ShopBack GO – The Biggest No-Brainer To Earn More Cashback From Your Dining Spend

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If you regularly spend money on credit cards, there’s a good chance dining is one of your major spending categories.

There are many popular dining credit cards that offer rewards, cashback and even, with the UOB KrisFlyer credit card, air miles.

Now, there is a way to earn even more from your dining spending, no matter what Visa or MasterCard credit card you use – introducing ShopBack GO.


What is ShopBack GO and how do you use it?

ShopBack GO is the ultimate dining platform that allows users to save even more when they spend at over 600 restaurants including Yolé, Harry’s, Famous Amos, Maki-San, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Canton Paradise, and heaps more.

What this means is that you can now get paid to dine out, on top of all the points, miles, or cashback you are already earning from your credit card.

In order to earn with ShopBack GO, simply create an account and then link a credit card to it. You only need to link your credit card once, and you can even link multiple cards (up to 10) so you’ll earn your cashback no matter which card you use.

Once linked to the platform, all you have to do is make payments using your card as you would normally do. Whenever you spend at partner restaurants, you will automatically earn extra perks.

The best thing about ShopBack GO is that it not only allows you to earn cashback on top of your existing credit card perks, but the cashback you earn is actually REAL money you can withdraw via bank transfer. Plus, it’s free to use! Just think of it as a permanent power-up for your credit card!


What can you earn with ShopBack GO?

ShopBack GO has partnered with over 600 restaurants and eateries to give you cashback and awesome recommendations for where you’d want to eat next. There are even “Boost” rewards, where you can get extra cashback for your first visit to a restaurant with ShopBack GO, or on special promotions you can find within the app.

Here’s a sneak peak at how much you could earn.

Example Credit Card Rewards ShopBack GO Cashback Total
Beauty in the Pot for the family (4 pax)
(average cost: $160)
BOC Family Card 10% Cashback
5% Cashback – $8 $20 worth of cashback
Happy Hour 3 for $22++ @ Harry’s Citi Cashback Card – 8% cashback:
5% Cashback – $1.1 $2.9 worth of cashback with every visit
Brunch at Cedele for 2
(average cost $30)
KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card – 3 Miles per $1 spend 5% Cashback – $1.5 90 Miles + $1.50 cashback on every visit


Which dining credit cards you should use

Shopback GO works with any Singapore-issued Visa or Mastercard credit card. In case you’re wondering, it also works with debit cards, but then you’ll be missing out on the dining perks your credit card gives you.

Here are some of our favourite dining cards to consider linking to Shopback GO:

  • BOC Family Card – 10% cashback on dining
  • Citi Cash Back Card – 8% on dining
  • KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card – Up to 3 KrisFlyer Miles per $1 spend on dining

ShopBack GO stacks cashback on top of these benefits, but it’s important to note that there is no minimum spend or cashback cap when it comes to earning cashback on ShopBack GO.

What is really beautiful about ShopBack GO is that it works almost like magic. There’s nothing to show to the cashier when you pay, no QR codes to scan, no wallets to top up, and no complicated process to earn your cashback.

Literally all you need to do is link your credit card(s) to the app, use it to pay when you dine at a participating merchant, and your cashback is automatically credited to you without you needing to do anything else. It even works if you use a contactless payment method like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay!

As far as no-brainers go, this is really right at the top.

Click into Shopback GO on the ShopBackapp and start earning on your restaurant meals right away!

Do you have any questions about Shopback GO? Ask away in the comments!