9 Non-Fast Food Restaurants With Student Meals Under $10

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Sure, school means maths, science and exams, but it also means you get to dine at restaurants for as cheap as under $10, which is almost unheard of in Singapore.

It’s totally unfair in my opinion, because you pesky kids have zero “real” responsibilities and financial commitments. You think you’re broke? Wait till you graduate. You’ll be “negative broke” (i.e. in debt lah).

… What? Do I sound jealous? No. Shut up. Let’s cut straight to it: here are 9 restaurants with the best student meal discounts.


9 Student meals in Singapore under $10

Restaurant Student meal price What you get
Pastamania $4.90 Main course only, +$3 to $4.50 to make it a meal
Pizza Hut $5.90 Main course + free flow soft drinks
Soup Spoon $5.90 Classic soup, half sandwich + iced lemon tea
Yoshinoya $5.95 Regular bowl + soft drink
Pepper Lunch $7.20 Main course + soft drink
18 Chefs $7.20 Baked rice/pasta + iced lemon tea + ice-cream
Nam Nam $7.90 Pho + soft drink
Hot Tomato $9.50 Main course + iced lemon tea, lime juice or coke
Jack’s Place $9.90 Main course + drink, side or dessert  

These are all casual diners – they’re not yet fancy restaurants, but still a tier above fast food. Most fast food chains don’t have student meals anyway (KFC used to have a $5.50 student set, that’s been scrapped).

Note: Unless otherwise stated, most of these student meals are available on weekdays only (excluding public holidays), during off-peak hours.


Pastamania student meal – $4.90 for pasta or pizza, +$3 for a meal

Pastamania’s student meal is the cheapest of those in this list, but that’s because it’s not exactly a “meal”. It’s $4.90, but you only get a pasta / pizza main course – no drinks, no sides.


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You’ll have to choose from the six selected mains – cheesy crumble chicken ham pasta, aglio olio, turkey bacon aglio olio, the mediterranean pasta, spicy chicken pasta, or chicken ham & mushroom pizza. If you want anything else, you just get 10% off.

If you want, you can make it a meal (side + drink) and still keep it under $10. Depending on what sides you choose (there’s soup, garlic bread and more), it will be an extra $3 to $4.50.


Pizza Hut student meal – $5.90 for main & free flow soft drinks

If you ask me, Pizza Hut’s student meal is probably the best deal of the lot: you get a main and free-flow soft drinks.  Yup, I say this pretty much qualifies as public service because we all know how much soft drinks students can drink, especially after CCA.


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There’s quite a selection of mains too. For $5.90, you can choose from Hawaiian, veggie lover’s, and pepperoni personal pan pizzas, spaghetti bolognese and the trio cheese baked penne.

If you don’t fancy any of the above, there are also a few more “premium” options (like prawn aglio olio and curry zazzle baked rice) for a dollar more. Add-ons like garlic bread and chicken wings are $2 to $2.50.

Pizza Hut student meals are available on weekdays, between 1.30pm and 5pm.


Soup Spoon student meal – $5.90 for soup, half-sandwich & iced lemon tea

I’m a huge fan of Soup Spoon, and their student meal is so cheap I’ve ever considered trying pass myself off as a teen with my (old and very dusty) student pass.


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It’s $5.90 for a small soup, a half-sandwich and iced lemon tea. For that price, you can only choose the classic soups like the velvety mushroom stroganoff and tangy tomato with basil.

For the more premium meat soups like beef goulash and Tokyo chicken stew, add $1.30. The Soup Spoon’s student meals are available on weekdays before 5.30pm.


Yoshinoya – $5.95 for a regular beef bowl & free-flow soft drinks

Although a little more “fast food” than “restaurant”, I’m including Yoshinoya because serves up delicious and reasonably generous student meals for cheap.

Because they’re in the midst of changing up their brand, there are the “regular” Yoshinoya stores, as well as their newer “concept outlets”.


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At the new concept stores, it’s $8 for a choice of either a large beef bowl, curry rice or ramen + free-flow drinks and a dessert.

At their Compass One outlet, it’s cheaper at $6.95 or $7.95 for a regular or large rice bowl + free-flow drinks.

The NEX outlet is the cheapest – it’s $5.95 for a regular rice bowl and a soft drink. Large rice bowls are a dollar more ($6.95).


Pepper Lunch student meal – from $7.20 for a main + soft drink

As it turns out, you can score cheap meals at Pepper Lunch too (not just Pepper Lunch Express). Their student meals are available on weekdays before 5pm, and they all come with a free soft drink.


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Most choices are $8 to $9+, but the cheapest choice is the signature beef pepper rice ($7.20). The most expensive item is the diced cut steak with egg which exceeds our budget at $11.90, but it comes with a free drink upgrade to Milo ($0.60 for the other mains).

If you miss the 5pm “deadline”, you still get 15% off a la carte orders (5pm to 10pm).


18 Chefs student meal – $7.20 for a custom pasta, or $2 off mains

As it is, 18 Chefs is quite affordable – their mains are mostly under $15, with just a few seafood dishes that are $20+. On top of that, students, NSFs and senior citizens get $2 off all main course orders.


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But most people go to 18 Chefs for the “BYOC” baked rice/ pasta. At first, we thought BYOC stands for “bring your own cup”, but it’s actually “be your own chef”.

Basically you get to choose your own carbs, sauce and main ingredients. For students, the BYOC meal is only $7.20, and it comes with an iced lemon tea and ice-cream.


Nam Nam student meal – $7.90 for pho & soft drink

If you’re more into soup than pizzas and pastas, head over to Nam Nam for a comforting bowl of pho instead. The student meal is new, and was only introduced in late Jan 2019.


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It’s $7.90 for your choice or beef, chicken or vegetarian pho, with a free drink. The best part is that it’s available all day, even on weekends and public holidays. Woohoo!

If you’re not the actual student and are thinking of abusing your younger sibling/teenager friend, it’s limited to 1 order per student card. I already checked, sorry!


Hot Tomato student meal – $9.90 for a main & drink

Hot Tomato is a casual western diner – so like, one tier above the western store at the Kopitiam. The student meal is $9.90, and comes with a main course and your choice of iced lemon tea, lime juice or coke.


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For the main course, you can choose the following: sirloin steak aglio olio, chicken chop aglio olio, fish & chips, or chicken & sausage spaghetti (marinara or carbonara).

The Hot Tomato student meal is available on weekdays, 11.30am to 5.30pm.


Jack’s Place student meal – $9.90 for a main & choice of drink, side or gelato

I’m not sure if kids these days still dine at Jack’s Place, but this restaurant brings back a lot of fond memories from when I ate there as a child.

Available on weekdays from 11am to 5pm, the Jack’s Place student meal is $9.9o for a main course  and your choice of drink, side or gelato. There are only 3 choices for the main: baked rice with chicken sausage, spaghetti carbonara or chicken cutlet.


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If you’re the student and are dining with your family, you can top up $2 to add on additional servings of soup, drinks or gelato. It’s the least you can do since they’re paying for your meal hor?


Do you have any other student meal lobangs to share? Tell us in the comments below!