what type of cuisine you’re in the mood for.

Price Guide

$ – $5 to $15
$$ – $15 to $30 for a meal
$$$ – $30 to $50 for a meal

Japanese restaurants in Vivocity

Restaurant Price
Sushi Goshin by Akashi $$
Tajimaya Yakiniku / Sukiya KIN $$
Aburi En $$
Akimitsu $$
Kagurazaka Saryo $
Shin Kushiya $$

Singapore is obsessed with Japanese food (and who can blame us?), so it’s no surprise that Vivocity has so many Japanese restaurants.

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If it’s sushi and sashimi you’re after, Sushi Goshin (#B2-28) by Akashi serves up high quality renditions of classic dishes.

On the other hand, if you’re hankering after charcoal grill yakiniku and Japanese sukiyaki and shabu shabu hotpot, check out Taijimaya Yakiniku and Suki-Ya Kin (#1-102/103) respectively.

Meat lovers who want to sink their teeth into some wagyu should hit up Aburi-en (#01-159/160), where you get to tuck into quick and tasty rice bowls topped with aburi-style wagyu beef.

Tempura fans should check out the Singapore branch of award-winning Tokyo restaurant Akimitsu (#01-54), which serves up heavy bowls of tendon at a wallet-friendly price point.

Can’t decide what you want? You’ll find everything from charcoal-grilled chicken skewers, sushi and sashimi to donburi and bento lunch sets at Shin Kushiya (#02-120). 

Finish with some sweet treats from Kagurazaka Saryo (#01-59), a Japanese dessert shop serving up sweet drinks, ice cream and pastries.

Chinese restaurants in Vivocity

Restaurant Price
Central Hong Kong Cafe $
Paradise Teochew Restaurant $$$
Crystal Jade Dining In $$
Crystal Jade Jiang Nan $$
Putien $$
Soup Restaurant $$
Black Society $$

For many Singaporeans, Chinese food is comfort food and always tastes reassuringly familiar even when discovering new varieties. The abundance of Chinese restaurants at VivoCity is a testament to the enduring popularity of Chinese cuisine here, and enables you to sample dishes from all over China.

Dig into Hong Kong-style thick toast or instant noodles at Central Hong Kong Cafe (#B2-13/14) or Macau pork chop bun at Tai Lei Loi Kei (#B2-26A), a cheap and casual eatery that is popular with students. Meanwhile, London Fat Duck (#B2-29) serves up Hong Kong-style roast duck as well as other goodies like dim sum and wanton noodles in a casual setting.

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For something a little fancier, check out Paradise Teochew Restaurant (#01-53) and Crystal Jade Jiang Nan (#01-5), where you can enjoy Teochew and Jiangnan/Sichuan cuisine, best savoured by sharing several dishes amongst a group of people.

At Crystal Jade Dining In (#01-112), sample classic Chinese dishes and some modern interpretations. Meanwhile, at Putien (#02-131/132), Fujian cuisine takes centre stage. At Black Society (#02-156/157), enjoy Cantonese cuisine and dim sum in an ultra-chic and modern setting.
And at Soup Restaurant (#02-141, you’ll enjoy Singapore-style heritage cuisine that will more likely than not taste very familiar. Samsui ginger chicken, anyone?

Korean restaurants in Vivocity

Restaurant Price
Bornga $$
Paik Bibim $
Patbingsoo Korean Dining House $

The popularity of all things Korean shows no sign of abating, and every self-respecting shopping mall needs to have at least one or two Korean options to be taken seriously.

At VivoCity, you’ll find the ubiquitous Korean barbecue restaurant in the form of Bornga (#02-123/124).

Meanwhile, bibimbap fans can head to casual eatery Paik’s Bibim (#02-125) for a quick and affordable bowl of Korean rice and a cup of coffee.

And of course, you can enjoy the ever-popular bingsoo at VivoCity, too, thanks to the VivoCity branch of bingsoo chain Patbingsoo (#B2-27).

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European restaurants in Vivocity

Restaurant Price
Poulet $$
Tapas Club $$
Jamie’s Pizzeria and Bar $$$
Gastronomia Da Paolo $
Hans Im gluck $$
Marche Movenpick $$

VivoCity is home to some high-profile European restaurants that Singaporeans are willing to travel all the way to Harbourfront for.

For a hearty side of French roast chicken, hit up Poulet (#01-175). Spanish restaurants are not very common in Singapore, so try some authentic paella at Tapas Club (#01-98/99). 

For German burgers, head to Hans im Glück (#01-57).

Some popular chains that are familiar sights island wide have also set up shop at Vivo City. The well-known Italian chain of Da Paolo restaurants has a Gastronomia (#01-108) outlet at VivoCity where you can grab a gourmet pasta or pizza to go.

The popular Marche Mövenpick (#03-14) also has a VivoCity branch where you can enjoy their perennial bestsellers like rösti and crêpes.

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But the most hyped restaurant of all has to be celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Jamie’s Pizzeria and Bar (#01-165), which is pricey but has many first-timers booking a table out of curiosity.

Seafood and steamboat restaurants

Restaurant Price
No Signboard Seafood Restaurant $$
Dancing Crab $$
Haidilao Hotpot $$$
Beauty in a Pot $$$

Being near the sea, VivoCity might inspire you to tuck into a hearty seafood meal. The popular No Signboard Seafood Restaurant (#03-02) has an outlet at VivoCity where you can try local specialities like white pepper crab. At Dancing Crab (#03-10), on the other hand, sample American-style seafood alongside local dishes.

If you’re dining in a group, there are few activities more enjoyable than sitting down to a hearty hotpot meal. Super popular branches Haidilao (#03-09) and Beauty in a Pot (#03-08A) both have branches at VivoCity, but queues can be long on weekends.

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Halal restaurants in Vivocity

Restaurant Price
Burger King $
McDonald’s $
Secret Recipe $$
Fish & Co $$
Earle Swensen’s $$

Muslim diners are probably already familiar with the some of the more well-known chain restaurants that serve Halal food. There’s a fairly good selection of them at VivoCity, including ubiquitous fastfood chains Burger King (#02-80/81) and McDonald’s (#B2-40/41).

Malaysian chain restaurant Secret Recipe (#02-108/109) also has a VivoCity branch, as does Fish & Co (#02-116). And finally, Earle Swensen’s (#02-117), an extension of popular restaurant chain Swensen’s, is also represented at VivoCity.

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Vegetarian restaurants in Vivocity

Restaurant Price
Greendot $
Saravanaa Bhavan $
Toss & Turn $

As a vegetarian, you must be used to looking despairingly at menus and realising there is nothing there for you. While there isn’t a huge number of vegetarian restaurants at VivoCity, there are a few decent options that enable you to order more than just the salad.

Greendot (#02-150) claims to be Singapore’s biggest vegetarian chain. They offer casual dining in a relaxed setting and serve up vegetarian dishes with a local twist, such as their signature rendang mushroom bowl.

Indian food is always a safe bet when looking for vegetarian options. Saravanaa Bhavan (#03-01) is an Indian stall at Food Republic food court that serves up vegetarian South Indian dishes.

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Another option is Toss & Turn (#01-113/114), a salad bar where you pick and mix various salad bases, add-ons and sauces. While it is not strictly a vegetarian eatery, there are so many meat-free ingredients that you won’t feel at all restricted in your choices.

Where is your favourite place to eat at VivoCity? Share your recommendations in the comments!