Tanjong Pagar Korean Food Price Guide: Kimchi Jigae, Korean BBQ and Fried Chicken (2019)

tanjong pagar korean food

The Tanjong Pagar district has so many Korean restaurants, it might as well be called the “Little Korea” of Singapore. And although I’ll never understand the K-pop and K-drama craze, I can totally understand Korean food.

What’s not to love? There are bubbling pots of army stew, fatty Korean BBQ meats that sizzle on the grill, and who can forget – free ban chan (side dishes) served at the start of every meal.

If that just made you drool in the office, here’s a price list of the most popular Tanjong Pagar Korean food restaurants. (Disclaimer: Oppa not included, cook your own meat.)


Tanjong Pagar Korean Food Price Guide (2018)

Tanjong Pagar Korean restaurant   Average price per pax per meal
Dal In Korean Restaurant $20
Chicken Up $24
One Two Kitchen $25
Wang Dae Bak $29
Kko Kko Na Ra $30
2D1N Soju Bang $30
Hyang To Gol $30
Todamgol $33
Superstar K $45
Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant $48


Dal In Korean Restaurant – $20 per pax

Run by Koreans, Dal In Korean Restaurant serves the authentic casual Korean fare at a reasonable price tag. They’re popular for their Korean pancakes (both seafood and spring onion), as well as the army stew, which is a fusion dish featuring our favourite cheap foods like spam, sausages and maggie mee. Another must-try is the Jokbal (pig trotters). A meal here should cost about $20+, or less if you go during lunch and get the set meals ($12 to $18). 

Address: 17 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069 618

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Chicken Up -$24 per pax

Chicken Up sells KFC – Korean fried chicken – and there are 3 flavours available: soy, yangnyum (a savoury Korean seasoning) and spicy yangnyum. But what sets Chicken Up apart from 4 Fingers and Bonchon is that they serve regular Korean food as well. Yup, that means you can get your bulgogi, japchae and bingsu fix here too. You can expect to spend around $24 per pax.

Want to knock back some alcohol to go with the fried chicken? Get the Suicide Special Somaek Tower at just $38++. Add $3++ for a serving of bar bites.

Address: 48 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-01, Singapore 088469

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One Two Kitchen Korean BBQ & Kitchen – $25 per pax

One Two Kitchen is part Korean BBQ, part pub, so it opens till late – 8am, to be specific. Since it’s a barbecue joint, most of the online reviews are on the meats and marinades. While One Two Kitchen seems to pass the test on that front, the same can’t be said for the customer service. Of course, it could be just because people are generally more inclined to give reviews when they’re unhappy with the service, so take it with a pinch of salt.

An a la carte meal will cost around $25 per pax, and lunch sets are available for $10 and up.

Address: 89 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088 510

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Wang Dae Bak – $29 per pax

We’re not even halfway down this list – which is sorted by ascending price order – and here we have Wang Dae Bak, one of the most popular Korean restaurants in not Tanjong Pagar, but Singapore. The establishment has been voted the best Korean restaurant several times in several years, so it’s definitely a must-try.

You can grab a lunch set for $18 per pax, but dinner is slightly more expensive as there is more variety for the Korean BBQ (charcoal grill not available for lunch). Hot favourites include the beef tongue and marinated chicken. An average meal is about $30-ish over here. The 2 pax set meal is $48, while the 3 to 4 pax set meal is $88.

Address: 98 Amoy st, Singapore 069 918

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Kko Kko Nara – $30 per pax

Like Chicken Up, Kko Kko Nara‘s main dish is Korean fried chicken. There are 4 flavours (original, soy garlic sauce, sweet & spicy and hot & spicy), but if you can’t decide, you can get the combo set ($25 for 9 pcs / $40 for 18 pcs). Needless to say, there’s beer (and soju) for you to wash down the fried chicken like in Korean dramas, and the restaurant opens till 3am.

Their a la carte dishes are mostly for sharing, and are quite expensive ($20 to $50). We recommend you set aside at least $30 per head.

Address: 68 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-01/02, Singapore 088489


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2D1N Soju Bang – $30 per pax (or $22 for Korean BBQ buffet)

2D1N Soju Bang is Mark’s recommendation, although he used to go to the now-closed Bukit Timah outlet instead. You can choose to order a la carte, or go for the buffet. The common consensus is that the a la carte dishes taste better, but they cost more too (about $30 to $35 per pax). However, the buffet is more bang-for-buck. It’s only $22++ per pax for weekends and weekday nights.

A note of caution to the ladies: Don’t bother washing your hair before heading down, and maybe bring a bottle of hair mist if you have after-dinner plans. The place is not very well ventilated so you can expect to leave smelling like the glorious meat you feasted on.

Address: 44/46 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088467

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Hyang To Gol – $30 per pax

Another one in the $30 range, Hyang To Gol is also a Korean BBQ restaurant. If you’re on a tighter budget, you can order the cheaper meat platters. You can get marinated pork, chicken and lamb for $22 to $25, but the more premium cuts of beef are $35 and up (150g to 160g). Stews and side dishes like pancakes and noodles are available too.

If you’re lucky enough to work nearby (and can afford long lunches), the weekday lunch sets start from $9.50. There are no BBQ lunch sets though.

Address: 165 Tanjong Pagar Road #02-00, Amara Hotel, Singapore 088539


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Todamgol – $33 per pax

Another authentic Korean restaurant, Todamgol serves traditional Korean fare. Todamgol is slightly pricy – they scored only 2.5 for price value on Hungry Go Where, and are in the “$$$” range on Yelp. However, most of the diners agree that the food really is delicious and worth the long queue (and not-so-stellar) service. Especially the seafood and spring onion pancake ($30).

The stews and dinner dishes are around the $35 to $45 range, but most are meant to be shared between 2 to 3 pax. For lunch, the prices are significantly lower – you can get a main for $13 to $15.

Address: 31 Tanjong Paga Rd #01-01, Singapore 088454

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Superstar K – $45 per pax

With Superstar K, we’re encroaching into the way-too-expensive territory, at least for me. Their stews and soups ($13 to $26) and pancakes ($20 to $26) are kind of affordable, but the barbecue meats are expensive. If you’re on a budget, you can order the cheaper meats like pork belly and jowl ($19 and $23). The cuts of beef cost more – the beef ribs are the most expensive at $36.

Address: 75 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088 496

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Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant – $48 per pax

Guiga Korean BBQ is actually priced quite similarly to Guiga, so you can expect the damage to be around the same (~$50 per pax). Most people I know don’t spend $50 per pax on everyday dinners. But if you’re a true KBBQ junkie who’s willing to part with the cash, then this might be worth a try – it seems that the meat offered here is super tasty and well-marinated.

If you can’t afford the fancy dinner, go for lunch. The lunch sets include kimchi jjigae, ramen and japchae, and are $10 to $14.

Address: 134 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088 538

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