Get 1-on-1 Mains at These 5 Popular Italian Restaurants In Singapore

Get 1-on-1 Mains at These 5 Popular Italian Restaurants In Singapore

There is a reason Italian cuisine is the world’s most popular. Whether you grew up eating rice or potatoes, a plate of pasta or a slice of pizza always feels like comfort food.

Good Italian good (which Pastamania is not) doesn’t come cheap in Singapore.

But thanks to The Entertainer, you can enjoy an excellent Italian meal at a deep discount, thanks to their 1-for-1 mains offer.

Here are five Italian restaurants you can enjoy with your Entertainer subscription.


Senso Ristorante & Bar

21 Club St
Phone: 6224 3534

senso ristorante and bar

This Club Street restaurant has been around for almost two decades, which is quite a feat in Singapore’s fickle dining scene. The restaurant’s popularity is understandable, as they’re known for the authenticity of their dishes and the quality of cooking and ingredients.

Senso is a lunchtime favourite of businessmen, but with The Entertainer’s 1-on-1 deal, you won’t need a huge paycheck to dine there. Their pastas cost $32 to $38, while their fish and meat dishes are priced at $38 to $56.

We recommend: The divine filetto di manzo (Australian Angus beef tenderloin, $48) or taglierini neri o bianchi (squid ink pasta, $38) are more than worth your time, especially at 1-for-1.


Madrinaa Italiano

Blk 44 Jalan Merah Saga / 60 Chip Bee Gardens
Phone: 6474 7342

madrinaa italiano

Remember Michelangelo’s at Holland Village? They’ve since been taken over by Madrinaa Italiano,  another Italian restaurant.

The restaurant serves up Italian comfort food like lasagna ($30.50) and spaghetti alla carbonara ($28.36). While you’ll pay a premium for the fresh ingredients, the Entertainer’s 1-for-1 deal will enable you to bring prices down to under $20 per main. The best part is they also have gluten-free options as well!

We recommend: Since you’re getting 1-for-1 mains, go all out and try their decadent scallops and prawns with caviar ($34.77) or the equally sinful penne foie gras ($34.77).


Osteria Art

55 Market Street #01-01
Phone: 6855 6933

osteria artOsteria Art is yet another fancy Italian restaurant aimed at the CBD crowd. But this time it’s actually worth the money—the restaurant’s been flagged in the Singapore edition of the Michelin Guide.

Of course, the food’s a little pricey, but that just means you’ll get to save even more with The Entertainer’s 1-for-1 deal. By the way, they’ve also got an impressive wine list with over 500 labels, so pick something that goes with a recommended wine.

We recommend: Try the spaghetti with octopus and ’Njudja (a kind of salami, $35) and the Italian seabass with celeriac and saffron sauce ($45) at 1-for-1 with The Entertainer.


La Nonna

26 Lorong Mambong
Phone: 6468 1982

la nonna

Tired of restaurants with snooty waiters who might throw you out if you’re not appropriately attired?

You won’t get any of that at La Nonna, a cosy restaurant at Holland Village which aims to recreate the atmosphere at a grandmother’s dining table, only instead of your grandma’s actual Cantonese soups / nasi lemak / paneer, you’re sitting down to an Italian granny’s pastas and roasts.

We recommend: The pappardelle (with oxtail ragout and rosemary, $26) and pan-seared salmon with mashed pumpkin, herb butter and sautéed summer vegetables ($30) will taste even better when they’re 1-for-1.


Lucca’s Trattoria

11 Unity St #01-12 Robertson Walk
Phone: 6235 4049


This restaurant specialises in Northern Italian cuisine from Tuscany, which features lots of pastas in hearty meat sauces.

Their prices are quite affordable considering the quality, and with The Entertainer’s 1-on-1 deal, you’ll get to enjoy a pasta for under $15. Pasta and risotto dishes generally cost $16 to $28, while their meat and fish dishes are $25 to $64.

We recommend: Go for the spinach and ricotta ravioli ($23) or splash out on the glorious bistecca alla fiorentina (Tuscan T-bone steak, $64), making sure you coordinate your mains for maximum savings when using The Entertainer.


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What is your favourite Italian restaurant in Singapore? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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